Best Golf Travel Bags 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. CaddyDaddy 2. AmazonBasics 3. Club Champ
CaddyDaddy Best Golf Travel Bag AmazonBasics Club Champ

Whether you are packing to travel across your state or to the next Golf club championship game, golf accessories indeed take some essential room in the travel luggage, along with significant demand for safety and well casing to carefully port your gulf stuff.

Therefore, choosing the right kind of golf travel bag is as essential as taking a keening interest in picking other stuff of your golfing kit.


Most golf enthusiasts have a fanatic fascination for their golf kit, and even more when you have a dedicatedly chosen range of accessory. However, even after having a premium range of golf accessories to hit your passion, if you must play with rented sticks of a long sorted or desired golf destination, it can be more than disappointing.

This is why it is as essential to have the best golf travel bag as relevant it is to have handpicked tools, passion for the game, etc. now, earlier golf travel bags used to be essentially hard covered, which essentially made them quite heavy.

It would ache your back and shoulders to carry them, however with age and modernism, these travel bag designs have come a long way across.

Today, you have advanced, well crafted, lightweight, highly portable bags designed to meet all safety needs buzzing the market. But like golf accessories vary, so do these bags in terms of size, weight capacity, design, safety strength, etc.

So, whether you are planning to get your fist golf travel bag or replace the old one, here are some of the best golf travel bags and much more essential information concerning them to ease your purchase.

Top 10 Best Golf Travel Bags 2022

1. CaddyDaddy

CaddyDaddy Best Golf Travel Bag

Layout, design, padding or storage space, the Golf Constrictor from CaddyDaddy bags in a comprehensive high score from users. Crafted with quality 1800 denier advanced grade nylon it is one of the favorite picks in the market for it is weather-proof too.

It is far thicker compared to normal grade 600 denier nylons used in cheaper bags. CaddyDaddy in this product features some of the most sorted after things like enhanced, well designed strong riveted handles along with heavily padded club heads offering extensive protection to the golf gears.

The design of the bag ensures that safety has been a predominant and key goal while crafting the bag for you are offered with lockable zippers which essentially secures clubs. Along with the zippers you can also protect your clubs with the fully adjustable clamps.

The bag is easy to handle and store with a convenient dimension of 50″ x 13″ x 15″ and it is easy to handle owing to its weight range of 8lbs. in order to safeguard the bag from harsh travel handlings, there is heavy-duty curb rails attached. There are inline skate wheels integrated into this soft golf travel bag to ease mobility.


  • The design integrates internal and external straps to secure clubs and accessories in position.
  • Heavily padded over club heads for enhanced protection.
  • Extremely high quality and durable 1800 denier nylon.
  • Large side pockets for additional gears with zipper lock.


  • The in-line wheels can get easily damaged over a bumper if not taken care of properly as per users.

2. AmazonBasics


The big buzzing online supply chain from Amazon, ‘AmazoBasics’ also presents quality products like Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag made of highly durable nylon. It has been designed uniquely as a soft-sided golf travel bag typically reinforced heavily padded, stress points to minimize scale of abrasion.

Besides the design also allows you to stand up the bag all by itself when it has a set of clubs inside owing to the antiskid patches designed underneath.

Protection of the clubs inside is a major concern while buying bags, and this is what this product eliminates with heavy duty curb rails, heavily padded cover area to secure the clubs along with compression straps to secure the clubs in position.

You also have abundant storage with side pockets, multiple zip lock pockets, standard size smooth rolling inline-skate-style quality wheels.


  • Multiple zip locking pockets, side pockets offering added storage.
  • Compression straps for additional security.
  • Antiskid patch designed underneath the bag so that it can be kept in a standing position even without a support.


  • The bag does not stand on its own if you don’t have the weight of the clubs inside.

3. Club Champ

Club Champ

When your look out is for an affordable, handy, easy to handle yet sturdily built the Golf Bag Travel Cover designed by Club Champ makes perfect sense as a pick. The exceptional features which catches your attention briefly includes the extensively tall design which allows any golf gear to fit in easily.

This soft cover bag is easily collapsible as well which makes it easy to store as well when not in use. You can also have packing ease with the additional dedicated pockets for shoes and gears.

The bag is designed with skid rails as well as protective armored base so that even when the inbuilt roller wheels are dragged over bumpers or uneven surface, you kit inside stays secured.

You can also count of the heavy-duty zippers attached in the design along with the heavily padded top, for support and security of the clubs.


  • Easily collapsible and foldable into a sleek size which makes it easy to store.
  • Built smooth roller wheels to eliminate stress on back or shoulders.
  • Heavily padded for club security


  • Nylon quality is standard, not high quality, however as per the price range it is as expected.

4. Deluxe SKB

Deluxe SKB

The SKB ATA deluxe golf travel hard case is the latest secure and travel friendly golf cover ideal for rough usage as well. Innovatively molded from a sturdy material used for military containers and cases that is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is used to manufacture this cover. If sturdy, strong and hard secure covering is what that can nail you, here it is.

Security and protective guarding for your golf clubs has been taken to the next level with integration of industrial-strength TSA lock system and latches, ensuring you can have relaxed journeys with your golf kit.

Besides, you can also enjoy Perfect-Match valance bending system which is one of the exclusive features of this product offering moisture-dust resistant cover.


  • SKB’s innovative Perfect-Match valance bending system in order to ensure a tight, absolute fit guarding against dust as well as moisture from intruding inside the case.
  • TSA approved high end safety locking latch system.
    Lifetime warranty by SKB as well as club coverage of $1500 from SKB.


  • The wheels are not as good as the rest of the features and can easily break after a few uses.

5. Athletico


Athletico in its latest Padded Golf Travel Bag has essentially made sure that you get comprehensive security. Therein, they have designed 5mm of padding throughout the body of the bag for enhanced protection. The price range of this product is conveniently within reach and you need not cut off on any other plan to manage the price.

Designed with a standard 600D polyester this golf club carrier comes with a vinyl base as well as 4 protective feet in order to ensure the bag has a tough base as well.

The extensive padded design is a catchy feature of this bag for even the shoulder straps are not eliminated from being padded. Padded shoulder straps offer comfort and convenience while carrying the bag. Even the handles come with neoprene padding.

So, what makes it a great pick is the overall look for comfort and security. The bag is also foldable which makes it easy to store when not in use. You have tote handles, top handles both of which are once again padded.

But when you are not carrying the bag on shoulders you can also detach the shoulder straps which are removable.


  • Affordable golf travel bag, with quality zip locks and both shoulder straps and handles for convenient handling.
  • 5mm thick padding throughout the bag to ensure comprehensive protection.


  • There are roller wheels attached with the bag, which means you cannot it drag it.

6. Himal


The Himal bag is the one answer for standard quality and affordability. Crafted with 600D heavy duty standard polyester oxford, well known for good range of abrasion resistance this is a golf travel bag to carry on the go.

However, the polyester used in this bag, is not moisture resistant neither is the bag designed with additional water-resistant coating.

Unlike many other golf bags in affordable price range, this bag from Himal does have in-line skate wheels makes it comfortable to use without stressing your shoulders.

However, at the same note there are no handles attached to the bottom, which makes it impossible to lift the bag on your trunk even when you need to.

It is lightweight, with all basic features as much as could be packed within the price range. You also have a zippered pocket for packing accessories; however, you can miss the compression strap to hold the clubs in position. The bag has essential padding on top.


  • Lightweight, standard material, within a cheap and affordable range.
  • In-line skate wheels for easy portability.
  • You also have one zippered pocket to pack essentials.


  • There are no compression straps to securely hold the clubs in position.
  • No bottom handles to carry the bag on trunk.

7. Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain

ClubGlider Meridian is a one of a class golf bags from Sun Mountain, elite looks, smart and user-friendly features, hi-tech design, obviously crafted to sweep you off your feet.

The top of the ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover is well designed with thick foam padding which keeps your clubs well protected in harsh airport handlings, conveyor belts, etc. handling.

Another feature which is sure to fascinate you are the pivoting caster wheels which offers delightful handling ease. You can easily retract and extend the legs accordingly to achieve desirable reclining position.

Again, you also have a commendable lock system integrated in the bag which enhances its overall security quotient. There are also internal compression straps which keep the clubs tight in position.

Undoubtedly this cover bag comes in with a high price tag, but if it is convenience, comfort and security you are looking to invest in, here it goes for this product.


  • High end maneuverability with quality wheels making mobility completely comfortable
  • Integrated with internal cinch compression straps to secure clubs in position
  • High grade zipper system


  • This is expensive for many to afford easily.

8. Thinksea


The soft Sided Golf Travel Case from ThinkSea comes with all-round protective design and material to withstand the toughest handlings and travel conditions. Whether you want to have a reliable and lockable zipper or convenient space and storage scopes, this bag offers to you in one design.

The zip pocket placed on the front is truly helpful to pack daily essentials to handy accessories. With this travel golf bag in hand, you are not going to feel space crunch.

Some of the comforting features of this bag includes soft cushion to ease your trunk and handles. It’s a perfect blend of quality features, affordable price and convenience and comfort with the use of 900D heavy duty polyester oxford for rough and tough protection in one package.


  • High end TSA custom locks
  • Integrated with bottom wheels for ease of mobility
  • Cushioned back
  • Three positional handles for convenience of handling


  • Comes in a single color in the market.

9. Bag Boy

Bag Boy

The T-10 Hard Top Cover Bag from Bag Boy is the ultimate answer for travelling with your golf kits without a worry. Crush resistant ABS top offers exclusive protection to your club.

The zipper system is rather innovative and highly functional for you have a comprehensive full wrap zipper which increases accessibility as well as packing ease. In order to secure your entire bag, you have heavy duty anti-burst straps securing the bag and accessories.

The bag also has integrated roller wheels easing traveling. There are also two functional oversized pockets on the external surface to pack handy accessories, essentials stuffs within easy reach.

You can also enjoy the latest stand guard technology wherein the internally it is padded with high-density foam in order to protect the golf kits extensively.


  • Crush resistant ABS top offering added protection to the clubs.
  • High end zipper system easing accessibility.
  • Integrated with stand guard technology with high density foam padding.


  • This cover is expensive compared to other products, however worth the tag.

10. Partage


Built with high grade 600D polyester the Partage Golf Bag offers adequate resistance against abrasion while travelling. Thick padded covering on the top is designed to offer required essential guarding to the clubs inside.

Travelling may incur a lot of rough handling and it is important to offer protection and Partage takes care of that through dense foaming inside. The design encompasses three essential pockets to store shoes, essentials and accessories.

The protective measure is taken a step ahead in this product’s design with integration of both an internal and an external strap to tighten and secure the position of the clubs in place. Along with all these you have absolute portability ease with the smooth roller wheels.


  • Dense padding on top to secure clubs.
  • Compression straps both internal and external for added security.
  • 1year quality warranty.


  • Not as sturdy as needed for extensively rough handling and intense traveling purposes.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Golf Travel Bag

It’s not every day that go for golf travel bag shopping and neither do you keep changing a golf bag every now and then. Therefore, when you are investing for a bag which will not only help you to carry your one of the most loved possessions, your golf kit but will also secure them, you need to b speculative and analytic.

Here are some of the most vital points which should be considered while shopping for best travel golf bags:

1. Durability

Durability is one of the primary factors, when you are choosing the best golf travel bag. It’s not always even and smooth terrain where you need to drag your bag, or you cannot even ignore the rough handling on conveyor belts, or transit points at airports.

Starting from high end materials like ABS plastic, high end nylon, or other quality material, to string stitches, well-crafted design etc., everything matters in gauging the durability scopes of a bag.

2. Brand

It is not exactly being brand conscious but delving into the brand history does make sense. Gauging the reputation, plus factors, crafting, brand value, can make a difference when you are looking to invest for the best travel golf bags.

When you have good history, a reputation of years, a market trust attached with the brand, you know investing in such a brand can be worth it.

3. Materials

Basically, you have two common choices in soft bags and hard cased bags. While the packing might remain all the same kind as your shoes, wedges, golf clubs, essentials tools, etc. it matters how you travel in order to choose the type of bag.

When you are taking public modes of transport it is ideal to have hard cased bags to withstand odd handlings, rough terrains, etc., where EVA impact rated bags can be good.

Personal car travelling suits your choice for a soft golf travel bag. These soft cover golf bags are usually made from nylon, polyester, etc. while these are light weight these are also good to keep away dirt and debris.

You can also look for added paddings around the club areas to offer essential safety. Bag must be made using reliable and quality material. In case of soft bags, in generally quality manufacturers stick with high quality polyester or nylon as best materials.

In case of solid hard cased bags as well, you can fetch the EVA ratings, which are based on the quality of the sturdiness of the material, ability to withstand abrasion, etc.

4. Size

Now, when you are choosing best travel golf bags one of the most vital criterions is size. This criterion goes in parallel with your requirement of space. In generally when you are picking a travel golf bag for just routine visits to your golf club in the town, your space requirement might not as much as when you are traveling in different states.

Again, sometimes you need to carry essential stuffs, tools to documents or kits which need to be segregated in different spaces, where you need pockets in your bag.

So, it entirely depends on your needs, packing requirements, your ease of handling, since bigger bags can be a little cumbersome in mobility sometimes. Thus, while shopping for travel golf bags, make sure to choose the right size.

5. Safety

The hike around the design and built of best golf travel bags whether soft or hard case is to safeguard your clubs and essential golf kits. Earlier hard cased golf bags were the only choice in market, but today you have both soft bags as well as hard golf bags.

However, in terms of design, you do not need to compromise all with the protection since most of the soft golf travel bag manufacturers nowadays focus on providing extra padded covering to act as a shield of protection for your golf stuffs inside.

6. Portability

Nowadays all travels bags apart from haversacks have wheels to enhance the mobility of the luggage as well as the ease and comfort of handling of the user. This is the same with best golf travel bags which are crafted with wheels so that it is convenient to drag them on slopes, in rough terrains, parking areas, airport, etc.

Hard covered golf bags are in generally designed with wheels to make them conveniently portable, since hard cover automatically increases their overall weight.

In case you have travel plans where you need to carry and handle your baggage a lot, going for golf bags integrated with wheels are safer for portability ease.

7. Storage

Once you have checked all the above points, it is important that you don’t miss out on the storage factor. Yes, storage is very essential even when you are in look out for best travel golf bag since whether you are heading for an interstate game, a club golf session etc. you will need essential amount of storage space to pack all you stuffs like wedges, clubs, towels, shoes, raingear, etc.

Check out for pockets inside the bag, external pockets, bottle carrier pockets, safety pockets, etc. never mind to look for some additional room in your golf bag, so that even if you want to pack some extra goods, heavy or space consuming stuffs like a jacket, extra pair of shoes, files etc., you don’t need to pack another bag.

Storage is something which can be very essential when you are travelling alone, or you need to handle your bags a lot, like dragging them, carrying them. If you must pack more bags due to storage crunch handling more than one bag have can be challenging.

FAQs on Golf Travel Bags

1. Which Is Best To Buy A Hard Or A Soft Case?

It depends entirely on your travel trends, tour styles, travel transports, etc. matters. For golf players who need to travel via airline prefer to get hard case golf bags, which are safer when you must let your baggage go out of your surveillance to third-person handling.

Loading and unloading from conveyor belts to flights, can be harsh sometimes, but hard covers offer essential guard to the golf clubs and kits inside.

However, hard case golf travel bags are pricey compared to soft bags which are easy to fit in any storage place, lightweight and cheaper as well.

These soft bags are convenient for car travels mostly, where you personally handle your baggage. Consider which is your priority, safety or easy storage, weight or handling liberty.

2. Are Best Golf Travel Bags Water-Resistant?

Looking through most of the shelves of retail stores you might not find as many options in waterproof golf travel bags. However, both in retail stores and online portals you will have some waterproof products.

But when you are particularly looking for waterproof golf bags due to any reason, you must check the material of soft bags, and it also essential to check the manufacturer guidance’s, where it must be mentioned if the bag material is water resistant or not.

On the other side if you are into purchasing a hard-shell case for golf kit, they mostly claim to be moisture resistant owing to the hard covering sealing out both moisture and dirt.

3. How Much is Worthwhile to Spend on a Travel Bag?

This is perhaps a decision which varies as per individual preferences. But if you think logically and if you have a starter golf kit, which is a budget buy, there is no meaning of spending $500 for your golf bag.

However, when you have already invested for premium quality of golf clubs, you essentially need to secure them and for that looking for a best golf travel bag of high quality and reputed brand make sense. It makes sense to spend around 25% to 30% of your golf club and kit price of a golf travel bag.

4. Should I Buy My Golf Travel Bag from Retail Stores or Online?

Finding a desirable golf kit or a golf travel bag is not a problem standing in the 21st century with retail shops, to sports stations, departmental stores and online portals making shopping not only easy but comfortable as well.

Some buyers like to feel and gauge the products they buy, for them retail stores a great choice where you can touch and feel the soft golf bags or test the hard case of a golf bag. You can also verify the internal storage space.

However, if running to a store is not your pick, online stores are also buzzing the century in every aspect. Go through numerous brands, material options, price ranges of golf travel bags and pick as per your requirement from office, home or club, anywhere.

5. What Is The Ideal Bag Weight?

Airlines nowadays have special preferences for golf luggage as travel baggage. In most cases Airlines do not ask for additional baggage allowance up to a limited range of weight of your golf travel bag. In generally this limit revolves around 40 to 50lbs.

Now you must keep in mind that this weight includes your golf club weight, other accessories, essential stuffs inside your bag as well as the weight of the bag itself.

This means when you are buying a golf travel bag, you need to consider the weight of your golf club, shoes, wedges all together, so that even after involving the bag weight you can keep the total weight within limit. Basically, golf kit itself weights around 30lbs.

Once again it goes without saying that hard case golf bags weigh more compared to soft bags. Soft golf bags weigh around 8 to 10 pounds, whereas those with hard cover range between 12 to 20 pounds.

Now, if you don’t want to pay extra baggage fee every time you travel with your golf bag, you can check most common airlines and their baggage allowances, weigh limits before purchasing the bag.

6. How To Pack Best Golf Travel Bag For Additional Safety?

When you are traveling with your best golf travel bag it is important to ensure not only safe and protected is the design and material of your bag, but also the way how you pack your bag, which can also influence the safety of your golf kit inside.

It is essential that there is too much unoccupied space inside your golf bag after packing the kit, which can cause damage to kits on harsh handling at airports, on the way, etc. you can wrap some cozy and buffer like inside for added padding, if your bag doesn’t have much, like a sweater, jacket, towels, garments, etc.

7. What’s The Warranty Like On Golf Travel Bags?

In generally you don’t put too much harsh handling, rough use on a golf bag. Most of the golf bags come with a minimum warranty period of one year. Even if you bag has undergone through some wear and tear within this one-year time, you can get replacement.

However, this warranty period can differ from brand to brand, some of the reputed brands in the market also offer an extended term of up to five years of warranty on golf travel bags.

Apart from manufacturer warranty some of the shipping companies worldwide handling golf baggage also compensate up to $1000 on any damage of golf clubs, however they also essentially advice use of cover or golf bags too.

Some of you may be first time buys for a golf travel bag or golf travel case, and some of you may be looking to replace what you have. Whatever your situation, we will answer all the questions and more!

Buy Only Best Golf Bag For The Safety Of Your Golf Kit

Finally, when you have decided to settle for the best golf travel bag, you need to fix your budget line and the features which you need the most. If you are one of the air travelers look for a sturdy built golf bag, better if you can get a hard case.

If you like driving by yourself to new golf playing destinations, it actually good to have a soft cover one, you can also settle for an affordable cheaper option, since you are essentially not going to face much rough handling with your bag.

Once you know which kind of a golf bag you want, check for user reviews, product reviews to ensure if the features you will be paying for are worthy at all or not.

It is good to have roller wheels in golf bags for even if you drive by car, you need to drag you bag in hotels, parking lots, etc. places. Therefore, spend smartly to have a protective, travel friendly cover for your golf kit.

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