Best Carry-on Luggage For Business Travel 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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What makes business or personal trips comfortable is the use of the best carry-on luggage for business travel. Carry-on luggage is handy for frequent flyers who do not want to spend time at airport check-in counters and be swiftly out of the airport. Many luggage manufacturers have come up with sleek and beautiful luggage models that help you step out in style and they also include some innovative design.

A simple search on the internet will confuse you with the wide variety and designs of luggage with varied features available nowadays. Thus, this guide has been created, and it will help you pick up the carry-on luggage for business travel out of the 15 alternatives listed in this guide.


These luggage bags have been tried and tested by our experts and then reviewed. But before we get to the top 15 choices, have a look at the factors that will help you refine your search.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Carry-On Luggage For Business Travel

While each traveler may have his or her reasons for selecting a particular model of luggage, some features essentially need to be consist of high-quality. We will provide you some factors to help you make an informed choice when you decide to buy luggage for yourself.

1. The Carrying Capacity

Its volume capacity identifies the number of clothes and essentials that each travel bag can carry. Usually mentioned in liters such as 28 L, 35 L, etc., It gives you an indication of the total amount of clothes you can bring in your bag.

A bag with a small or mid-range volume is ideal for trips of 2-3 days, while a bigger capacity can quickly help you pack enough clothes for a week and even have space leftover for souvenirs from your trip. Some bags have the option of expandable capacity, wherein a zippered compartment adds two-three inches of extra space to your bag for those days when you need to pack a bit more.

2. Meets Cabin Regulations

A potential buyer should take this factor seriously; you will not be able to carry your bag on-board if it does not meet the dimensions specified by the airline for overhead luggage. The best carry-on luggage for business travel is designed to be within the specified limits of most airlines.

The dimension requirements for both domestic and international airlines are different, so make sure you select the one correct for you.

3. The Number Of Compartments

Women travelers will love this feature since it will help them organize all their stuff efficiently and also help them access it easily whenever they want. Front and side pockets are essential and suitable for storing water bottles and snacks. Front pockets can also be used to keep your passport and other travel-related documents for easy access at airport counters.

Multiple pockets and compartments inside your luggage help you arrange your clothes and other stuff more efficiently so that you do not waste time looking for things when most needed. A wet removable quart-sized bag for toiletries is now an essential requirement as per TSA guidelines, so if you are planning on making frequent air trips, then do check all these factors.

4. The Rolling System

Almost all the best travel carry-on bags feature rolling wheels attached to them so that you can easily pull your bag across airline terminals and hotel lobbies. While the smaller bags may have just two wheels, but four and even eight wheels are the standard for full-length pockets.

The 360-degree rotating feature in some wheel sets makes them perfect for journeys when traveling between faraway terminals.

5. The Handle

A telescopic handle is a much-needed factor so that you can adjust its height as per your preferences. You will be handling the most and using to pull your bag across different terrains; it needs to be sturdy and durable. Many manufacturers use aluminum telescopic handles for their luggage since it is both light and robust.

Some luggage handles also come with a rubberized grip so that you can comfortably maneuver your bag through densely crowded airline terminals and narrow aisle spaces.

6. The Construction

Nylon and polyester are the materials preferred by manufacturers to make the best carry-on travel bag due to their strength and flexibility, which makes the bag tough enough to be used at airport terminals and handling by baggage crews. A well designed and built bag, with proper care and maintenance will see you through many journeys as a faithful travel companion.

The above factors will guide you on the aspects you need to look out for in the best luggage for business as well as weekend trips with friends and family.

We have hunted down every best product in the market for your convenience. You will come across every factor that we have mentioned (with customer reviews) so that you do not have to work hard to find the best one. We have left no stone unturned to provide you the best brand and product. Here are some of the most popular and the best carry-on luggage for business travel of 2020.

Top 15 Best Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel 2022

1. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside

Travelpro Best Carry-on Luggage

The lightest collection ever made by TravelPro; this luggage is well known for its quality and durability. You will find its design is meant to enhance your style. At the same time, it does not comprise the packing capacity of all your essentials while traveling. The luggage dimensions fit the baggage size requirements for most domestic airlines so that you can easily carry it along with you on the airline.

You can easily roll your bag through the aisle and airports with its four-wheel spinners that rotate a complete 360-degree, it will make you easy handling and sudden sharp turns when you are in haste. The sturdy aluminum handle has two convenient stops at 38″ and 42.5″ so that you can set it at the size that is best suitable for you.

The PowerScope aluminum handle also features a rubberized patented contour grip so that you can maneuver and pull your luggage effortlessly. In case, when you need to carry something extra stuff to carry on your travels, the bags can be easily expanded a further 2″ so that you do not have any worries about leaving something behind.

A well-designed bottom tray gives your luggage crash protection. Additional features include side and bottom carry handles, and two exterior compartments for your tickets and books, etc. The hold-down straps help you pack your clothes more efficiently and ensure; they do not spill out when you open your luggage.


  • Patented rubberized.
  • Handle for a better grip.
  • PowerScope extendable handle.
  • Lightweight.


  • No separate laptop compartment.

2. Travelon Luggage Wheeled


Now you can easily carry your stuff and even last-minute shopping items with this stylish looking full-size carry-on luggage. The best part is that its foldable aspect gives it a compact look, and you get easy storage below airline seats. Many travelers have called it the best carry on travel backpack because it reduces a tough time lifting the luggage to the overhead luggage bins.

You will be amazed at the number of things you can fit into this multi-utility luggage featuring a large main compartment, along with a zippered front pocket for your passport, documents, medicines, and so on. The side pockets are designed to carry a water bottle, while the Add-A-Bag strap is highly useful. On long journeys, you can also rest your feet comfortably due to its dome-shaped design.

This small but highly useful luggage has been designed to match the specifications of the airlines for baggage, especially one that can be stored under the seat. The expandable mesh pocket gives you more space for small items. The two wheels and extendable handle, make it easy to carry at the airport or in the aisles of the aircraft.


  • Compact small size.
  • Water bottle pocket.
  • Foldable.


  • Just two wheels

3. Lily & Drew Weekender

Lily & Drew

Shoot up your style quotient with this beautifully designed bag that can carry all your stuff without any hassle. This small-sized bag is the best carry-on luggage for business travel as it is entirely compliant with all airline carry-on luggage guidelines and can also be stored under your seat for easy access.

For your convenience, it comes with an integrated trolley sleeve that you can pull over your luggage handle. The trolley sleeve is stable and durable, so you can rest assured it will not break away from your trolley handle even if you use it daily. It also has a zip at the bottom that you can close-up to use the sleeve as an extra pocket to hold your books, papers, and so on.

The padded shoulder strap is designed for comfort when you need to carry your bag and includes a thick pad to protect your shoulder. It has been cross-stitched to help you carry heavy loads without worrying about the seams opening up, making it the ideal bag to carry on short trips and your weekend outings.

Laptop users will love its separate padded laptop pocket that ensures the safety of your laptop while carrying it for business meet-ups. The zipped laptop compartment is easy to access and of great help, especially during airport security checks. The exteriors of this attractive and high utility bag are water-resistant and made of polyester fabric. One can say bye-bye to worries about sudden showers.


  • Side pockets for carrying water bottles.
  • Water-resistant.
  • It features an integrated trolley sleeve.


  • Not 100% waterproof.

4. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Underseat

Travelpro Maxlite 5

Maxlite is coming up with an incredible looking water-resistant bag that ensures the safety of your belongings, during sudden rains and weather conditions. This bag is adorned with a duragaurd coating to make it water repellant and also stain-resistant to keep it good looking for years. The size of this bag has been designed to fit the carry-on luggage guidelines of most domestic airlines.

You can comfortably carry this bag on your travels, thanks to its padded strap, which is also detachable. The bag also features an ergonomic design zipper consists of high tensile material for strength and comfortable usage for many years to come. A rear strap is attached to this tote bag to help you quickly stack it with your other luggage.

Small and compact, this is the best carry on a travel bag that can also be easily stored under your airline seat for easier handling and convenience. In case you need to access anything during your flight, the spacious interior has enough space to pack all your essentials. At the same time, the well-organized compartments help you locate your personal belongings with relative ease.

The Trusted Companion Promise by Travelpro promises to cover even your shipping cost for any repairs or replacement required in the first year due to damage by airlines or other carriers. One can conclude that the manufacturers have left no stone unturned to keep the quality high.


  • Sleek design that is built as per airline carry-on luggage specifications.
  • Easy access flap.
  • High-quality zipper.


  • No wheels.

5. 5 Cities 21″ Allowance

5 Cities 21"

Enjoy your travels with this trolley bag, thanks to the lightweight material that is tougher than it looks, all credit goes to its EVA panels. Carrying heavy stuff around will now no longer be a problem, with this simple but great looking trolley bag features a sturdy two-wheel design, so that you can easily pull it along on asphalt roads and even airport terminals.

Two conveniently located front pockets with dual zip styling for strength and durability are great value add-ons for storing items. You may need to keep certain things close on your journey, be it your headphones, glasses, and even books. This bag is built for maximum carrying capacity and gives you a volume capacity of 42 L, which is one of the best in its class.

This trolley bag also sports a carry handle on the side to help you easily carry it across the aisle of the plane, while the sleek tug handle on the top is very comfortable to use for pulling your bag across. The bag also has two protective studs at the base to keep your bag sturdy and stable.

The easily extendable trolley sports a stylish but firm grip for secure handling and movement of your luggage while traveling so that you do not feel tired while moving your luggage across. One can call it, without a doubt, the best carry on for international travel as you zip across airports.


  • Sleek, stylish design.
  • Multi-utility front pockets.


  • Just two wheels.

6. Lily Bloom Designer 15″  Bliss

Lily Bloom Designer 15"

A beautiful compact bag specially designed to fit under airplane seats, while giving the look and feel of a full-length bag. The bright designs on the bag are an eye-catcher and will make your bag the center of attraction wherever you take it. This rolling bag is excellent to pull along airports and even stack up in the luggage bin of the aircraft in case you want to do so.

The lightweight but robust body of this bag makes it easy to handle for women as it packs enough space to store all your essentials for days on fun trips or business. The ergonomically designed handle of the bag is comfortable to hold. In contrast, the telescopic push-button handle system makes it easy for you to maneuver the bag even in tight spaces.

This bag offers a distinct advantage to passengers who do not want to check-in their baggage and be quickly out of the airport, as soon as they land. A separate zipped transparent compartment for toiletries is a great value addition that women travelers will especially love. With multiple interior and exterior pockets, you will never run out of space to store your knick-knacks.

The side pockets are great for storing a water bottle, while the front pocket can be used to store your tickets and a book etc. The fully lined interior compartment is easily accessible by a U-shaped zip, while the two sleek handles on the top make this bag easy to carry. The lining of this super bag is made from high-quality, safe polyester fabric for durability and strength.


  • Fashionable design.
  • Multiple compartments.
  • Compact and robust build.


  • Roll-on wheels should have been four.

7. Travelpro Maxlite 5 22″ Suitcase

Travelpro Maxlite 5 22"

Built for professionals who want a high-quality bag with equally stylish looks and features, this sleek bag available in an attractive black color is a great travel companion. The futuristic but straightforward flat design ensures that your suits and other clothes are wrinkle-free and ready to wear whenever you are traveling.

It’s a water-resistant bag that has been specially coated with Duraguard to keep your bag safe during unexpected rains. The strong and durable polyester fabric will keep your baggage safe during the toughest on road journeys, and even while storing it in packed and heavily stacked overhead cabins. The bag has also been tested to ensure that it fits into the overhead compartments of all airlines.

The two wheels are ball bearing fitted so that you can roll the bag smoothly along with you wherever you go. The PowerScope handles have been adapted to offer you two convenient holding points at 38″ and 42.5″ so that you can adjust it as per your needs, and get a wobble-free steady roll. The grip on the handle is rubberized for superior grip and comfort while moving through faraway terminals.

You can easily organize all your clothes and essentials in the multiple compartments the bag sports, while the H2Ogaurd protects the inner lining from any moisture. For your peace of mind, Travelpro offers a “Trusted Companion Promise” that contributes even to reimburse your shipping costs, if you ever need to send your bag to them for any damage caused by the airlines or other carriers.


  • Stylish and durable bag.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Strong PowerScope handle.


  • 4 Roller Wheels would have been a good option.

8. Travelpro Platinum Elite 20″

Travelpro Platinum Elite 20"

Walk effortlessly across all airports with this dynamic and sleek looking bag that has three patented excellent features to make your journey smooth and comfortable. It sports self-aligning magnetic wheels that work together to give you a straight soft roll in any direction along with a sturdy handle that can be set at different points as per your comfort, for a wobble-free experience.

The handle also sports a cushioned grip that helps you hold your bag steadily with minimum stress while maneuvering it across narrow and crowded airport spaces. An external USB port, along with a dedicated power bank pocket helps you charge on the go while being compliant with all the latest FAA regulations concerning power banks for carry-on and checked-in baggage.

You can increase the capacity of this bag whenever you need extra space, with its tip-resistant tapered extension that adds 2″ of space for your convenience. This sophisticated and stylish bag is water-resistant thanks to its high-density nylon fabric being coated with Duraguard coating that also resists stains and abrasions.

The Supra Zipper Heads are easy to use and designed to resist damage due to frequent use. Additional features that have been included to make your travel experience great are a padded sleeve, for laptops and tablets, along with a Rfid-blocking pocket for your credit cards and passport. It also features a TSA-compliant quart-sized, removable wet pocket for storing your toiletries.


  • Magnatrac technology for smoother movement.
  • External USB port and dedicated power bank pocket to meet FAA guidelines.


  • Size could have been a bit bigger.

9. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Suitcase

Travelpro Maxlite 5

Many positive reviews on Amazon make this Travelpro Bag, one of the best carry-on luggage for travel that you can buy online. The compact and sleek design of this bag, making it very convenient to carry on overnight journeys. It is loaded with enough space to carry all your essentials. You can also easily stack it with your carry-on bag while traveling.

The front flap provides you great convenience and when you are searching for something from your luggage in a hurry. Though this bag is lighter in weight as compared to the other models, it still has the same strength and features that one would expect from Maxlite. The roomy interior is well organized with multiple compartments so that you can easily hold all your travel essentials.

The Duraguard coating on the polyester fabric exterior keeps the bag water-resistant and safe during unexpected rains. The specially designed PowerScope handle extends fully to give you a comfortable grip and ensure that the bag does not wobble while you are on the move. Even the wheels are designed for a smooth journey and have ball bearings fitted for natural movement.

The rubberized contour grip on the handle offers a firm hold and ensures that you do not feel any stress while pulling this bag that is also the best carry-on luggage for business travel across crowded areas and aisles.


  • Sturdy design.
  • Spacious well organized interior space.
  • Duraguard water-resistant coating.


  • The four-wheel design needed.

10. Lucas Designer 22 Rolling

Lucas Designer 22"

Sport the trendiest design while you travel with this lightweight duffle bag by Lucas. This multi-utility bag can be used by you wherever you go, be it the gym, weekend trips, or solo travels. It can also be used as a compact carry-on bag during air travel that you do not need to check-in, making it the perfect companion for you on your trips.

Being lightweight and featuring a soft side design helps you stack it under your seat so that you can easily access it whenever you need something. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and enables you to pull the bag easily wherever you go, be it city side pavements or airport lounges. The handle can easily be locked to the size that you are comfortable holding with the push button.

It also sports two comfortable and soft handles that are strong enough to hold your bag whenever you do not want to push or pull it. Multiple pockets in the interiors help you organize and secure your belongings for easy access later.


  • Airline cabin size bag.
  • Retractable handle.
  • In-line wheels.


  • It needs four wheels for better comfort while traveling.

11. Ciao Designer 15″ Convertible

Ciao Designer 15"

Multi-purpose luggage designed for those who love to travel. A well-designed bag it comes with the advantage of being able to increase its capacity by almost 50% more, while still meeting the full-size luggage restrictions of most airlines for cabin baggage. You can also store it comfortably under your seat for easy access in an emergency.

The self-repairing unique zippers keep your bag securely fastened, while the fully lined interior zipped multiple pockets and compartments help you organize your luggage for effortless and easy access. The nylon material used to create this bag is both strong and durable for many years of comfortable use.

It features a unique push-button handle that you can use easily lock into place for effortless travel through airport halls and airline aisles. This multi-utility bag efficiently carries all your clothes and essentials while going to the gym, club, and even on overnight trips with friends and family.


  • Expandable design.
  • Zipped pockets.
  • Retractable handle.


  • Four-wheel model would be more comfortable to use.

12. Samsonite Leverage 

Samsonite Leverage

The world leader in branded luggage is featuring a great designed luggage that will win your hearts with it its multi-utility functions. This bag is great for frequent flyers since it can also be conveniently carried on board and stored under the seat. The compact size of this bag meets the stringent cabin baggage requirements of most airlines, while still giving you adequate space.

This robust bag has been built with 1680D ballistic polyester that is very strongly resistant to any abrasions, punctures, and tears. It is one of the prime reasons Samsonite proudly stands behind its products and offers an incredible ten years warranty on this bag.

The 360-degree in-line spinner wheels move the bag in any direction you want with remarkable comfort and ease, as you tug your bag with the push-button handle that has high quality cushioning and a rubber grip for your ultimate satisfaction. The retracting top and side handles are convenient to use and well protected from any external damage.


  • Designer finish.
  • 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Strong polyethylene build.


  • The front pocket could be bigger.

13. Travelpro Crew Versapack

Travelpro Crew Versapack

Now quickly charge your smart devices on the go, with the innovatively designed external USB port designed by TravelPro. The USB cable connects to your power bank, which has its own TSA approved pocket for storage. This luggage has a long-lasting design with high-density ballistic fabric and also has a Duraguard coating for added protection against water.

The specifications of this bag meet the strict cabin baggage size requirement of most of the airlines in the world so that you are saved the hassles of checking it in and waiting for it to arrive at your destination. You can also carry your 15.6″ laptop safely inside the bag with the padded sleeved that comes with it.

Pull or push your bag comfortably as you move through airport terminals, thanks to its ball-bearing wheels and a patented PowerScope handles that extend to a size convenient to you. The bag is also safe from sudden falls with sturdy corner armor and skid guards. It sports a removable wet bag to hold your toiletries as per TSA guidelines.


  • Strong build.
  • Cabin baggage size meets the guidelines specified by a majority of the airlines.


  • The front pocket could be bigger.

14. Perry Ellis Lexington II

Perry Ellis Lexington II

Roll your bag any way you want with this eight-wheel spinner bag that moves quickly in whichever direction you pull it, thanks to the multi-dimensional spinner wheels. The inner lining comes with a sleek mesh pocket that can easily store all your toiletries. The tie-down straps are sturdy and easily carry your stuff comfortably so that they do not get damaged during the journey.

You can also pack extra baggage for longer duration stays, with its easily adjustable and expandable packing capacity, which is a great feature to have, so that you do not need to carry along another bag, just for a little more stuff. The premium woven material, which has been used for the construction of this bag gives it a very premium look so that you can carry it along for your business meets.

The push-button trolley system is easily adjustable and a great help when it comes to moving your bag across different terminals and spaces, making it the best carry-on luggage for business travel.


  • Premium looks.
  • Eight spinner wheels.
  • Adjustable capacity.


  • The build could be a bit stronger.

15. SwissGear The Weekend Special 20

SwissGear The Weekend Special 20

For decades, travelers have relied on the quality and durability of Swissgear Luggage to meet their travel requirements. The styling of Swissgear travel accessories and luggage is world-renowned and appreciated by all. This 20″ getaway trolley is designed and built to surpass all the expectations of travelers, with its smooth handling and mobility while you are on the move.

The sleek aluminum telescopic handle has a push-button locking feature, which helps you set the desired height of the handle while moving across airport terminals and other areas. The 360-degree spinner wheels perfectly complement the handle and let you move with ease. This long haul luggage is sturdy and durable enough to give you worry-free travel for many years.

Thanks to the interior tie-down straps, your garments are safely secured without any worries of them falling while opening the bag. A separate detachable wet pocket keeps your toiletries safe while also meeting the guidelines set by TSA. The multiple interior pockets also help you organize your travel stuff with relative ease.


  • Sturdy built.
  • 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Separate wet pocket for toiletries.


  • It could have an attached lock.

Taking Care Of Your Best Travel Carry-On Luggage

Once you have bought a bag, you need to ensure that you maintain it properly so that it gives you years of flawless service. Simple points such as keeping it dust-free and storing it in a dry environment will ensure that the exterior of your bag does not get damaged or start developing dirt patches.

Make sure you check the zips periodically, along with the trolley handle. Do not ignore any problem with them, or else you may end up having them breaking down right in the middle of a business or personal trip.

FAQs Travel Carry-On Luggage

1. Are The Baggage Size Requirements Different For Both Domestic As Well As International Travel?

Yes, it is due to the different aircraft models used by airlines on domestic and international routes, the space available in the overhead bins also differs. The airline has different size guidelines as per its policies. Many manufacturers ensure that their best carry-on luggage for international travel meets the guidelines set by the airlines.

2. Can Carry-On Travel Bags Be Stored Under The Seat Of An Airline?

Yes, depending on its size and dimensions. It should meet the airline’s guidelines so that you can conveniently store it under your seat.

3. How Do I Ensure My New Travel Bag, Does Not Get Any Scratches Due To Rough Handling By Baggage Staff?

The majority of the good quality bags are scratch proof. You can additionally opt for a cover for your bag to ensure that its surface does not get scratched.

4. Why Are 360-Degree Rotatable Wheels, A Must-Have Feature In Most Travel Bags?

Airline terminals are usually crowded places. In such situations, maneuvering your bag through them becomes quite a challenge. 360-degree wheels help you roll your bag smoothly and fast through the terminals, in all directions.

Best Carry-on Luggage for Business Travel – Your pick?

A travel bag with multiple compartments and features are essential for storing your clothes and accessories comfortably. A durable telescopic handle and smooth spinner wheels also ensure that you have a safe and comfortable journey, while not feeling too tired from lifting or pulling the bag either at the airport or hotel lobbies.

Just ensure that the bag you are planning to buy meets the baggage guidelines set by airlines so that you can conveniently carry them on-board. It will help you save a lot of time and also avoid queues at the airport, leading to a more relaxing arrival at your destination.

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