Best Travel Pillows 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Bcozzy 2. MLVOC 3. TRTL
Bcozzy Best Travel Pillow MLVOC TRTL

Traveling from an airplane always brings joy to the passengers. It may cost you money, but you reach the destination much quicker. Sometimes, however, the journey consists of hours, especially when you travel abroad. You can face some common difficulties during your travel. Only proper support to the sensitive joints of your body will comfort you during your tour.

People can use different types of products, such as travel shoes, accessories, duffel bags, and travel pillows. We know that such neck pillows may not look eye-popping, but if you want to keep your neck and head safe from acute pain, then you must rely on the best travel pillow.


Long journeys can cause acute neck pain and muscle cramps during your flight, and it is hard to stretch properly while traveling. In this regard, you must choose the best travel pillow to provide proper comfort for your neck and head. Along with that, such pillows can help you to get a comfortable sleep during your travel, and you can also use them for camping.

People can also use such pillows in their homes and offices. Watching TV or working at a desk for an extended time can create stress on your neck and head, and you can get relief from such problems by using a travel neck pillow.

Factors To Look For When You Buy The Best Travel Pillow

Choose the best travel pillow is a daunting task because there are unlimited brands available in the niche. It is not a wise decision to buy a travel pillow from the airport because most of them are cheap in quality. You can suddenly choose a better one if you are lucky enough. However, to select the best travel pillow, you need to consider their comfort level, materials, affordability, style, durability, brand, and size. Along with that, they must be easy to clean because you should not use the same pillow for your frequent flights. The following section will make you aware of some factors you can consider while you buy a travel pillow:

1. Comfort

Three different types of travel pillows available in the market: inflatable pillows, microbead pillows, and memory foam pillows. Inflatable travel pillows are the most traditional ones which can be blown with mouth or with a pump. They are less comfortable and challenging to use.

On the other part, microbead pillows are designed with different layers of microbeads, and they are covered by soft cloth. However, there is no memory foam, and such soft clothes are very slippery and uncomfortable. Today, you can find the best travel pillow for long haul flights online, which are made by memory foams, and they are very comfortable than the other two options.

They are washable, and most of them are available with a velvet cover. Such memory foams travel pillows can provide proper support to your neck and head, and a few products available that can support the chin also.

2. Affordability

Various types of travel pillows are available with separate price tags. But the best travel pillows are not available at a low price. You have a little price to pay to get optimum benefits. At least 20 to 50 USD for the best quality pillow. The cost of these travel pillows can vary according to their features and brands..

3. Brands

Several brands are available at airports and online portals. Even, some of these brands have different types of travel pillows, and one can buy such pillows under different names and costs. Only a few brands are consistently performing the best in this niche, such as Cabeau, Mc Gear, Travel Blue, Bcozzy, and Turtl.

4. Materials

When you choose a travel pillow, you need to consider two things: softness and allergen-free. People who are suffering from allergy or asthma must select the travel pillows made with allergen-free materials. In this case, you can choose the best travel pillows which are made of memory foam because they are soft and do not any bacteria accumulate on them.

5. For Children

You may need to buy a travel pillow for your children, and you can customize the same for your kids. It is quite impossible to find a travel pillow according to your kid’s age. In this case, you can count on reputed brands who can help you out from this tight spot.

6. Shape

Based on the purposes, you need to decide the form of travel pillows. There are few travel pillows available termed as flight pillows. Else, you can also choose multi-purpose travel pillows which can be used in train and personal car. Travel pillows designed with rectangular shape can provide one side leaning support, but you must prefer the best pillows that come with chin support. Apart from that, there are few options available that come with an extra elevation of neck support, and you can feel comfortable by using these travel pillows.

7. Washable

Inflatable travel pillows are washable, but they will lose the shine and luster after few washes. You cannot wash the microbead pillows; you can only wipe it with a wet cloth. However, if you want to maintain your hygiene, then you must go for the best travel neck pillows made by memory foams because they are washable, and you can also clean the inner materials of these pillows by a sponge.

8. Ergonomics

Ergonomically designed pillows consist of memory foam, and you would not try any other travel pillow once you have used it.

9. Portability

Memory form pillows have come with portable bags, and you can easily hoot them on your travel bag. Apart from that, you can choose inflatable pillows if you have small space in your backpack. But you cannot fold microbead pillows, and you need to pack them in a compact travel case. So you must choose the best travel pillows which are easy to carry, and it is better to go for the memory form pillows in this regard.

10. Durability

The most common issue of the travel pillows is their stitches because they get torn away after a specified timeframe. You need to choose some branded pillows which offer lifetime replacement guarantee and durable so that you do not need to change your pillow frequently.

11. Extra Facilities

Some brands offer few add-ons such as carry bags with their products. You can easily pack your travel pillow inside the carry bag. Also, you can find a separate zipper on the bag to carry your phone. Apart from that, you can find few travel pillows online which come with a sleeping mask and a pair of earplugs and easy return policy. So, you can choose the best travel pillow after considering these things.

The bottom line is that the best travel pillows can provide the utmost comfort during your travel, and you must choose the best one for availing of utmost comforts. The size, shape, and style of a travel pillow are the primary concern because you can feel the pain on your neck by choosing an improper one. Similarly, durability and lifetime warranty of such pillows can save your cost. Thus, you must select the best travel pillow.

Top 10 Best Travel Pillows 2022

1. Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Bcozzy Best Travel Pillow

Nothing can provide better support to your neck, head, and chin than BCOZZY chin supporting travel pillow. Many buyers have hailed it as one of the best travel pillows available in the market, and you can use it for various purposes. You can twist this travel pillow to adjust its position according to your neck length, and the flat back of the BCOZZY pillow does not harm your hard. So you can hold your head in the right position and sleep without any pain during your long flight.

You can elevate one side of this pillow because this travel pillow can be customized according to your comfort level. The attached strap of this pillow allows us to carry it with our luggage bag or backpack, and needless to say, it is lightweight and washable. Available in different sizes and colors, BCOZZY also offers excellent neck support.


  • Most trusted and reliable brand.
  • Available with neck and chin support.
  • Customizable and washable.


  • Challenging to attain head support.

2. MLVOC Breathable Travel Pillow


Now getting rid of your neck pain is easy; you have to buy MLVOC memory form travel pillow because it prevents your head from falling forward and protects your neck during travel. Plus, an adjustable rope lock system allows you to control or adjust the angle and size of this pillow.

The best thing is, this travel pillow is washable and equipped with various facilities like sweat-resistant, covered with a breathable soft magnetic cloth, filled with a premium quality microfiber or microbeads and pillowcase.

MLVOC has earned a name in the market, and the product like this proves it by having more than three thousand positive reviews on Amazon. Effortlessly it bagged the title of one of the best travel pillows that can provide proper neck and head support, and you can use it for various purposes. For example, you can use this pillow in your home while you are watching your favorite TV series.


  • Proper neck and head support.
  • It is light and available in standard size (11×9. 2×5. 9 inches).
  • Portable and comes with a travel bag.


  • Limited color options.

3. TRTL Scientifically Proven Travel Pillow


TRTL pillows are the most popular travel pillows available online, and they can keep your head in a proper position during sleep. This pillow offers you a new resting place for your head and neck so that you can get better cushioning. No surprise it is one of the best travel pillows for long flights available in red, gray, black, and coral color. It is a lightweight pillow that weighs less than half a pound, and you can easily attach this pillow to a handle of your backpack. Like a scarf, you can easily adjust this pillow according to your needs.


  • Lightweight, washable, and available in various colors.
  • Easy to carry and affordable.


  • Not durable.
  • The users cannot move their heads.

4. Everlasting Comfort Memory Travel Pillow

Everlasting Comfort

You can buy this memory foam travel pillow for air travel because it consists of 100% pure memory form, and no adhesive is used while making it. The ergonomic design of this travel pillow can provide the utmost comfort during your travel, and you can find elevated orthopedic supports on both sides of this pillow. The price of this travel pillow is quite low so that anyone can easily afford it.

This travel pillow comes with a travel bag where you can find different sections to store your phone, earbuds, and other accessories. A lifetime replacement guaranty from the company provides a buyer with peace of mind. Thus, it is no surprise this product does not have any negative reviews on Amazon. You can count on it.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Available in five different colors.
  • Affordable.


  • Quite heavy.

5. Phixnozar Memory Travel Pillow


Are you suffering from neck pain during your travel? It might cause you a sleeping disorder, but you can nip this problem in the bud by using Phixnozar Memory Foam Travel Pillow. This curved shape pillow can hold your head and neck in a proper position and prevent neck snores or pains.

You can easily adjust the size and angle of this travel pillow by its adjustable rope lock system. The best thing is you can use it in your office, bus, car, train, and flight. This pillow is designed with soft memory foam, which is washable and sweat resistant. So there is no room for microbial infection.


  • Washable and sweat-resistant.
  • Adjustable angle locking system.
  • It consists of comfortable memory foam.


  • Available in limited colors.

6. Saireider Travel Pillow

Saireider Travel Pillow

Saireider is a well-known name in the travel industry, and its travel neck pillow received enormous popularity on Amazon, making it one of the best travel pillows available online, which comes with a complete package. You can find a travel pillow, eye-mask, ear-plugs, and a storage bag in this package. This travel pillow sports a design of 3-second shape retore technology to retain its shape after being squeezed.

Saireider travel pillow is designed with 100% pure memory foam, and it can provide 360-degree support to your neck. The flat cut of this pillow can hold your head in a proper position and protect your neck from any injury. Along with the flight, you can use it in train, office, and even in your home.


  • Complete package available at a low price.
  • 360-degree support.
  • Washable and made with pure memory foam.


  • Available in limited colors.

7. Bcozzy Set Of 2 Chin Support Travel Pillow

Bcozzy Set Of 2 Chin Support Travel Pillow

BCOZZY has won everyone’s heart and became one of the trusted brands. The company’s travel accessories are hailed as the best products. Now buying a separate travel pillow for you and your partner will not be tricky anyone, and now you can choose the BCOZZY chin supporting travel pillows that are available in a set of two.

These travel pillows are made with pure memory foam to provide the utmost comfort and support to your head and host it in a proper position to prevent falling forward. Plus, you can use them in multiple ways, and do not forget you can washable them anytime. Available in three different sizes, and you can save your cost by buying this set of two.


  • Two travel pillows available at an affordable cost.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Flexible, washable, and durable.


  • It does not have proper head support.

8. Travelrest Ultimate Memory Travel Pillow


Travel last Ultimate Memory Foam travel pillow was voted as one of the best travel pillows in the world in 2018 and 2019. This travel pillow is designed with a particular thermal sensitive memory form that provides proper support to your neck, head, and shoulder.

NASA develops its memory form, and this material can provide maximum support to your body. You can easily carry this travel pillow with your backpack. The most significant benefit you will get is that the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are suffering from chronic neck pain, then you can use it regularly.


  • Easy to carry and made with pure memory foam.
  • Washable and adjustable.
  • People can use it in their flight, train, bus, and home.


  • Available in two colors only.

9. Cabeau Evolution Classic Travel Pillow


Let’s call the world’s best travel pillow designed with high-grade memory foam. It can provide a proper cushion to the vital points of your neck and head. The front clasps of this pillow can provide 360-degree flexibility to your neck. Plus, this travel pillow comes with a washable cover so that you do not need to worry about unwanted smells and microbes during your travel.

You can move your head in any direction during sleep comfortably; you can say goodbye to the acute neck pain that often happens due to a long flight. Cabeau travel pillow proved to be the best one because of its 360-degree support and utmost flexibility, and it can comfort your head in a proper position throughout the travel.


  • It is made with washable memory foam.
  • Free from germs and microbes.
  • Available in various colors.


  • No warranty terms available.

10. Zoylee Shoulder Support Travel Pillow


If you are looking for the best travel pillow for an airplane, then you can choose the ZOYLEE. The best thing is you can adjust the memory foam as it is meant to provide proper supports to your neck, chin, lumber, and leg. The sensitive joints of your body will always be protected because you can adjust the shape and position of this travel pillow as per your comfort.

The luxury memory foam of this travel pillow provides complete relief from your chronic pain, and this is the only travel pillow that comes with a spinal support system. You can call it the best one without a doubt. It is portable, making it easy to pack for any extent of travel. Nothing gets better than having a perfect travel pillow during a long flight.


  • Easy to clean and lightweight.
  • Washable and available in various colors.
  • Versatile and convertible.


  • It cannot provide maximum comfort to your head.

What Is A Travel Pillow?

Do you know who invented such travel pillows? Randall Cohen was the first one who used a travel pillow during his air-travel. Cohen’s family has a business named SNI, one of the largest companies in the world that sells travel comfort products. This company sells more than five million pillows in a year, and most of them are sold under the Clöudz brand.

A travel pillow is a lightweight pillow; it is easy to carry while you travel. People can have a comfortable experience even during the long and tiring journey.

Campers, hikers, and frequent travelers used to carry their travel pillows. The neck pillow gets fit with personal belongings without taking much space. You can find the best travel pillows online, which are small in size and lightweight. They can be compressed and folded.

Airplane pillows are the most common types of travel pillows, and they can use used to provide proper support to the neck and head. Apart from that, you can find different kinds of travel pillows such as astronaut travel pillows, which are designed with adjustable straps, and you can use them in six different ways.

To choose the best type of travel pillows, you need to know every aspect about them. They are available in various shapes such as C or U shapes, and you can choose the best travel pillow according to your needs. Before you select the travel pillows, you need to check their materials, size, and comfort level. It is known that buying a travel pillow from online cannot give you a trial, but you can assume their quality from their features and reviews.

Why Would You Need The Best Travel Pillow?

Harvey Smith, an orthopedic surgeon and associate professor of the University of Pennsylvania, stated that there are no substantial reasons available for using a travel pillow, but they are not necessarily bad. The weight of the human head is approximately ten pounds, and low-quality travel pillows do not provide side-support to prevent lateral movement. In this case, you need to choose the best travel pillows that provide side and front support. Apart from that, you can find a few travel pillows available online that offer chin and shoulder support. Such travel pillows not only provide comfort during your travel, but you can use them regularly if you have chronic neck or back pain. These pillows can help you to move your head, neck, and shoulder in a proper position, and help you to maintain your spinal structure.

With the best quality travel pillows, you not only save your neck, but you can also prevent any head injury. During a long flight, people generally take frequent snaps, and they do not control the movements of their head and neck. As a result, they can feel acute pain in their back and neck area, and to prevent such issues, you can trust on the best travel pillows available online.

FAQs on Travel Pillows

1. Does A Travel Pillow Provide Only Neck Support?

It depends on your choice, and most of them offer neck and head support. However, there are few products available that can be used for shoulder, arms, and legs.

2. Which Material Is Best To Choose For Travel Pillows?

As there are different types of materials available such as memory foam, micro-bead, and cotton, but memory foam is the most popular one. It is washable, allergen-free, and approved by the most trusted scientific agency NASA.

3. Does A Travel Pillow Interfere With Using Noise-Canceling Headphones?

If you lean your head one side, then it can interfere, but you can use earbuds in this regard.

4. Would A Travel Pillow Prevent The Head From Falling Forward?

Yes, travel pillows can prevent your head from falling forward. You can adjust their size, shape, and angle to hold your head in the right position.

5. How Hot Is This Neck Wrap?

If you choose a memory foam travel pillow, then you cannot face this problem because memory foam is ultimately sweat resistant.

6. Does This Pillow Come With A Cover?

There are few branded travel pillows available that come with pillow cover. You can check the add-on features of the products before you buy them.

7. How Would I Decide The Size Of A Travel Pillow?

Most of the travel pillows are available in standard size for adults, and you can customize or adjust their size or shape according to your needs.

Proper Maintenance Of The Travel Pillows

Better hygiene, better health. One cannot deny it. You must choose a washable travel pillow in this regard. You can find plenty of best neck pillows for travel online so that you can wash such pillows regularly. If it is made with memory foam, then you can remove the cover of the travel pillow separately and clean the inner materials with a wet cloth or sponge. Microbead pillows, however, are not washable, you can hardly wipe them with a damp cloth. In this case, you need to replace them with a new one frequently. So choosing a memory foam travel pillow can be a wise option.

You can check the washable features of various travel pillows available online. Make sure you must take proper care of their stitches while you clean them. If you find any issue in your travel pillow, then you can go for the free replacement, if offered by the company.

Use a travel pillow, which is allergen-free, because it can spread the bacteria while you use it for multiple purposes. There are many branded travel pillows available online, and you can also find them in major airports. Always buy the best travel pillow, which is durable, long-lasting, washable, and comfortable.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of every possible factor, you can search for the best travel pillows online and choose the one according to your budget. Make sure you read reviews before you decide, always remember reputed brands never let you down.

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