Best Travel Pants 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Columbia Cargo 2. Cherokee Infinity 3. Amazon Essentials
Columbia Cargo Best Travel Pants Cherokee Infinity CK110A Amazon Essentials

Travelling is the most joyous and fun-filled moments with the near ones. Only a comfortable stay and an exotic place are not enough, you’d need the right type of clothing too. Today, they make elegant travel pants that go really with your mood and scenario.

The situation turns horrible and stressful when the waistband dig into your skin and fabric undergoes wrinkling. It ruins not only the overall looks but also ends up the comfortable feel.

Whether it is the versatility, comfort factor or the fabric, you can find such traits in the best travel pants. However, when you are choosing the best fabric or design, you need to be highly alert and active. Invest in such pants that genuinely benefit you.


What Is A Travel Pant?

Are you planning for the next adventurous trips? Are you done with the final booking of flights and accommodation? If yes, the next question that troubles your mind is which pants should you take for this trip, isn’t it?

At such a point, we often get advice to invest in the travel pants? Why not pack the jeans and chinos? Or, what makes the travel pants far better than the former ones? They only design the travel pants to provide optimum comfort while travelling.

One of the common issues that we face with the chinos, trousers or jeans is that it gets wrinkles after a long hour of travelling. It looks horrible.

Whether it is leisure travelling or a formal business trip, one loves to wear casual track pants while travelling.

We often avoid incurring an extra amount on travel clothing. However, the comfort level is optimum and you feel energetic with each move. Here are the reasons why you should prefer the best pants for travel.

  • The travel pants are made from synthetic fabric like rayon, nylon and polyester. These are quite lighter as compared to the cotton. The moisture absorbent feature is far better.
  • These pants feature quick drying. Hence, and just hand it up to dry overnight.
  • The fabric used for making the travel pants are far durable than the normal apparel that we wear in daily life. Major brands that specialise in such apparels provide lifetime warranty of the product.
  • Depending upon the price, the type and functionality of the travel clothing differs.The cost of a premium quality fabric is high as compared to the normal ones. Hence, it entirely depends on you which type you prefer the most.
  • Today, stylish designs are available that you can wear throughout the trip. It would provide you with the perfect tourist looks.

Differences Between The Chinos, Jeans And Travel Pants

1. Jeans

Denim or jeans are the most versatile dress for a Western style statement. You may use them easily depending upon the situational demand. As compared to the travel pants, denim fabric is quite thicker, wherein breathability can be a serious problem.

Even the size factor of the loose pants and the jeans also differs. The size depends upon the fitting type and brand (which has its unique size chart). The stretch fabric used in jeans is less than the travel pants. Therefore one prefers the best travel pants for long flights.

2. Chinos

We also know Chinos as the pants worn for office settings. With the military origin, its comfort and versatility differ a lot. Chinos are highly comfortable and are the best option if you dwell in the town.

The stretch factor is almost negligible for which it is not a great option if you are travelling or hiking. Well, pack these sets if you love to visit the club, as it provides a formal style to your outfit.

3. Hiking Pants

These are designed to enhance performance. Hiking pants are moisture-resistant, durable, light and breathable. However, this may not be the ideal one to wear on formal occasions.

Such travel pants feature a fleece lining along with the added features to maximize the comfort level on wearing the pants. They make the travel pants wrinkle-resistant for a long time.

Guide To Buying The Best Travel Pants

So, are you planning to invest in the best travel pants? But are you aware of the essential factors that will help you invest in the right product? In this write-up, there are certain things that should be considered to ensure efficient purchasing.

Check out these tips before you move ahead to buy the travel pants.

1. Purpose Of Travelling

Travelling differs with the places, purpose, and goal that you will obtain. It is important to invest in the right pant that genuinely fulfills the purpose of travelling. Here are certain situations that you may face.

  • Urban travelling – For urban travelling, you need to have the security pocket to safeguard general accessories like wallet and mobile and essential documents. The fabric material should be breathable, and light and stretch factor is not the sole requirement.
  • Tropical – We can turn the versatile tropical travel pants can into the shorts in the warm weather. These have the UPF protection to protect your skin from the direct sun’s rays. If you are travelling near the equatorial region, moisture-wicking and UPF protection are the essential requirements.
  • Casual – For casual reasons, we can fit slim fit trousers with comfy tees. Slim fit options have chinos and wrinkle-resistant pants that make the presentation impressive.
  • Cold weather – The pants for cold weather are the ideal options for adventure. The inner fabric provides warmth to the body. One of the critical features of the fabric of cold weather pants is a quick-drying and zippered pocket to safeguard the components from falling into the snow.

2. Pant Fitting

The right fitting of the pant is very important. It would lift your overall looks. Fitting issues would not only give you a distorting look but would also impact your complete outfit. The fitting of the pant is of three types. Look at it below.

  • Regular or casual – This travel pant has a wider fitting from the seat of the pants and below the knee. This is the classic fit ideal to wear in the outer or urban environment.
  • Relaxed or athletic – A sports person prefers to wear a relaxed travel pants. The movement is seamless and highly comfortable.
  • Slim or tailored fitting – From the knee, it tapers material towards the ankle. This tapered or slim-fitting provides a classy presentable touch to the best pants for travel. Today, these pants have a more modern cutting that looks amazing.

3. UVA Or UVB Protection

One of the vital factors that a travel freak should consider is UPF protection. It acts as the quality rash guard and ensures efficient protection from the scorching summer heat. If you have planned to travel to the equatorial regions, UPF protection lining is the mandatory aspect to consider.

Prefer those pants which have undergone sun protection treatment. They can be paired with the linen pant, which is light. These pants are not only comfortable to wear, but it also makes your travelling easy going.

4. Quick-Drying

If you love trail hiking, quick-drying is the essential feature to consider. While performing trekking, hiking, mountaineering or other adventurous activities, the sweat marks around the knees and crotch are visible. This is because of the fabric lacks quick-drying features.

If the fabric has a better composition of the spandex and polyester, the sweat marks disappear quickly. The total time for drying typically depends upon the technique of treatment and the blending material used for quick-drying.

5. Moisture Wicking

We often confuse water resistance or quick-drying with moisture wicking. Moisture-wicking is driving or absorbing the water from the skin. It prevents chafing or rashes, which occur while walking.

During a trip, movement is prominent, which leads to more sweat release. When travel pants get soaked up with sweat, it prevents unnecessary rashes and infections.

Hence, when you are buying the best travel pants, make sure they treat it with moisture-wicking technology.

6. Hidden Or Security Pockets

During the entire travelling time, focus on the security of your essential components like money, wallet, mobile phones and alike.

In the travel pants, there is a zippered pocket inside the waistband. This is the perfect place to secure your passport and cash.

Modern travel pants have an extra pouch in the interior lining of the side or back pockets.

These are the secret pockets that are not visible from outside. This is the best spot to safeguard your essential stuff while travelling. It assures you and you can enjoy well without constantly focusing on the secured items.

7. Waterproofing

They treat these pants with water repellent technology to enhance one’s performance during rainstorms.

However, this feature loses its authenticity after some lapse of time. This is a great option if you are on multi-day camping. The water-resistant travel pants are less stretchable or breathable.

8. Odour Control And Convertibility

Odour control, typically, relates to those pants with better breathable technology. When the breathability of the pants is ideal, it will limit or discourage bacterial growth.

Less bacterial penetration, protects your skin from any kinds of infections is less. These pants use natural fibres as it does not harm the skin at all.

Convertible travel pants have zippers around the leg. This is an ideal option if you travel to such places that witness temperature variation quickly.

When you travel during the spring or fall or climb up and down the mountain, you can witness the change in temperature at a particular distance.

9. Price Factor

The price of the best travel pants for long flights depends upon the quality features it possesses. If it contains all the important factors like moisture-wicking, quick-drying, UPF protection technology, stretch and elastic fabric, the cost would surely go high.

The brand you are choosing also determines the price factor. Whatever be the price, you should be sure about your budget and the comfort factor you are looking for.

Sometimes, affordable and cheaper pants also provide optimum comfort,that the premium-prized pants cannot provide.

The selection of the right travel pants depends entirely upon the activity you will perform on your trip.

The climate you would face at a particular place is the most essential factor. Wearing the right outfit as per the occasion is very important. Your outfit speaks a lot about your personality and adds a sparkling touch to it.

One common misconception is in our mind is that we cannot wear the travel pants in the home or during leisure activities. However, this is not true.

The cloth that we choose genuinely impacts our comfort factor. Wearing the same loose pant in the formal events might look unprofessional.

Joggers, loose pants, stretch pants are common examples of the best pants for travel. Wearing jeans during the trekking will drastically impact the joyous and fun-filled experience.

Wearing a travel pant in the formal event ruin your personality. Whatever be the occasion, choosing the right outfit is very important.

The colour you choose should be versatile. The classic colour option is khaki, black, olive and navy. Too light colour can be quite strenuous to maintain. Hence, check these factors appropriately.

Top 10 Best Travel Pants 2022

1. Columbia Cargo

Columbia Cargo Best Travel PantsWith the outline of classic cargo design, this is the comfortable and lightweight pant. This type is highly amazing to wear during travelling, fishing, or performing other outdoor activities.

They design the silver ridge pant by Columbia to provide ultimate comfort that keeps you active throughout the outer activities.

They make the pant from the famous Omni-shade UPF 50 fabric of Columbia to provide efficient protection from the sun.

With the use of Omni-Wick technology, it keeps you dry and cool while pulling the moisture. They compose it of one zip-enclosed pocket for security, side pockets and the mesh pocket bags for maximum convenience.


  • The silver ridge cargo pant has a classic straight fit.
  • Moisture management technology has made it highly preferred and the best travel pants.
  • Its adjustable waistband ensures versatility and flexibility in leg movement.


  • The capacity of the pocket is less.

2. Cherokee Infinity CK110A

Cherokee Infinity CK110AThe fabric of the CK110A mid-rise tapered leg joggers pant is 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

These women’s pant has a contemporary fit composed of front angled zipper pockets, a cargo pocket with the reflective tape, and two back patch pockets.

To provide a perfect jogger fitting with an adjustable length, it has waistband and leg bands have rib-knit elastic.

Healthcare professionals highly recommend the combination of super stretchy rib knitting and a comforting stretch of poplin fabric.

This scrub pant is recommended by trusted Amazon users. Its effective pricing and better quality make it the best pants for travel.


  • To obtain a perfect skinny look, Cherokee Infinity’s CK110A women’s joggers are the best one. Elastane fabric gives not only a comfortable fit but also enhances your styling statement.


  • The size is a bit concerning point. To get a perfect size, check the size chart.

3. Amazon Essentials Straight Fit 

Amazon EssentialsThis classic chino pant is the feature straight fitting to ensure a relaxing vibe. Whether it is the work or weekend, it is the comfortable pant to wear.

It is the part of Amazon Essentials that focus on high-quality and affordable clothing for everyday wear.

It has a zip fly with button closure. The decorative back welt pockets and off-seam side pockets are just amazing.

It gives utmost attention to the detailing and quality of the fabric. After considering thousands of genuine customer’s feedback, this is the best-selling product of Amazon Brand that makes your work and leisure activities ultra comforting.


  • The fabric has 97% cotton and 3% elastane for a comfortable touch.
  • The fitting is perfect to provide a formal touch to your outfit. Wear it with the casual tees, and you are ready for the weekend party.


  • The material may fray if we do not take.

4. Unionbay Rainier

UnionbayThe construction of the rainier travel pants features a slim silhouette with the fabric mix of nylon and spandex.

It has a water repellent finish with UPF 50, which makes it the perfect travel pant for almost all occasions. It has a chino fit that makes the leg movement easy.

If you are looking for the quality travel pants between 20 to 70 dollars, this is the best product you should invest in.

The stretch fabric allows quick drying and is the great travel pant. The zippered pockets keep the accessories safe while you are trekking or hiking.


  • Its water repellent features easily remove the water droplets.
  • It provides a comfortable professional look for the office. Well, you can efficiently perform outdoor activities without feeling distressed.


  • The stretch factor is less stressful for performing adventurous treks.

5. Amazon Essentials Charcoal Heather

Amazon EssentialsThey perfectly make these classic fit joggers from three components, viscose which are 57%, 5% elastane and 38% cotton.

Depending upon 80% customers’ review, this product available under 20 dollars. The authentic jogger pant by Amazon Essentials is sure to provide you with the classic look without missing a beat.

It has patch pockets with an elastic waistband and an adjustable drawstring. The reason behind the successful popularity is that they genuinely focus on the customer’s feedback and keen attention to detail.

You will surely appreciate the quality fitting and comfort factor of studio terry jogger pant.


  • The fabric is super comfy and one will love to wear it all the time. Patch pockets enhance its looks and it is easy to maintain, with the simple machine wash.


  • The cotton content leads to shrinkage after a few washes.

6. Clothin Quick Dry

ClothinThis highly comfortable travel pant by ‘CLOTHIN’ has a blended fabric of 4% spandex and 96% polyester. This perfect combination makes it light and breathable.

Its moisture-wicking and quick-dry feature makes it the best travel pants for long flights. Its 4-way stretch allows freedom of movement in outer activities.

The complete elastic waistband and the drawstring promises ultimate, comfortable, and secure fit.

The versatile straight leg design makes it the best option for a workout, travel, exercise, hiking and camping. The super elastic feature allows you to do anything and go anywhere without compromising the comfort factor.


  • Elastic waistband with the drawstring prevents embarrassed slipping. The rich fabric makes it wrinkle-resistant and easily breathable keeping you cool throughout the day.


  • The zipper pocket might wear down.

7. CRZ Yoga Sweatpants

CRZ Yoga SweatpantsThis ankle-resistant casual pant fit perfectly above your ankle. Whether you are running an errand, working in an office or is about to travel to some exotic places, the fabric composition provides optimum comfort.

It features either 70% polyamide and 30% spandex or 75% polyamide and 25% spandex. The super stretch factor provides a cosy feel while dressing.

This is the mid-rise pant composed of a drawstring and elastic waist for efficient coverage.

The side pockets of the CRZ travel sweatpants are deep enough to hold your hands perfectly. This is the versatile pant and tried for work, travel, lounge or any such activities.


  • The fabric makes the pant lightweight, but it is not thin. The perfect fit helps you perform the yoga and exercises efficiently.


  • After one or two washes the material starts piling and fraying.

8. 32 Degrees Medium Black

32 DegreesThe welt pockets at the back and the side pockets make it ideal for the busy travelling day. The elastic waistband lifts the comfort level. It has a 4-way stretch factor that allows flawless movement of legs without feeling restricted.

It features pull-on silhouette trouser available at an affordable range. Many reviews allowed these ladie’s soft comfort pant by 32 Degrees is worth buying at an affordable rate of 12 dollars to 40 dollars. The sharp and sleek looks attract one’s attention.


  • The lightweight fabric allows you to walk easily without feeling hassled.
  • They prefer simple machine wash to prevent it from piling. The stretchable waistband allows ensures efficient fitting.


  • Price factor should be considered as per the size of the comfort pants.

9. Trailside Supply Co. Elastic Waist

Trailside Supply Co.In the shell area, they compose the material of 13% spandex and 87% nylon, while they make the mesh area from 88% polyester and 12% spandex. It is a slim fit pant with drawstring closure for optimum support and convenience.

For improved outdoor performance, it features a 4-way stretch. Along with the elastic waist, drawstring makes the fitting secure.

It features back pockets and zippered hand that conveniently secures the essentials you store in the pocket.

This is the ideal pant to wear if you prefer hiking, cycling, driving, hunting, mountaineering, travelling, lounging, or camping. These are not only comfortable to wear but also look great when worn with any combination.


  • The fabric blend of polyester and spandex makes it soft and breathable.
  • The design is sleek and spices up your style statement optimally. It has a moisture absorbent feature that keeps the sweat away from your skin.


  • They suggest efficient washing to avoid any frailing.

10. Camel Breathable Sweatpants

CamelAmong the major feedback and suggestions by the trusted customers, this is the best hiking pants for men. They make it from elastic nylon fabric which is smoother to touch, absorbing the moisture easily during summer. The soft fabric makes it breathable and light. The elastic waist design with drawstring provides comfortable wear along with extra support.

The utility pockets zippered to store your wallets, money, and phone safely. It has a special knee design that ensures easy bending of knees. The movement is flawless just because the design is sleek. The solid colour makes it the perfect apparel for both formal and informal scenarios.


  • It features a straight leg design that ensures convenient fitting. The stretch fabric makes it the best travel pants. Whether you are going to the party or any outing, match it up with authentic tees or casual shirts.


  • Nylon fabric is warm to wear during summers.


1. What Are Travel Pants?

Travel pants designed only to fulfil specific demands and requisites of travelling. To ensure extra comfort, it makes the waistband of elastic featuring nylon or rayon fabric. They possess water-resistant features to ensure quick dry.

The main aspect of the best travel pants is to enhance its utility rather than making it too stylish.

2. Is It Ideal To Wear Travel Pants For A Long Flight?

If you travel long route and have to face a long flight journey, none other than the travel pants is the best option for you.

The best travel pants for long flights feature nylon waistband, soft fabric and zippered pockets to provide extra comfort and relaxation.

Comfort is an essential factor for travelling long routes. Travel pants today are available in sleek and decent designs that are not only comfortable but also look stylish.

3. What Is The Size Chart For Particular Travel Pants?

The size chart of the travel pants differs from brand to brand and fabric to fabric. When you place an online order, check the size chart despite you are clear about your measurements. Some brands consider M as 30 waist size while some consider 32 as the medium size.

Be sure of the measurements and then choose the size appropriately.

4. Do The Travel Pants Have Pockets?

Travel pants have pockets which are essential to safeguard your accessories. Nowadays, to enhance the security, zippered pockets and a secret pouch appear in the interior lining of the pants. It prevents the sudden falling of the mobiles and wallets during trekking.

5. Are The Travel Pants Multi-purpose?

If the pants are multipurpose, your entire packaging content would minimise. Choose such travel pants that can go with any shirts, tees during travelling.

Consider your budget before you invest in any brand. Irrespective of heavy investment, you cannot obtain that ultimate comfort that you are looking for. Consider the pros and cons of the particular fitting and, go through the reviews.

Seek expert’s suggestions to know which type of pant is right for you. For optimum enjoyment, the dress you are choosing plays an authentic role. Travelling is a fun-filled opportunity where you relax completely. At such a point, an improper dressing should not discomfort you.

Today, many online brands are available that provide exclusive options for the best travel pants. Check out the best deal and invest in the best and comfortable apparel. Make sure it suits your style statement.

Uplift Your Style Statement With The Best Travel Pants

Choosing the right travel clothing is very important if you want to enjoy every bit of a trip. It is important to know your comfort level.

They make each travel clothes of different materials providing different comfort factors. Hence, check the properties of the fabric and the product description before buying.

Go through the pros and cons of different materials and how they would impact your body at a particular location. Polyester-based travel pants might be uncomfortable to carry in the equatorial region.

Whether it is professional travelling, a family trip or a romantic trip, you will enjoy it with the right pair of clothes. Ladies should be extra careful while purchasing travel pants. It should be comfortable and stylish.

Make yourself picture-perfect with the right set of casual pants and tees and cherish every moment of the trip without compromising your comfort factor.

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