Best Travel Cameras 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Key Features Of A Travel Camera1. Removable Storage2. Burst Mode3. Anti-Shake4. Autofocus5. Shooting Modes6. Panorama Assist8. Wireless Connectivity9. Video Recording10. Zooming CapacityFactors To Look For When Buying The Best Travel Camera1. Quality2. Type3. Budget4. Quality5. Space6. Power7. Usability8. User-Friendly9. Easy To Carry10. Purpose11. Size Of The Sensor12. Check The F-Number13. Features And Functions14. Think About DurabilityTop 20 Best Travel Cameras 20221. Sony Alpha a6000ProsCons2. Campark ACT74ProsCons3. GoPro Hero 7ProsCons4. Brave4ProsCons5. Sony RX100ProsCons6. Sony DSCW800/BProsCons7. Sony A5100ProsCons8. GoPro Hero5ProsCons9. GoPro Hero 7ProsCons10. GoPro Hero8 Black ProsCons11. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180ProsCons12. Panasonic DMC-ZS60KProsCons13. PowerShot ELPH 190ProsCons14. Lumix GX85ProsCons15. Canon PowerShot G9ProsCons16. InclakeProsCons17. AbergBestProsCons18. AurhoProsCons19. Ricoh GR IIIProsCons20. WelcamProsConsMistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A Travel Camera1. Focusing On Pixel Only2. Forgetting The Purpose3. Overwhelmed By Deals And Promotions4. Believing High-End Cameras Can Capture Great Photos5. Buying A Camera Without ResearchFAQs on Travel Cameras1. Can I Capture Professional-Quality Videos On Compact Cameras?2. Which Camera Lens Is Best To Get Excellent Bokeh Effect?3. What Is The Importance Of Image Stabilization?4. Why Should I Look At Shutter Speed?5. What Kind Of Accessories Do I Need For My Travel Camera?By Best Point And Shoot Camera For Travel Photography And Let The World Know Your Talent
1. Sony 2. CamPark 3. GoPro
Sony Alpha a6000 Campark ACT74 GoPro Hero 7

Have you ever thought of enjoying a holiday without a camera? Everyone wants to capture the best moments when enjoying a holiday to capture their memories and moments. Therefore, the importance of the camera remains the same as it was in earlier days. The camera is one of the best travel accessories and you can hardly think about leaving for a holiday trip without it.

Though you can get a high definition camera in your smartphone, the importance of a traditional camera has not diminished yet. The camera is an expensive purchase and you have to take care of many factors when buying one. We are here to help first-time buyers to pick the best travel camera with simple guidelines and we have also shortlisted 20 best cameras in the market, to make your shopping easy.


Key Features Of A Travel Camera

Whether it is high-end DSLR or a compact point and shoot travel camera, every camera comes with some basic and special features. The availability of too many features often makes it difficult for the users to click a shot swiftly and that is why travellers prefer the compact and easy-to-use camera to make photography hassle-free and effective.

As a buyer, you must be aware of some key features your travel camera should have. Here, we are going to highlight some common but important features your new travel camera should come with.

1. Removable Storage

Removable store is one of the most essential features in cameras and you must pay attention to it. In most cases, digital cameras come with an external memory card slot and it can be an added advantage for you. The in-built memory facility often gets run out of space and the user needs to delete or move some photos to another system. An external memory slot will give you the freedom to change memory cards as per your requirement.

2. Burst Mode

This is another important feature your travel camera must come with. The burst mode feature will allow you to take multiple shots constantly. The function will help you to capture all the actions in one shot and you can set the tag time between your shots to make the action more precise.

3. Anti-Shake

You might have seen the shaking problems in photography that often cause blurring, soft focus, streaks and many other issues that can dampen your spirit. The anti-shake feature has been developed to keep the lens steady even in the shaking state. The image stabilization feature will help you to click sharper images. You can turn the anti-shake mode off, but keeping it in the on position will help you to click sharp images all the time.

4. Autofocus

let the autofocus feature decide what area to focus for a better shoot. Autofocus is one of the most popular features in digital cameras and it will help you click sharper images. Every digital camera comes with a viewfinder feature and it helps the autofocus to recognize an area. You may find a manual focus facility in some cameras, but turning it into autofocus will be a better option.

5. Shooting Modes

Some travel cameras come with several preset modes to control features like f-stop, shutter speed and focus to click better images when in situations like fireworks, moonlit areas or a beach. Several shooting modes will help you to set the camera according to the situation and the intensity of the light.

6. Panorama Assist

This will be a helpful feature to turn your photos into a panoramic view of a landscape or a group of people or animals. The viewfinder feature of a camera captures a series of images that can be merged by software to turn them into a panoramic image. This can be a great feature if you want to enjoy a panoramic view of a place or any stuff.

8. Wireless Connectivity

Modern-day digital cameras come with wireless connectivity facility and this can be an added advantage for you. If your camera is featured with wireless connectivity, you will be able to send pictures to other devices without using any cable. Now sending photos as email attachment or computer, laptop or printer has become quite easy now.

9. Video Recording

This can be an amazing feature if you want to shoot some short clips with your travel camera. Some cameras come with video shooting feature and it can be an added advantage for you. You can also get cameras with HD video recording capability with higher frame rates.

10. Zooming Capacity

This is one of the basic features of a digital camera and you must check the capacity of zooming before choosing one. The zooming facility allows a user to bring an object closer without stepping forward. Zooming capacity often varies from one model to another. Fixed-lens cameras are better when it comes to zooming facility, as there will be no hassle of changing the lens to bring furthest objects closer. It is better to watch a few samples of zoomed photos taken by the camera before you purchase the best travel zoom camera.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Travel Camera

If you are traveling to an exotic place, capturing some of the best moments will be one of the top priorities. You will need a compact and handy camera to make your trip more memorable. Though a high-end smartphone features a decent camera a dedicated travel camera will give you the real benefits.

Choosing the best camera remains a challenging task and you must take care of a few factors when investing in such a product. Let us stress some of the key factors a buyer should look for when buying a travel camera.

1. Quality

Some cameras are designed for travellers and you can rely on them for quality photographs. In a digital camera, you will find two variants; point and shoot or compact cameras and DSLRs. If you talk about the overall quality of photographs, DSLR will certainly win the race, but you have to be ready to invest huge amount in them and at the same time when compared to digital cameras these cameras are much heavier, bulky and difficult to carry.

A compact travel camera is comparatively small, low priced, easy to pack and carry, along with it there easy to handle and affordable. Best point and shoot camera for travel are ideal for travel and they are made for everyone. Such cameras can deliver high-quality photos and many of them feature full-frame sensors that will make photography easy for you.

2. Type

Different types of cameras are out there and you need to pick the right one according to your requirements. Before you choose a particular variant, you have to look at the features and decide if they are suitable for the activities you practice when on holiday.

It can be an action camera, mirrorless camera, bridge camera, DSLR or point, and shoot camera. Every camera is designed for particular activities and it must match your priorities precisely. Point and shoot cameras can be a good choice for traveling and you can find them quite efficient in various conditions.

3. Budget

Enjoying a holiday is a costly affair and investing in an expensive camera before you board on your flight will not be a smart move. If you are planning for a holiday, you have to get ready for expenses and a low-cost compact travel camera can save your money. Travel cameras are available with various price tags. You can find cameras with price tags ranging between $100 and $5000 and you can pick one according to your budget.It is never a wise decision to invest in a camera which is costlier than your holiday package.

4. Quality

cameras are still available under $500 and there is no need to cut your holiday budget for a camera. One of the best things about a travel camera is that they do not come with additional costs and if you are a beginner, this can be a great choice for you.

5. Space

Baggage remains a key problem for travelers and nowadays everyone wants to make it as small as possible. If you want to carry a huge DSLR, you will have to create space for it, as you just cannot carry it in your handbag. Though professional photographers always carry a special bag for their camera, you may follow a different method to travel with the device.

A compact travel camera, on the other hand, can make the travel hassle-free for you. Point and shoot cameras are small and lightweight and you can even carry them in your handbag. They are light and you can hang such a camera around your neck.

6. Power

Saving the power and recharging the battery of your camera can be a big challenge especially when you are not in your home. Compact travel cameras consume less power compared to high-end DSLRs and you can expect great longevity from them. You can rely on your travel camera when you are on a long trip and cannot access electricity for a while.

Travel cameras are designed to deliver long-time back up and this can help you to take more photos without thinking about the recharge.

7. Usability

Travelers always want to carry the best travel camera. As a traveler, you will always want to focus on your travel experience instead of gears. Bigger cameras are certainly great for photography but when it comes to choosing the best digital camera for travel, you have to look at its usability.

Managing camera gears can be a difficult task if you are not a professional photographer. Ideal travel cameras are compact and ready to use. A point and shoot camera will give you hassle-free travel and photography solutions. Remember, you can have the urge to capture a view any time and a point and shoot travel camera will give you the freedom to shoot as quickly as possible.

8. User-Friendly

The camera you choose for your trip must be very handy and it should allow you to grasp the functionality in a quick while. If on your next holidays you are planning to visit any exotic destination, then you would want to capture the special moments, locations, scenery and many more things to build captivate your memories forever.

But if your camera is quite difficult to handle and its features are difficult to understand then you might end-up struggling to figure out how various features of your camera and you will miss the fun of your holidays. Or if you click the picture it might not get captured or If it is captured then it could have some flaw because of wrong usage.

Therefore, if you are new to photography you should never take a camera with too many complex features. It must be compact and user-friendly. A point and shoot camera can be a good choice if you want a fast and hassle-free photography solution.

9. Easy To Carry

As a traveler, you must carry small baggage. This will help you to enjoy your holidays at its full and a small and handy travel camera can help you in the process. High-end cameras come with various types of additional kits and carrying all such things can be a headache for you.

When looking for a camera ideal for traveling, you must think about how easy will it be to carry the device all the time. Let not be it a burden for you when you are on a holiday trip.

10. Purpose

The purpose of buying a travel camera can play a major role here. If you are going to join a concert or a cultural program or want to frame some distant objects you must look at its zooming capacity.

If you are planning for an adventurous trip, the camera should have the ability to withstand the adverse conditions. It can be hiking, kayaking, skiing or any kind of activities where your camera can get damaged. The camera must be strong enough to remain functional in unfavorable conditions.

11. Size Of The Sensor

If you are on a holiday trip, you will certainly want to carry a camera that can deliver quality photos without any hassle. Sensor size can play an important role here. When checking the specifications, never forget to look at the sensor size. DSLR cameras come with larger sensors and they are quite expensive.

However, point and shoot cameras are also good. They feature considerable sensor size and they are quite good for low light photography. Mirrorless cameras often feature larger sensors but never forget to check the specifications before choosing one.

12. Check The F-Number

If you will be travelling to any historical place like any palace, or museums or any art galleries, you can expect a lot of low light photography there. Not every camera is capable to capture quality images in low light conditions and you have to take care of the factor when shopping around.

When checking the specifications, look at the F factor. If the number of Fis smaller, the better low light photography you can expect. If you buy a camera with F-3.6 rating, it will good for low light photography, while the F-1.3 can be an excellent choice.

13. Features And Functions

This is one of the most important factors to look at when investing in a travel camera. The features and functions of your camera will determine its usability during your trip. Advanced digital cameras come with some important features like GPS, WiFi connectivity, etc. Such smart features make the device handy for users.
Video recording and video output are also the features you can look for as these features will make it easy for you to make high.

14. Think About Durability

You are not going to invest in a camera for a single holiday trip and that is why you have to consider durability like any other important factor. Though the longevity of a camera depends on several factors like the way it has handled, how frequently you travel, brand, features, etc.

Before you choose the best camera for travel, you must check whether the device will be able to protect itself in the harsh weather condition. Water, heat, dust, and drops are some of the major threats for travel cameras and you have to be careful about them.

These are some of the key factors you need to look at when investing in a travel camera. To bring the best product home you require simple market research and not any specialisation in shopping. If you will look around in market you will find many options and you will learn many unknown things about advanced digital cameras. If you are an amateur photographer, some research will help you get the best camera in your budget. .

But if you think that research is not your cup of tea then worry not. Here in this guide we have shortlisted 20 best travel cameras available in the market. You can read their features, prices pros and cons and pick the best one that suits all your requirements.

Top 20 Best Travel Cameras 2022

1. Sony Alpha a6000

Sony Alpha a6000

Are you tired carrying heavy DSLRs and looking for a camera that gives you stunning lowlight performance, excellent detailing with a compact body? New Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera from Sony features the world’s fastest autofocus and it will allow you to capture every moment like never before. The super-compact mirrorless camera is lightweight and it is half the size of the DSLRs.

The camera features 24.3 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor and buyers will get 16-50mm power zoom lenses in this package. The camera can capture 11fps frames per second and it has 179 point phase-detection AF sensor that will give you ultimate image quality.

Alpha a6000 can help you get stunning low light shot with an ISO range 100-25000 and if you want to capture portraits, you can simply use the hot shoe and pop-up flash for the same. A6000 is built-in with Wi-Fi and instant photo sharing tools make it more popular among the younger generation.


  • A6000 features two quick-access dials to provide immediate access and enhanced control on shooting.
  • One can make a professional-quality video with Full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 60p and 60i frame-rates.
  • The camera features electronic viewfinder (EVF) that gives 100% frame coverage and a wide viewing angle.


  • Since it’s a mirrorless camera, users have to be careful while changing the lenses.

2. Campark ACT74

Campark ACT74

Vlogging has become a trend nowadays and a lot of travelers invest in action cameras to make cinematic videos of their trip. New ACT74 Action Camera 16MP 4K WiFi Underwater Photography Cameras with 2 Pcs Rechargeable Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kits from Campark comes with advanced features and if you are looking for the best cameras for travel, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Available in three different colours, the action camera allows you to capture 4k videos at 30 fps. The 16 MP camera is also good for taking landscape photos or selfie. The action camera has a wide-angle lens and you will get 170-degree wide-angle view while recording video footage. The action camera has a 2 inch HD screen and it comes with WiFi remote control so that you can share your photos instantly. The WiFi is compatible with Android and iOS and it is waterproof up to 30meters.

Buyers will get accessories kits along with a waterproof case and if you are thinking about purchasing a good action camera, it will be a good choice. The camera comes with an affordable price tag making it highly affordable for all and if you have a tight budget under $40, you should check it before making a decision.


  • Capture the moments in crystal clear 4k and record your adventure in ultra-wide action camera.
  • This camera is equipped will all required accessories and yet it is quite affordable.
  • The action camera features built-in WiFi and HDMI to share the moments instantly.


  • The camera takes around 2-3 hours for charging.

3. GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7

When it comes to the action camera, GoPro needs no introduction. The manufacturer has taken videography to a whole new level in the 21st century and if you are searching for the best travel camera to capture various moments, this will be a great investment. Unlike the previous models, Hero 7 gives you unbelievable smooth stabilized shots that will take your creativity to a new height.

The most advanced GoPro camera comes with advanced features HyperSmooth stabilization and the intelligent photo mode gives you realistic colours that will make your post-processing easier. Hero 7 is all about performance and if don’t want to compromise with the quality of footage; this will be the best choice for investment.

Users can stream live videos on Instagram and Facebook using an RTMP URL and it has plenty of tools to give you highest control while shooting. Hero 7 features Hyper-Smooth video stabilization that predicts camera movements and delivers ultra-smooth footage as a result. The camera has been designed to endure extreme weather condition and the rugged waterproof body will smoothly work in extreme heat or heavy rain.

Voice commands have become very common nowadays and users can control the camera with voice command that makes it user friendly. Hero 7 has superphoto mode that helps to get the best shots automatically.

The camera will automatically adjust the tone or reduce noise and that will give you the best quality images. In case you are about to invest in the best travel camera, Hero 7 shouldn’t be missed.


  • You can capture super smooth professional videos.
  • It has voice control features.
  • This camera is capable of capturing 4k videos at 60 frames per second.


  • No other colour is available for this model.

4. Brave4


Many buyers lookout for cheap yet affective action cameras and if you have similar requirements, new Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD with EIS 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera Remote Control with 2 Batteries and Helmet Accessories Kit from AKASO will fulfil your need at an affordable budget.

The action camera allows users to capture 4k videos at 24 fps, 2k videos at 30fps and 1080P at 60 fps and this camera will be a perfect choice for those who are looking for the best compact camera for travel. The action camera allows users to adjust the viewing angle and people can adjust the angle as per need.

The action cam has a built-in gyroscope that helps to capture professional-quality video by reducing unnecessary jerks that makes it ideal for cinematography.

The model has easy connectivity options like HDMI and WiFi and users can access the photos and videos instantly. This action camera by AKASO is waterproof up to 30 meters, thus if you are searching for a good underwater camera for recording diving, swimming or surfing this model is one of the best and affordable as well.

Buyers need to invest in various accessories when buying cameras but Akaso gives you free valuable accessories kit that will surely help in saving some money. The action camera has recived good reviews from the users and this model shouldn’t be missed if you are about to invest in a camera for traveling.


  • The camera has built-in wifi and HDMI to share photos and videos instantly.
  • The camera has a built-in gyroscope and one can capture stunningly smooth videos with it.
  • Buyers will get the many required accessories absolutely free of cost.
  • It is one of the best camera’s for underwater shoot.


  • Buyer will get a remote wristband and that is not waterproof.

5. Sony RX100

Sony RX100

Compact digital camera is preferred over DLSRs by today’s generation and they love the compact design and usability that makes it highly convenient for each and every one. Sony is considered to be one of the most reputed brands in the world of photography.

It has an ISO range of 125-6400 and the expandable ISO can be used to capture in the dark. The compact camera has a 3-Inch LCD screen with 12M dots and it comes with various features like steady shot image stabilization, customizable front control ring and rear control dial that enhances the control while shooting.

The compact camera comes with bright F18 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens with 36x zoom and one can capture full HD 1080/60p video with manual control and dual record. RX100 features a sophisticated aluminum body and if you are looking for a compact and lightweight camera to capture everyday moments, it will be a good investment. Users have admitted the camera works great in low light and if you have similar requirements, you should check the features before making a decision.


  • The CMOS sensor with 20.2 MP camera gives you the highest detail in photos that you have always looked for.
  • The camera has four different modes that are Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual to help you get the
  • desired shot. It has an auto HDR mode.


  • You can’t capture 4k videos with this model.

6. Sony DSCW800/B

Sony DSCW800/B

If you are thinking to invest in a powerful compact camera for street photography then, DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera from Sony will be a good choice. The compact camera features HAD CCD sensor to give you maximum details to your photographs. It has 5x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom which makes it perfect fir capturing street photography.

The camera has a professional Sony ZEISS lens and it comes with SteadyShot Image Stabilization technology to reduce shake while capturing photos. One needs to keep SteadyShot Image Stabilization active and it will give you sharp photographs whether it’s a day or night.

The camera comes with various modes and the simple operation makes it highly convenient for the users. The manufacturers have comprised USB3 so that one can connect the camera with a USB port or laptop or power bank for charging. The compact camera can capture a wide-angle shot using sweep panorama mode and it allows the users to capture 360-degree photos using the same mode.

The camera is also good for portraits as it features smile shutter technology that releases the shutter when people are smiling. Users can also set it to adult or child priority to get the desired shot. Users can access to picture effects so that they can instantly edit the photographs to get the desired tone. This will be a good item if you are searching for the best travel camera and you should check the features to come to a decision.


  • Capture daily moments with 5x optical zoom.
  • It has a Sony ZEISS lens that gives you stunning details and perfectly balanced photograph.
  • The sweep panorama mode allows users to capture 360-degree photographs.


Buyers need to buy HDMI cable and HDTV cable separately.


7. Sony A5100

Sony A5100

The invention of the mirrorless camera has changed the way of photography and several buyers prefer investing in the mirrorless camera due its size weight and quality. If you don’t want to miss crucial moments of everyday lives, new A5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera from Sony will help you get the desired photographs with ultra-fast focusing, 179 AF points and 6 fps.

The camera comprises 24.3 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, which gives you the desired quality photograph every time. Advanced connectivity options allow users to share photos on social media instantly and you can connect it to your smartphone or smart TV to experience ultimate viewing pleasure.

The mirrorless camera produces an excellent colour tone and if you are looking for a mirrorless camera to produce professional-quality videos with Full HD 1920 x 1080 video in 24p or 60p and 60i frame-rates.

Convenience gets the highest priority when people invest in cameras for traveling. A5100 has a lightweight body and it will take half the space of the DSLRs. Users have shared positive experience when capturing in low light and the camera offers an ISO range of 100-25600. For more light, users can utilize the pop-up flash and additional burst of light for the same.

The package will include a SELP 1650 (16-50mm) lens and the power zoom lever will make zooming easier for amateurs. If you hate post-processing, you can directly select from various shooting styles like portrait, landscape, night portrait, slow shutter, time-lapse and many more.

The model is available in two different colours and if you are searching for the best travel camera under $500, you shouldn’t miss A5100 from Sony.


  • The camera comes with ultra-fast autofocus with 179 AF points and 6 Fps. It gives you excellent lowlight performance. It is ideal for videography.


  • If you require a bigger lens, you need to invest in it separately.

8. GoPro Hero5

GoPro Hero5

Are you tired of searching a perfect action camera that will deliver ultimate performance with quality? Hero5 Black from GoPro is here to give you highest convenience with ultra-wide 4K perspectives to get a unique viewing experience.

The action camera is ideal for those who look out for simplicity and the one-button function along with touch display makes it a perfect gadget for every vlogger.

It features a waterproof design and it will deliver crystal clear shots and smooth stabilized video that will help in making excellent travel videos or adventure videos. The action camera also allows users to capture photographs and there are different modes like normal or fisheye that will help you see things from different perspectives.

GoPro plus cloud has made post-processing easier and whenever you need to edit the footage, you can simply access the cloud and use GoPro mobile editing apps to edit footages instantly. The package will include action camera, Frame (HERO5 Black), Curved Adhesive Mount, Rechargeable Battery, Mounting Buckle, Flat Adhesive Mount and USB-C Cable.

Users have rated the action camera as one of the best action cameras of all time and if you are planning to invest on a GoPro camera, this will be a great choice under $180.


  • Hero5 will help in capturing super smooth stunning 4K videos.
  • The compact design is ideal for travelers and it won’t consume a lot of space.
  • Buyers will get mounts and frame in this package.


  • The camera doesn’t have optical or digital zoom.

9. GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7

Investing in a bundle package is always beneficial and the exclusive package containing Hero 7 Black Edition from GoPro with Two Extra GoPro USA Batteries + Free Polaroid 16GB MicroSD (80GB Total) + Sandisk Extreme 64GB MicroSD will be a perfect investment for professional videographers.

GoPro Hero 7 needs no introduction in the world of videography. It is one of the best GoPro cameras and it comes with Sandisk 64GB U3 MicroSDHC & Polaroid 16GB MicroSDHC card, and Two Original GoPro Batteries along with full USA warranties.

Hero 7 features a rugged and waterproof body that makes it an ideal device for wanderers and the HyperSmooth technology will result in optimum stabilization without a gimbal. Whether you are on an adventure or about to shoot sports videos, investing on the bundle package will help you save on the cost.

Whether you are looking for the best camera for travel or simply use it for professional videography, you should think twice before losing such a deal.


  • Camera comes with 2 original GoPro space batteries, 64GB U3 MicroSDHC card and Polaroid 16 GB microSDHC card in this package.


  • The camera doesn’t have optical zoom.

10. GoPro Hero8 Black 

GoPro Hero8 Black 

HERO8 Black – Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen from GoPro comes with a streamlined design that makes it easier to hold and keep in the pocket. GoPro Hero 8 comes with a new side door that allows users to change the batteries faster than ever.

The action camera features three different levels of stabilization to give you the highest control over the footages. Hero 8 comprises an impact-resistant lens and now users can get widest angles while shooting videos. Unlike other models, Hero 8 features TimeWrap 2.0 that will give you super-smooth time-lapse videos and the camera will automatically adjust the speed depending on lighting, scene detection and motion.

Hero 8 features LiveBurst mode so that one can get the best frame for photographs and there are different modes like pro-filmmakers, vloggers or aspiring creators to suit different shooting styles. If you have decided to spend on the best travel camera for videography and vlogging, nothing can be better than this.


  • The action camera features a streamlined design to make it easier to use.
  • Hero 8 comes with an impact-resistant lens. The model has three different levels of stabilization.


  • The model doesn’t have an optical or digital zoom.

11. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

If you are looking for a pocket-size compact camera for shooting daily activities, events or portraits, PowerShot ELPH 180 20MP 8X Zoom Digital Camera (Silver) + Case + 32GB Card + Reader + Accessory Bundle from Canon will be a good investment for buyers.

It delivers good quality images and one can also shoot HD 720p videos at 25 fps. The camera has 8x optical zoom and the camera will be a good choice if you are looking for a camera for a variety of shots.

PowerShot ELPH 180 features a sleek design that will suit the requirement of every traveler. It will be fitted in a small space and if you are thinking to invest in a compact camera for travel photography, this will be a great choice.

The package includes Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 digital camera, CB-2lF battery Charger, NB-11lH lithium-ION battery pack, Sandisk 32 GB 320x Class 10 high-speed SDHC memory card + card reader, ws-800 wrist strap, tabletop tripod, memory card wallet, screen protector and padded camera case.


  • The camera comes with 20.0MP 1/2.3″ CCD image sensor, DIGIC 4+ image processor and 8x optical zoom lens. Users can capture 720p HD videos at 25fps.
  • The package will include a battery pack, charger, strap, screen protector, padded camera case etc.


  • The camera doesn’t allow capturing 4K videos.

12. Panasonic DMC-ZS60K

Panasonic DMC-ZS60K

If you are searching for a compact camera to get high-quality photographs, DMC-ZS60K Lumix 4K Digital Camera with 30X LEICA DC Vario-ELMAR Lens F3.3-6.4 by Panasonic is one of the best alternatives in market. This digital camera will be the best option for travellers because of its compact size and light weight. It is also ideal for photographers who love to make memories by captureing every moment of daily life.

The camera features 30x (24 720mm) LEICA DC Lens optical zoom that provides excellent detailing to your photograph even if the object remains at a distance. Manufacturers have considered the requirements of new-age content creators and they have allowed users to record 4K Ultra HD videos and Lumix 4K photos on this device.

A lot of buyers look out for best compact travel camera under $250 and if you have similar requirements, you shouldn’t miss ZS60K from Panasonic.

Unlike other point and shoot cameras, this model features an eye-level electronic viewfinder (EVF) and touch-enabled LCD for excellent viewing experience. The focusing area ranges from Wide 50 cm to infinity/Tele 200 cm-infinity. Several buyers wish to get DSLR like exposure control so that they can capture the same depth of field while capturing photographs.

The lens mounted control ring allows users to get desired exposure control feature and it helps to get the bokeh effect that makes ZS60K popular among the photographers.


  • The compact camera will give you excellent detailing to the photograph even if you capture in low light.
  • The camera comes with a unique post focus feature allowing individuals to sharpen images after capturing. Users can capture 4K videos.


  • The model doesn’t feature time-lapse option.

13. PowerShot ELPH 190

PowerShot ELPH 190

Many travelers don’t pay attention to the aesthetics of the photos and all they want is to capture the moment for remembrance. They don’t bother about the expensive lens and DLSRs and they search for a camera that fits into the pocket and allows capturing everything just by releasing the shutter. The model features a sleek design that makes it truly versatile for the users.

One can capture 720p HD videos on the device and if you are looking for a compact camera for vlogging or traveling, this will be a good choice. PowerShot ELPH 190 IS comes with accelerated processing that helps to process images faster than ever. The camera also comprises a 10x optical zoom to provide comfortable shooting experience while traveling.

When you are using PowerShot ELPH 190 IS with 20.0 Megapixel CCD Sensor you will not face any issues with detailing and sharpness. Unlike many other csmeras in the market, the picture quality of this camera is 1000 times better.

The package in this camera includes starter cleaning kit, 6 GB SD card, protective case, SD card reader/writer and an extra battery and if you are about to invest in a simple camera for traveling, you should check the model before making any decision. This model is one of the best in market at given price.


  • Users can capture 720p HD videos and one can store thousands of photos on 16GB memory card. It features a slim design
  • and it can be fitted in your pocket. 20 MP CCD sensor and 10x optical zoom give you desired image quality.


  • One can’t capture 4K videos on this device.

14. Lumix GX85

Lumix GX85

New LUMIX GX85 Camera with 12-32mm Lens, 5 Axis Body Stabilization, 3 Inch Tilt and Touch Display, DMC-GX85KK (Black USA) FROM PANASONIC has created a buzz among the photographers with advanced features and if you are thinking about investing in the best travel camera to relive the moments, you should not miss Lumix GX85.

The camera is built-in with 5-axis in-body sensor stabilizer that works with Lumix 2-axis optically stabilized lenses and the dual image stabilization helps you get ultimate detailing in photographs. The camera allows users to capture faster and it aims to provide the highest satisfaction to the users.

LUMIX GX85 is lightweight and it features a sleek design. Carrying a bulky DSLR is not convenient for everyone and investing in this model will help save spaces during your trips. The camera comes with an integrated viewfinder, thumbwheel controls and touch control enabled tilting LCD to give you a smooth shooting experience every time.

The model supports recording 4K videos and if you are passionate about travel photography and cinematography, investing in this model will allow you to shoot sequences as you want.


  • The model has a supersonic wave filter for dust reduction.
  • It allows users to capture 4K videos.
  • The dual image stabilization technology enhances the quality of images like never before.


  • One needs to invest separately for bigger lenses.

15. Canon PowerShot G9

Canon PowerShot G9

Canon is recognized as one of the best manufacturers in the world of photography and their entry-level compact point and shoot cameras offer the highest convenience with simple operation and stunning details. If you hate manual adjustments in DSLRs, PowerShot G9 X Mark II Compact Digital Camera w/ 1 Inch Sensor and 3inch LCD – Wi-Fi, NFC from Canon will be a perfect choice for you.

The slim compact camera from Canon features 1.0 inch, 20.1 Megapixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor that allows users to point and shoot the subject. Many travelers hate to carry bulky DSLRs and if you are searching for the best travel camera for your upcoming adventure, this pocket-size beast will help you get stunning shots without putting much effort.

There are four different shooting styles and users can choose the required mode to get the desired colour tone and detailing. The auto mode automatically adjusts the settings and you need to press the shutter to capture the photos. Other modes include fine details that deliver detailed photographs, monochrome for capturing stunning black and white photographs and portrait mode to capture brilliant frames of your near and dear ones.


  • The model is ideal for traveling and one can use it for continuous shooting.
  • It has four different modes to provide the desired shooting style.
  • The model comes with a 3x optical zoom.


  • The package doesn’t include a memory card.

16. Inclake


Are you thinking to install a reverse camera in your van? New Rear View Camera Ultra HD 12 LED Night Vision, Waterproof Reverse Camera from Inclake is designed to avoid obstacles while reversing cars and it will give you highest convenience while driving.

The rearview camera will provide crystal clear images at 680p so that one can see the road condition and obstacles easily. There are 12 super bright LED lights that give you optimum night vision and sharp images and one doesn’t need to turn on the lights because the sensor will turn the lights whenever you activate the reverse gear.

The rearview camera gives you a vertical 140-degree view and users can adjust the camera to the desired location from time to time. The camera is fully waterproof and users won’t have to worry about using it in extreme weather conditions. The camera can be installed in different positions according to your needs.

For example, one can install the camera on the number plate, on the front side or back side depending on the requirements. The camera will be a good choice for various vehicles including van, SUV, RV, jeeps and most 12v-24v vehicles. In case you are concerned about safety while traveling, investing in this camera will be a great decision.


  • The camera can be installed in different positions depending on the requirements.
  • It is fully waterproof and it will work in extreme weather conditions.
  • It has night vision feature.


  • The camera doesn’t have any zooming feature.

17. AbergBest


Photography is an art and some people try to take it to a new height with stunning shots from everyday lives. In case your kids have a soft corner for photography and you are thinking to surprise them on their special day with a compact digital camera, then this camera will be a great choice.

The camera can capture extraordinary HD photographs with this model and the slim design makes it easy to carry all the time. Whether you love capturing videos or high-quality photographs, this camera will help you to become more creative with various options.

The package will include a digital camera, 550mAh rechargeable battery, camera pouch, CD disk, user manual, hang rope, mini 5 pin USB cable and adaptor. The point and shoot camera is available in four different colours and it comes under an affordable price tag that makes it highly affordable for all. Users have shared great reviews after using 21 Mega Pixels 2.7″ LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera from AbergBest and if you are about to invest in the best compact cameras for travel you should not miss the deal.


  • Ideal for users who look out for slim and lightweight compact cameras for continuous shooting.
  • The camera has an affordable price tag, which makes it highly affordable for all.
  • The camera comprises various features like face detection, smile capture, anti-shake, continue shot, 8x digital zoom and self-timer.


  • The point and shoot camera is available only in four different colours.

18. Aurho


Vlogging has become very popular in 2020 and if you are wondering about the best camera for making vlogs is, new Vlogging Camera 24MP Ultra HD 2.7K WiFi with 3.0 inch LCD Retractable Flashlight 180 Degree Rotation Flip Screen Camera from Aurho should not be missed. The camera has 24 MP image sensor resolutions and it supports 2.7K full HD videos.

The camera comes with remote view and users can simply control it with a smartphone, which will give you highest convenience while shooting for vlogs. Manufacturers have prioritized the requirement of new-age users and the camera is built-in with WiFi feature allowing users to share or edit the video instantly.

The flip screen feature is not available in every compact camera and it comprises the flip screen feature that allows flipping the screen 180 degrees so that it’s easier to record vlogs and videos.

The point and shoot camera come with advanced features like face detection, anti-shake, continuous shot, smile capture, 4X digital zoom and self-timer for unique user experience.

The package includes 2pack 3.7V 800mAh lithium ION rechargeable batteries that ensure uninterrupted shooting experience up to 120 minutes. The camera will a perfect gift for your near and dear ones and it has got excellent reviews from the users.


  • The compact vlogging camera offers advanced features like face detection, anti-shake, continuous shot, smile capture, 4X digital zoom. Users can flip the screen according to need.


  • It is not possible to capture 4K videos on this device.

19. Ricoh GR III

Ricoh GR III

A photograph is a key to relive past moments and new 24mp Digital Compact Camera with 28mm f 2.8 Lens with Touch Screen LCD, GR III comes with 24 MP CMOS Sensor and accelerator that gives you stunningly beautiful photographs. The camera comes with 3 Axis; 4 Stop Shake Reduction technology ensuring excellent colour tone in low light.

New GR III produces exceptional optical performance with unique shake reduction mechanism and users can capture with 14-bit RAW image recording to achieve the highest detail. The model also features improved light sensitivity and an ISO range up to 102400.

The model from GR series comes with a 3-inch high definition LCD screen that provides intuitive control on several functions like image magnification, AF frameshift, menu selection and others. Built quality has always been a major concern for the buyers and the GR III features excellent built quality along with a compact design that makes it highly functional for everyone.


  • The model features a hybrid AF system to ensure fast autofocusing for a smooth shooting experience.
  • It supports recording HD movies at 1920x1080p at 60 fps.
  • It has built-in stabilization.


  • It is not possible to record 4K videos with this camera.

20. Welcam


Vlogging cameras with a flip screen have become highly popular in the age of YouTube. If you are a Vlogger and you are looking for an affordable camera for making high quality vlogs, then this YouTube Vlogging Camera HD 1080P 24MP Video Camcorder 16X Digital Zoom with Wide Angle Lens by Welcam is a great option for you.

There are only a few options available if you are looking for a wide-angle lens and this camera gives you 118-degree viewing angle for a unique shooting experience.

You can connect this camera with your smartphones as well for easy operation. The camera can be used as webcam and it supports picture video mode and the hot shoe interface makes it more efficient compared to other vlogging cameras.

Buyers will get two 1500mAh 3.7V rechargeable batteries and it will ensure uninterrupted shooting no matter wherever you are. The camera supports charging while recording and this is a unique feature that can be availed in a few models. It has built-in flashlights and one doesn’t have to be worried if they have to shoot in low light.

Manufacturers have comprised many advanced features like smile capture, face detection, loop recording, beauty face, continuous shooting, pause function, date stamp, image stabilization, HD output and auto power-off and vloggers shouldn’t miss such a deal.


  • The camera comes with a wide-angle lens to give views unique viewing experience. It has 16x digital zoom and it allows capturing 1920x1080p videos at 30fps. The package includes two 1500mAh 3.7V rechargeable batteries.


  • The camera won’t be a suitable option if you are looking for a super optical zoom.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A Travel Camera

Buying a camera is not an easy task especially for first-time buyers. Digital cameras come with plenty of features and you should have some knowledge about them. If you are a first-time buyer, there is a huge chance to make mistakes in your purchase and it can cost you heavily. Here are some of the common mistakes usually people make when buying the best compact camera for travel.

1. Focusing On Pixel Only

You cannot choose a camera based on a single specification. Buyers pay extra attention to the pixel count ignoring other features. Though megapixel is one of the key features of a camera picking a camera with the highest megapixel will not be a smart move.

Relying only on high megapixel is not the best way to choose a camera. The sensor is one of the key components of a camera and you need to look at it first. If the sensor is larger, you can expect it to capture more light for processing.

2. Forgetting The Purpose

If you are planning to buy a camera, you should have a clear goal in mind. The features of the camera should match your lifestyle. If you are planning to buy the best camera for travel photos, you must go for a compact point and shoot device.

Travel cameras are comparatively smaller than the high-end camera. They are lightweight and user-friendly and you can take them anywhere. If you are interested in professional photography, prefer cameras with interchangeable lens.

3. Overwhelmed By Deals And Promotions

We all want to save some money on our purchase and we tend to apply the same thing when buying a new camera. Deals and promotions are good things, as they can help you to save a lot on your purchase but ignoring or compromising with the important factors like brand, models, and the feature will not be a smart job.

Attractive deals and promotions can distract your mind any time and you should not compromise with anything for them. Stick to your budget, purpose, expected brand and features when shopping around.

4. Believing High-End Cameras Can Capture Great Photos

If you are an armature or novice photographer you should not only rely on the high-end features of a camera. An expensive camera is not enough to take great photos, as skill and sense remain one of the most essential factors to take care of.

Remember, a high-end camera is not everything you need to become a good photographer. If you are a beginner, come with a handy and compact camera.

5. Buying A Camera Without Research

This one of the key mistakes people make when buying the best camera for travel photography. You should not pick a camera by its outer look, the size or an attractive price tag. It is better to visit more than one online or physical shop and collect more information about the device. Simple market research will help you to get the best product at the best-in-the-industry price.

FAQs on Travel Cameras

1. Can I Capture Professional-Quality Videos On Compact Cameras?

Yes, one can capture professional-quality videos on compact digital cameras. Nowadays cameras come along with many advanced features that produce an excellent colour tone and quality. Some cameras also allows you to do the post photography editing for better results.

2. Which Camera Lens Is Best To Get Excellent Bokeh Effect?

Bokeh effect can instantly make the picture much more captivating by blurring the background and sharpening the subjects that are in foreground. You need special lens to create the Bokeh effect and the two best lens to create most beautiful bokeh effect are:

  • Sigma 35 mm f/1,4 DG HSM ART lens for Bokeh Effect
  • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105 MM F 1.4 ED lens for Bokeh Effect

3. What Is The Importance Of Image Stabilization?

Image stabilization is one of the most important features of the best travel cameras. The feature will keep your camera stable when you are moving. When you will be taking a picture in the zooming mode, a simple movement can blur the entire picture. The image stabilization feature will adjust the vibration and help the camera to deliver quality images.

4. Why Should I Look At Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed is one of the key factors to look for when buying a camera for travel. The amount of time the shutter takes to transport light to the sensor determines the Shutter speed. It may take a fraction of seconds but the time often varies from one model to another. Shutter speed is responsible for two things, one it helps in changing the brightness of your picture and two it creates dramatic effects that will make your picture look unique. It can create these effects either by blurring motion or freezing action.

5. What Kind Of Accessories Do I Need For My Travel Camera?

The types of camera accessories often vary from one model to another. Compact point and shoot cameras do not need too many accessories. However, some basis accessories for travel cameras are a memory card, rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, universal adaptor, camera case, tripods, screen protectors, camera bag, cleaners, filters, flash accessories, lens and its accessories, battery grip, viewfinder extenders, shutter release cables, remote control, docking stations, and many more accessories can be included. Requirement of accessories will depend on your photography, location, time of photography and your camera.

By Best Point And Shoot Camera For Travel Photography And Let The World Know Your Talent

Purchasing the best travel camera can be a challenging task for both first timers as well as professionals who daily operate camera because of every day changing technologies and launch of new models. With this guide we have tried to make your camera shopping easy.

You can either select the camera from our shortlisted ones that have been hand-picked by our experts and made a place in this list only after hours of usage. If you don’t find your preferable camera here, you can look at the features and factors that are essential for buying camera and then compare the cameras in the market and get the one that suits you the most.

Once you have the perfect camera your photography will definitely catch everyone’s eyes. So, take help of this guide and buy your camera today.

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