Best Travel Purses 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Travelling is an essential part of living. No matter what you do or where you live, you will always have the urge to explore the world or at least the neighboring state. This urge for exploring the unknown comes from your tiredness of your routine life and chores.

Breaking free, even for a few days, provides the most needed revitalization you require. Now, unless you are planning to trek through one snowy peak to another, you will need a reliable travel purse.

City hikers, backpackers, every tourist needs to have the best travel purse with them to make their daily traveling easy and simple. While clothes and laptops can be stored in your luggage, travel purse can be used to store things which you can access instantly.


What Is A Travel Purse?

A travel purse comes with specially designed compartments inside and allows you to secure all your valuable items like a credit card, debit card, Identity proof cards, purse, travel pass, tickets, phone and lots more.

Mostly the travel purses are used by females as it comes in stylish designs and catchy colors with a number of compartments and small pockets. Most of the best purses for travel are very lightweight and designed with waterproof materials like nylon.

So the travel purse remains dry even if you have spilled water or you got caught in the rain. Due to this property, your valuable items can be safe from water leakage.

Imagine that you are about to travel by bus, flight or train. If you are asked to show your identity proof, or to cross-verify your tickets, if you possess a travel purse, you can easily fetch the needed items without making unnecessary chaos in a public place.

At present, the travel purses come along with RFID technology, and hence in case you lost or misplaced your travel purse, you can easily identify which is not possible in case of normal handbags or any other bags.

If you have spilled water or any drinks or if you got stuck in heavy rain, normal handbags or bags will destroy all your valuable stuff, but in case of travel purses, it will never happen as it is designed with water-resistant materials

What Are All The Types Of Travel Purses?

According to people’s tastes and styles, the best travel purses come in different styles and patterns. The following are the different types of travel purses available in the market.

1. Agent Bags

This type of travel purses are suitable for people who wish to keep plenty of things inside their bag. These bags are designed very spaciously and have many small compartments inside for easy storage of things.

These bags have both the lengthy straps as well as a small flap at the center for easy carriage. In heavy crowds, you can preferably use the short flap to prevent pickpocket issues.

2. Jostle Bags

These types of bags are mostly used for travel. Most of the ladies use this kind of travel purse as they feel more convenient and have many small pockets and 2 to 3 compartments inside.

They are very handy and easy to carry over, especially during adventure tours. But it has few safety issues like it is not the best option if you walk around in busy places, as the thieves can easily cut down the lengthy strap of the bag without even to your notice.

3. Crossway Bags

These cross bags can be held diagonally across the body, where only one shoulder carries the entire weight.

If you are about to take a walk in a busy street, you can put it diagonally against your body but placing the bag on the front side instead of sideways for safety reasons. These types of bags are the most and widely used best travel purse ever.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Travel Purse

In order to buy a perfect travel purse, you need to consider a few factors which have a high impact on your comfort and usage purpose. Women especially require a travel purse a lot and for varying purposes.

They carry their travel purse everywhere, and they only knew the extent of travel purse usage. Hence while buying the best purse for travel, they should pay special attention to the factors pertaining to it to make it a worthy one.

1. Usage

Depending upon your usage, you need to choose an appropriate bag. Few people might use a travel purse intended only for travel and tours.
So the things you stuff inside the bag will be different. Few people may require a travel bag for daily usage.

So their stuff will be completely different. Before you plan to buy a bag, you need to fix the purpose of the travel purse.

2. Trademark

This is the next factor to be considered while buying the best travel purse. Depending upon the brand’s popularity, the quality of the bag varies.

Even if you spend a lot of money on buying a branded bag, it will come in for the long run and lasts for any type of usage. So it is your choice to select the brand depending upon your usage.

3. Materials

While buying travel bags, make sure to check the materials involved in the making of a travel purse. Depending upon the materials, the quality of the bag differs. Choose a bag that is made up of water-resistant materials for safeguarding your valuable possessions.

4. Dimensions

The size of the bag is the most important factor while buying travel purses. You should be sure of what stuff you will be putting inside your bag, and accordingly, you need to choose the right sized bag.

If you purchase your bags, many online varieties of travel purse with assorted colors and sizes will be pictured to you along with size specifications. You can also purchase it directly from vendors who are selling bags of different sizes.

5. Pricing

This is the most important factor which you need to consider before buying the travel purse. Everyone will have their own estimates on how much they will be able to afford to buy anything.

So before buying the product, it is better to analyze the range of prices and then fix the one which is suitable and economical for you.

6. Various Small Compartments

Generally, every bag has large compartments for keeping books, laptops, files, and so on. But apart from this, you must look for smaller pocket-sized compartments for keeping office-home keys, pen drive, lipsticks, ID cards, etc. It is not advisable to keep all these same stuff in large compartments as they might get lost.

7. Outer Pocket

While buying travel purses, choose a bag that has outer pockets. It will be useful when you want to make a change while traveling on a bus, instead of keeping a purse in hand and searching for the change.

Small things that want to be taken out in a busy morning schedule or any crowded areas can be placed in the outer pockets. But make sure not to place very important stuff in the outer pockets as it might get lost or stolen.

8. Strap Type

This is an important factor to be considered as you need to choose the travel purse that is easy for you to carry. Some people might like to carry a cross bag type travel bag.

Few people like to use lengthy strap types, and few like to use the small carry flap fixed at the top center of the bag. So before buying a travel purse, depending upon your choice of use, you need to select an appropriate bag type.

9. Fashioning Type

If you plan to buy a travel purse, you need to check the stitching quality of the bag. If the stitching is not done properly, the entire bag might get spoiled and will become useless.

10. Color And Appearance

Apart from all the factors, most of the people first give importance to the catchy colors and fashion of the travel bag.

Depending upon the purpose and usage, you need to choose appropriate colors and fashioned bags. For the official purpose, it is great to choose professional colors like brown or tan bags.

11. Laptop

Some of you might frequently travel for a business meeting or any other official meetings. In such scenarios, laptops or palmtops are very mandatory. Few people might not like to carry separate bags for laptops and another travel purse for keeping essential items.

So in such cases, you need to choose the best purse for international travel that can hold your laptop along with all necessary items in a single travel purse.

Top 15 Best Travel Purses 2022

1. Travelon Anti-theft Classic

Travelon Best Travel PurseThis is one of the best travel purses, which is safe to carry on, even in very crowded places.

These travel purses have several small pockets, and there is a lock system for the small main compartment, where you can keep highly confidential stuff. These bags are specially designed for facing theft issues.

These are made up of materials that remain unaffected for attempting to tear the bag with a knife or any sharp objects. These handbags have lengthy straps that can be adjusted to be shortened or in medium height depending upon our choice.

They have small pockets for keeping passports, another pocket for keeping your debit card, and they also have an RFID blocking pockets which will prevent credit card identification.

They also possess a front pocket and another pocket at the back of the handbag. These handbags are also provided with a provision for the LED light, which can be removed whenever you want. The strap length ranges approximately between 18 inches to 45 inches.


  • Convenient for long trips
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Water-resistant
  • RFID protection


  • Credit card compartment needs to be more securely locked

2. Travelon Cross Shoulder

Travelon Cross ShoulderIf you look for the best travel handbags, this will be the right choice for you. If you want to possess a stylish and eye-catching handbag, this type of cross-body bag will suit your requirements. These bags consist of several small pockets and one or two large compartments.

These bags are really comfortable with several compartments, made of high-quality fabric materials. The straps attached to the bags are made up of thick material, which cannot be easily torn or cut with any type of sharp object.

Every compartment of these bags does have RFID protection for preventing electronic theft of card details.

The size of the compartments is also moderately big that you can place a mini iPhone or small laptop easily. Even when you pack your bag with excess items, you will not feel heavy or give a bulky look.


  • Economical
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable straps
  • Magnetic buttons
  • Comfortable
  • Large space


  • Not suitable for short people
  • Not much space in the front pocket

3. Roma Leathers

Roma LeathersFor those who require high-quality leather with several small pockets, this type of travel purse will be appropriate for you.

These bags even look small but contain more room for keeping your cell phones, charger, all types of cards, passports, headphones, a book. So it will be a good companion for you, especially during your travels.

These bags compartments look like wallet properly designed and very handy. These handbags have adjustable straps so that you can either put across your body or can shorten the length and hold it on your shoulder.

These bags come in various eye-catching colors, and most of the women prefer this type of travel purse. The bag is made up of cowhide leather which makes the purse to be durable for a long time.


  • Lightweight
  • Organized pockets
  • More space
  • Superior quality


  • Awful smell due to original leather
  • Need proper adjustment in placing things to get more space

4. Ogio Ladies Brooklyn

Ogio Ladies BrooklynWhen you wish to party and look for a stylish and trendy best travel purse for Europe, US, Germany, etc., to keep your tablets, this model is the right choice for you. These types of cross-body bags come in various colors and types.

These brands of bags contain two exterior pockets, one at the front and one at the back and two interior pockets. The exterior pockets will be covered with a bag flap so that you can keep small valuable things inside the pocket.

This bag is specially designed for keeping tablets, iPad, and CD-player, and so on. The straps can be either used as a cross-body type or over one shoulder type.

These bags are made up of TC 900D polyester that makes the handbag last for a long time. The tablets can be safe from any scratches as it has a padded material around the place where we used to keep Ipad, tablets, etc.


  • Huge interior pockets
  • Strong stitching
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Easy cleaning and strong strap
  • Bright colors


  • No provision for locking
  • Strap becomes uncomfortable when putting as a cross-body type for tall people

5. Mini Cell Phone Credit Card Holder

Mini Cell Phone Credit Card HolderThis model travel bag is the choice of most of the women who want their travel purse to be elegant and for multi-purpose. It suits well whether you wear a casual outfit or with party wear also. You can use this as a handbag, cross body, or like an agent bag. There are two removable straps to suit your requirements.

This model bag comes in a variety of colors, unlike any other model. You can use it for multiple purposes for holding your cell phone or tablet, wallet, make-up items, and so on.

These bags come with three main compartments and a total of 5 small pockets designed for three compartments. It also has two photo slots.

These model bags have strong and sturdy zippers, and they will not get stuck or torn by the runner. There will be a smooth movement between the zipper and the runner. Most of the women choose this model of bags if they decide to gift their peers with something useful.


  • Waterproof
  • Multi-purpose, multiple colors
  • Compact and holds many kinds of stuff
  • Lightweight


  • Zipper quality did not meet the standard

6. Mini Crosswise And Shoulder Sling

Mini Crosswise And Shoulder SlingIf you are looking for a traditional and stylish handbag this model is the right choice for you. These model bags are made up of 100% good leather.

So as the usage increases, the quality will also increase. These bags, unlike other leather bags, will not have an awful smell, and if you feel so, you can keep in some open, and the smell fades away in a few hours.

These types of bags are the best travel purse, which consists of three exterior pockets and one interior pocket. The interior pocket will have a lined separation for keeping your cell phones.

These bags are easy to carry and can keep your phone, pen drive, keys, wallet, cards, lipsticks, wipes, etc. in an organized manner.

The straps of this model travel purse are adjustable so that you can stretch or shorten the strap depending upon your height and body type.

The stitching is hand-made so that they last for long life. These bags can be used for any type of occasion like a birthday party, church, temple, shopping, wedding, and so on.


  • Cloth interior lining to reduce friction
  • Dedicated mobile holder
  • Hassle-free money back guarantee
  • Lightweight and stylish


  • Fewer color options
  • Suitable olonly for those who stuff in limited items inside the bag

7. Travel Crosswise with RFID Pocket

Travel Crosswise with RFID PocketIf you want a travel purse with superior quality and design, this will be the right choice. This type of bag comes in perfect size which matches your travel requirement.

You can either use it as a handbag or crosswise body bag. It will give you a very stylish look. You can place all your items in a well-organized manner.

These bags are made up of nylon straps, so it is resistant to tears and cuts. These bags have an RFID protection pocket, where you can keep all your cards like business cards, credit cards, debit cards, etc. in that pocket. These models of bags are very durable. The bags have magnetic buttons, making them very secure.

If in case you lost your bag, the company will find out and return your bag in a very quick manner, as every bag possesses its own security code, and that code is associated with your personal information.

The zippers are very smooth and easy. Peak Gear offers you a guarantee for this bag and 24*7 customer service.


  • Water-resistant
  • Small yet very useful
  • Jam-free zippers and runners
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • ReturnMe ID tag to prevent loss
  • Easy to maintain


  • Cannot hold more items

8. Mini Cosmetics

Mini CosmeticsThese travel bags are intended for women who want to keep their cosmetics in a separate bag for regular usage or for travel also.

These bags consist of one compartment inside, which has five small pockets to properly organize your make-up accessories. The left side pocket can be used to keep your lipsticks, nail polish, and right side pockets that can be used to keep other make-up items.

These bags are made up of thick fabric and hence safe from getting torn or cut. These bags are made up of waterproof materials. Hence if some of your cosmetics spill, you can easily wipe off.

The compartment has two zippers, and the zippers are very smooth. The top portion of the compartment is closed.

These bags come in 2 sizes. The smaller one is used to store all of your days today, cosmetics usage like mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss—lipsticks, foundation, etc. For travel purposes, you can choose a bigger one to store more items. These bags come in eye-catching colors.


  • Perfect Size
  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Well-organized pockets


  • Zips break sometimes

9. Gcepls Canvas Mini Catchy Crosswise Wallet

Gcepls Canvas Mini Catchy Crosswise WalletFor women who wish to carry few important things like mobile phones or an iPhone, pen, pen-drives, pencil, lipstick, money, cards, pills, etc., this model of the bag will be very appropriate. It will be suitable for travel purposes as all mandatory items can be placed inside this purse.

These bags have adjustable straps so that you can either use it as a shoulder bag or a normal handbag. These bags are available in various colors. These purses come in moderate size. This compact size makes these bags ideal travel partners without any hassle.


  • Handy and easy to use
  • Well organized


  • The stitch around the purse got wear out on persistent usage

10. Mundi RFID Anti-Robbery

Mundi RFID Anti-RobberyThis is the best travel purse for women who wish to use this bag for any outfit and any occasion, which comes in economical pricing also.

The most attractive feature of this kind of travel purse is RFID protection technology. This type of travel purse has plenty of compartments ranging from 12 credit card slots inside the bag. It also has a separate pocket intended for keeping coins alone.

They also have outer pockets for keeping small things. Inside the bag, there are four separate pockets for keeping cell phones, bank passbooks, and other important accessories.

It also has zipless pockets to keep tissues, challans, or any papers or small notepads. The travel purse has a zip around the closure model.

This RFID protection bag safeguards your cards from scanners preventing thieves from gathering your personal information.

Each bag is allotted a special code, and hence it will be easily traced when you lose your bags. The bag is made up of sturdy materials, and hence it is resistant to water and cannot be cut by any sharp materials.

The straps of the bag can be removed and adjusted as per your requirement. It can be either used as a crosswise bag or as a handbag. The travel purse is made up of real leather and lasts for a long time, and it can be easily cleaned also in case of any spills.


  • Well-organized compartments
  • Good zippers and runners compartments
  • Good quality vegan leather


  • straps faces tears on long term usage
  • Bags will not close properly if somewhat bulged stuff is kept inside the purse

11. Genre Mini Buffalo Leather

Genre Mini Buffalo LeatherIf you are looking for 100% quality leather bags, then this brand of bags will be the right one for you. These bags are made up of buffalo hide with a canvas lining.

These bags are highly resistant to watery spills and can be cleaned easily. The thick leather safeguards your bag from getting torn even after persistent usage.

This brand bag contains three outer zipped compartments—two on the front side and the other in the backside. There is only one main compartment. But inside the compartment, there is a separate pouch for mobile phones, cards, and cosmetics.

The buckles of the bag are made up of high-quality metal, and the zippers are of YKK type giving an elegant look and traditional look.

These bags are perfect for men and women. These bags can be used either as a shoulder bag or a crosswise body bag.

The straps are lengthy and can be adjustable. With this type of bag, you can be relaxed and enjoy your trip as there is no chance of stuff falling out of the bag.


  • Multiple compartments
  • Easy and lightweight
  • No issues with zippers
  • Enormous space
  • Golden hooks


  • Fewer colors and designs

12. K.Eyre Mini Cozy Leather

K.Eyre Mini Cozy LeatherIf you are looking for a stylish handbag or cross body bags, this model bag will be appropriate for you. The length of the straps of these bags can be adjusted like a shoulder bag or messenger type bag.

It can be used for any outfit and at any places like working place, parties, get-together, birthday function, school-college farewells, and so on.

These bags are made up of high-quality PU leather, which is washed and processed. Due to its high quality, the durability properties of this kind of bag are higher. The bag is very soft and easy to handle. Because of PU leather, the bags are highly resistant to any other watery spills.

These model bags come with two main compartments and four outer pockets in which three is zipped, and the other one is buckled. It has one small rear pocket.

With this bag, you can easily carry your iPhones, water bottles, cosmetics, books, wallets, and other stuff. These bags come in assorted colors, thus attracting many female customers towards this product.


  • Lots of space
  • Perfect Size
  • Broader shoulder straps
  • Strong and smooth zippers
  • Reasonable pricing


  • large compartments can cause searching difficult
  • Not suitable for those who prefer a lightweight purse

13. Travelon Tailored Hobo

Travelon Tailored HoboThese bags will be appropriate for people who require a travel purse with a lock system and with a moderate size. These types of bags have only one main compartment with perfect zippers.

The main compartment zipper contains a lock system. Inside the main compartment, there are RFID protected pouches for credit card slots, passport slots. There is an open pouch for keeping pens and pencils—another zippered pouch for keeping cash, cosmetics, and other stuff.

The travel purse has one front zipped pocket with a locked facility. Also, with a rear pocket for keeping mp3 players, coins, pen drive, etc.

The bags are very safe and cannot be easily stolen by robbers as every bag from this model has a card number, through which the bags can be easily trapped.

The straps of the travel purse are lengthy and can be extended from 14 to 28 inches long. The bags are made up of nylon twill material and hence highly resistant to cutting or tearing. You can place either iPhones or tablets, wallets, and other stuff. The bag has an LED light provision. The zippers are of high-quality brass materials.


  • Stylish looks
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Non-slippery Straps
  • Excellent design and functions


  • High price
  • Lack of pen holders

14. Lewis N. Clark Sling Bag

Lewis N. Clark Sling BagThese travel purses are 100% robbery safe as the internal part of the straps is made up of stainless steel cables and fiber materials.

So you can keep your bag in any convenient position you want and can enjoy your trip or picnic. The bags have a perfect locking system that you can lock it to the hard surface and go anywhere and come.

The bags are capable of holding your cell phones, tablets, iPhones, cosmetics, and wallets, safety pockets for keeping credit cards, debit cards, liquid cash, passport, and other stuff.

There is a RFID blocking facility in card storage pouches, which blocks the theft of credit cards, debit cards, passports around 13.5 MHz frequency range.

The travel purses are made up of nylon materials, and hence the straps have a perfect grip, and it will be very flexible also. There is one main compartment with several small pouches.

There are one front and rear zipper pouches also. These bags are resistant to water, mud, and other dirt. Due to its high-quality design, these bags last for long life and are easy to carry this model of travel purse.


  • Best travel companion
  • Strong zippers and durable clips
  • Highly secured bag
  • Perfect size and large space


  • The connection between on end of the strap and the ring is not durable for daily usage

15. Vera Bradley Hipster Crosswise

Vera Bradley Hipster CrosswiseIf you are looking for a stylish, lightweight, and perfectly sized travel purse, this model will be a perfect choice. These bags can hold all of your daily usage utilities.

These bags have removable straps, and you can adjust the strap so that you can use it as a handbag or shoulder bag or cross-body bag.

The bag has a colored small pouch inside the large compartment with RFID blocking technology where you can place your cash, credit cards, debit cards, passports, and other stuff. The zip is covered around the whole bag, and hence you can be free without any fear of cutting or stealing your handbag.

These bags are made up of printed nylon material, and hence the travel purse lasts for a long time and can be easily cleaned also. Due to well-organized compartments, you can easily affect your stuff without wasting time in searching or dropping stuff.


  • Lightweight
  • It looks small but has more space inside the bag.
  • RFID protection
  • Polyester compartments for every commodity storage


  • Do not have magnetic buttons
  • Less quality bag

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On What Basis Should I Choose A Travel Purse Style?

You should choose a bag with high-quality leather and making materials. Even if you can afford high-quality bags, it sustains for a longer life. Always choose a bag that has organized compartments and pockets to avoid unnecessary time spent in searching the bags with unwanted pockets.

Always choose a professional color which suits both for official purpose and unofficial purpose. Avoid purses having extra fittings like rings, chains, and logos, as they may get discolored as time goes by and give an ugly look to your travel purse.

Also, few people may be allergic to leather smell. Surely a good quality leather bag does have a smell, but it fades away as time goes by and for a faster fix, you can treat the bag to show lotions.

So, according to your taste, it is better to choose either a leather bag or nylon or polyester bags.

2. What Type Of Travel Purses Is Good For International Travel?

Always choose a bag with strong zippers and locks attached to it. If you travel alone and if you want to buy something or use restrooms in the airport, you simply use the lock facility against any form of materials like a chair, beams, and other things and can be free of theft fear.

Choose a travel bag that has RFID protection slots, so that you can easily track your lost bags even in other countries.

It is best to avoid bags with flimsy strips as it can be easily cut down or pulled with force from you. Also, pay attention to the bag where it should be easily opened by you using a single hand as it is a bonus for the robbers.

3. Is It Necessary To Carry A Travel Bag Whenever You Travel Across Different Countries?

It perfectly depends on your convenience. There is no rule like what you must carry in each and every country. But the passport is very important. For safety purposes, you can leave your passport at the place where you stay and just have a copy of that in your travel purse for safety purposes.

Wherever and whatever country you travel, you must be cautious and have a short length bag as it fits under your arms and cannot be robbed easily. Also, you can put your travel purse in a cross way against your body, keeping the bag in front of your body.

4. What Is Becoming A Trend Now? Travel Purse Or Fanny Packs?

Many people have this kind of question. It completely depends on your comfort and purpose. If you want a different look and carry only very few items, a fanny pack will work better. You can just clasp the flap of fanny packs through the belt loop. You can keep your mobile phones, cards and other tiny stuff inside that.

You can also wear it like a cross-body type or even at the back of your body. Or you can also just hold it in your hand. It will be suitable if you go out shopping or to the beaches and other recreational stations. But for long travel, it will not be convenient. Mostly this type of bag is preferred by men.

Like travel purses, these fanny packs do not have RFID protection and lock facilities. So you need to be more aware if you roam around in crowded places as it might get slipped down or grabbed fiercely by the robbers.

5. Why Are Crosswise Purses Most Preferred By All?

This type of cross bag is the most preferred one due to its stylish look. You will feel like a celebrity when you put your bag crossways.

It will be very convenient, especially when you travel by metro, bullet trains, trams, or buses as you can easily access the needed stuff easily while balancing with the other hand.

You can wear a cross bag either till your hip or till chest level and adjust it in any position where you need to place the bag. Also, the cross bags come with catchy colors and assorted designs.

Best Travel Purses – What’s your pick?

Many types of travel purses are available in the market designed by various brands. Each brand will design its own design with product uniqueness.

It is your responsibility to choose the best travel purse for you, considering varying factors like a number of compartments, interior pockets, exterior pockets, size of the bag, the purpose of the bag, and so on.

You must be aware of what are the pitfalls in the type of bag you choose, like whether the zippers have a locked facility, does the bag have RFID protection technology, with what materials the bag has been designed, is it a leather bag or nylon bag, etc.

You should also choose a bag such that it suits you in any outfit and it should look professional.

So before buying a travel purse, if you consider those factors, surely you will gain experience of buying a worthy and stylish travel purse that meets your expectations.

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