Best Travel Shoes 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Travel lovers will always appreciate the importance of carrying and wearing good shoes on their journeyscross the world. Exploring a city often involves going for sightseeing tours, to historical points which need to be covered on foot, for a better and closer understanding of them and seeing their finer details.

If your shoes are not comfortable fitting and don’t have the right type of cushioning on the soles, then you may end up with sore feet, and even too tired to continue the sightseeing journey. The correct type of clothing after all is a key factory when travelling. The best travel shoes also need to be waterproof, or you may end up with damp feet that could even result in foot odor problems.

1. Tiosebon 2. Sketchers 3. Sketchers
Tiosebon Best Travel Shoe Skechers Men's Slip On Skechers Men's Go Walk

Healthy you will always help you enjoy the places you are visiting, even explore new and uncharted terrains. The lighter you feel on your feet, the faster you can walk, the better you feel. Travel is all about learning and feeling rejuvenated if the travel shoes make you sulk and ache then the whole point of the trip gets nullified.

Why Good Quality Shoes Are Important For Travel

The travelers who prefer air travel are often restricted about the amount of baggage they can carry, and in such situations carrying more than 1 or 2 pairs is just not feasible. Both in terms of the number of things they can fit into their luggage as well as the amount of weight they can carry.

One of the things about travel shoes is that, just as one size does not fit all, nor does one shoe fit all travel experiences. The shoes you may select for a city holiday will differ greatly for one suited for a more adventure filled holiday or even a holiday wherein you may engage in some water sports.

Researching the location you are travelling to and identifying its geographical features, will help you plan the perfect shoe to take to that destination and also ensure that you don’t end up carrying shoes that may not be practical to wear in that city for ex; open ended shoes in a cold weather place such as Iceland.

Backpackers especially need to pay more attention to the type of shoes they will carry, since they need to keep their bags light enough to be carried across with them wherever they go. Packing too many shoes will simply add to the weight of their bags and make it cumbersome to carry along on their trips across different locations and cities.

To get a better understanding of the shoes that will suit different scenarios, we have put together a short guide on the same.

Different Scenarios And The Shoes Best Suited For Them

For identifying the best travel shoes for different scenarios we need to identify the environment and weather conditions of the place we are travelling to. Cities that have continuous rainfall will need you to pack some waterproof shoes, while sandals would be more comfortable in hot and humid conditions.

Preparing a list of the places you plan to visit or may visit will also help you decide the shoes you need to carry along with you. For example; if you are planning to attend the opera or a formal ball, then casual sneakers or flip-flops are strictly not allowed and you will need to carry a stylish and fashionable formal pair with you.

The same applies if you are planning to go camping or fishing during your holiday since you will then need to ensure you carry an all-weather-proof shoe along with you. Similarly, if you plan to go on many walking tours then a pair of sneakers would be the best travel shoes, you could carry along.

Some of the different types of scenarios and the shoes you could consider are;

a. City Travel

If your holiday itinerary is restricted to city based activities and tours then the ideal shoes for you to carry are walking shoes or sandals that are lightweight while being sturdy and durable at the same time so that they don’t split up during your holiday. Some of the tips for selecting the best travel shoes while on a holiday are;

  • Prefer shoes made of leather, which is a breathable material so that your feet don’t give of a foul odor after prolong use. Leather shoes are also good for formal events, so they are good to carry if you are planning to attend any formal musical events, plays or even the opera.
  • Some shoes walk both the worlds, they are essentially hiking boots yet stylish enough to be worn throughout the day when wandering down historical lanes. They are practical and have enough support to make hours of trekking not affect your feet or its hygiene.
  • Shoes that are designed with thick soles are good for absorbing the ground shocks and will ensure that you don’t get tired too easily. The construction of such shoes should be rigid yet, flexible enough to handle the different ground surfaces with ease.
  • The shoes should ideally have a rubber sole, to provide protection against wet surfaces and ensure that you don’t slip on them. Shoes with rubber soles are preferred in countries that have rains throughout the year.
  • Pair good quality socks with your shoes to prevent any blisters from forming on your feet due to constant friction between your leg and the hard parts of the shoe. If possible, wear the shoes for a couple of weeks before your trip to break them in.
  • Sneakers are an ideal choice as city shoes due to the comfortable wear they offer and the many colorful and sleek designs they come in. Most of the sneakers have thick soles, which make them very comfortable for walking across long distances and long durations.
  • Some sneakers also come in a mesh fabric design, which improves the breathability of the shoes keeping your feet fresh and odor free during the entire trip. Shoes with inadequate ventilation may lead to moist, sweaty feet that are prone to infections.

b. Backpacking Trips

Backpackers don’t have a fixed itinerary usually and they often go to any new place they hear about or read up in the guide books. While the may be exploring some ancient monuments in one week, they may head towards an outdoor camp in the next one.

In such situations, it is not easy to plan the best shoes to carry along for their trip, which makes backpacking shoes the ideal choice for them. While selecting the best travel shoes suitable for backpacking, one should carefully consider the following points;

  • Go for a pair that is 100% waterproof, so that they are suitable for cities with frequent rains as well as for trekking through forests and streams. Keeping your feet dry is very essential in moist conditions, as otherwise, it could lead to infections.
  • The material used to craft the backpacking shoes needs to be breathable, such as leather so that your feet are properly ventilated throughout the journey. Bad-ventilation and prolonged periods of wear can also lead to sores and fungal infections.
  • The soles of the shoes need to be flexible so that it can handle all forms of terrain with ease. This is very essential if you plan a lot of outdoor activities during your backpacking holiday.
  • Along with the backpacking shoes, backpackers should also carry some light and foldable shoes, which they can use, just in need they plan to attend a formal event or play while exploring the city.
  • Avoid using leather shoes in areas submerged underwater, as the shoes tend to get soggy and crack over a period of time. Plastic or rubber waterproof shoes are ideal in such situations.

c. Hiking Trips

Hiking boots differ greatly from backpacking shoes, since they are designed for a better grip across rough surfaces, while backpacking shoes are more all-terrain shoes that can be used for both exploring the city as well as hiking through the woods.

Hiking boots are also designed to protect both the toes and ankles in case of any mishaps occurring due to loose rocks etc. Some of the things to watch out while buying hiking shoes are;

  • The hiking shoes need to be of ankle-length to prevent any injuries to your ankle while hiking on uneven surfaces and terrains. Due to their strong construction and design, they are also preferred by travelers planning to join many walking trails on their holidays.
  • Fabric and leather hiking boots are a preferred choice since they are breathable. This helps prevent your feet from getting moist while wearing them for long durations, which in turn could result in a fungal infection.
  • Hiking boots should be broken in and worn for a few weeks before your trip so that you feel comfortable while walking in them for long periods. Being heavier than other shoes, they take some time to get used to. This heaviness ensures proper balance and stabilizing the centre of gravity when hiking up mountains, preventing tripping.

d. Beach Travel

Beach lovers will always appreciate the quality and usefulness of a good beach shoe, from which they can easily brush off the beach sand and also wear comfortably while walking on the beach.

Beach shoes need to have a strap, like sandals, that you can fasten to your ankle so that they don’t easily slip off in the water and make walking on the sand a comfortable experience. Some of the other points for picking up the best beach shoes are;

  • Leather shoes should be avoided as they tend to open up when exposed to water and later crack up when dried in the sun. Rubber and plastic sandals, with thick soles are a much better choice while visiting the beach.
  • Open footwear is preferred for the beach so that the seawater does not collect in your shoes and cause any skin irritation problems later.
  • Sleek foldable pairs are also preferred for beachwear as they protect your toes and are also easy to clean later. They can easily be paired with your swimwear for a trendsetting stylish look while relaxing on the beach.
  • Beach holidays are not restricted to just sand and water. Traveling through the city is also a part of the itinerary. Carrying canvas sneakers will do the job of providing comfortable hiking and walking without causing your feet to sweat or swell.

e. Social and Formal Occasions

While visiting different cities, one may get an opportunity to explore and attend many formal and social events. To attend such events, the dress code is usually formal and may require you to carry at least one formal pairs of shoes, if you are interested in attending such events.

The shoes best suited to such events are the Oxford design shoes and casual flats, especially those designed with a close toe. A neutral color oxford design is the best suited for such events as it can easily be paired with both your casual and formal wardrobe and save you from the hassle of carrying an extra pair of shoes.

Depending on the areas you are planning to visit, once can select from different categories of shoes as described above. However, this is not a comprehensive list and your choice for the best travel shoes for Europe would also need you to consider some other important factors as outlined below.

The Different Models Of Shoes Which Are Well Suited For Travel

While some may prefer shoes that match their casual wear and go well with their denims, others may prefer a shoe that is more formal looking and complements their formal wardrobe. Backpackers and hikers too have their own preferences, as compared to beach lovers.
Some of the best travel shoes that one can select for their travel needs are;

a. Casual Flats

Stylish, casual and trendy is how one would describe the casual flats range of shoes. These shoes are perfect as travel wear especially for long airport journeys and never ending walks while exploring a city.

Their comfortable lightweight design ensures you can wear them for hours without any fear of blisters or sore feet occurring after wearing them, even for many hours. They are also great for pairing with your formal wardrobe while going dining or your denims while you take the city sightseeing tours.

Casual flats are one of the best shoes that you can carry on your travel, which will keep you going for hours without feeling tired and still looking stylish at the end of the day. Being light in weight they also won’t add significantly to your baggage weight.

b. Oxford Shoes

If you prefer your toes to be covered then Oxford shoes with pointed toes can be a good classic option, you can carry along with you on your journey. Oxford shoes are well suited to pair with formal wear and are perfect to wear when you are attending the opera or a musical concert on your holiday.

Lightweight oxford shoes with a thinner sole are preferred since they add a special elegance to your formal and casual wear. They are also easier to carry within one’s baggage.

c. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are multi-function boots that you can use even for hours of comfortable walking during city tours or while exploring the different trails and treks on your holiday. They are a truly versatile boot and should be one of your preferences when you are packing your travel bag.

The best hiking boots are usually waterproof and offer comfortable wear in all weather conditions. The high ankle height, of the hiking boots, also helps protect your ankles and prevent them from getting sprained during a fall.

Some of the hiking boots have a very sleek and stylish design, making them a perfect fit for any social events and occasions you are planning to attend, during your holiday. Hiking boots are usually made of leather which is a breathable and comfortable material for prolonged usage.

Hiking boots made with knit fabric and sporting a mesh design are also very popular. They offer more air vents and better air circulation to keep your feet dry and comfortable even when used for many consecutive hours.

d. Sandals

If you are among those travelers who prefer comfort over style, then sandals are the best choice for you. Available in both open toe and closed toe styles, sandals can easily be paired with all types of casual wear for a great casual look, while shopping, exploring the city and even visiting the beach.

Sandals are highly durable and also lightweight making them an ideal travel companion when you are planning a holiday. Open ended sandals are preferred for beach destinations as they ensure that no sand is stuck between them, which can be very difficult to get out of closed toe shoes.

e. Sneakers

One of the best shoes ever designed, sneakers gained prominent fame as running and walking shoes that are preferred by athletes the world over. Sneakers are available in a wide range of styles with specially designed inner soles that come with some great options as gel-infused memory foams etc.

The memory foam sole in these sneakers adapts to the shape and contour of your feet to give you a more stable and comfortable feeling while wearing them.

Many sneakers are also designed with knit fabric due to which they have better air ventilation and circulation. This helps prevent feet odor even after wearing them for many hours together making them an ideal choice for those never-ending city trips and covering long distances by walking across them.

f. Flip-Flops

More of a casual wear and something you can wear comfortably to the beach, flip-flops are a great travel option for those who want to pack and travel light, on their holiday. Branded flip-flops come in a wide range of materials ranging from leather to textiles.

Most of the flip-flops have a soft and foamy foot bed that makes them comfortable to use for hours at a time.

Given the wide range of options available, it is not easy to select the shoe that may be best suited to match your travel needs. To make the decision easier, we suggest going in for an option that offers both style and substance with multi-functionality.

Something that you could easily wear for hours at a time during a city tour and be classy enough for the formal occasions you may want to attend. The core things that you need to look out for are its durability as well as being waterproof so that you don’t end up with soggy shoes that may take hours to dry, thus running your holiday.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Travel Shoes

Travel shoes need to be selected based on the utility you foresee for them and how comfortable you are while wearing them. Since your choice is limited to just two or three different types of shoes, one needs to ensure that they consider the following factors to select the best shoes to travel with.

a. The Comfort Level

This is the most significant aspect that you should consider while selecting the best travel shoes, especially if you are planning on exploring many different destinations during your holiday.

Many travelers prefer exploring a city through organized tours created by agencies.. While being a good way to explore the entire city and knowing its intricate details, these tours, unfortunately, involve a lot of walking, across different surfaces.

You could be exploring the smooth finish floorings of a cathedral at one moment, and exploring the famous sporting grounds the next. In such situations, you need to have a travel shoe that can be comfortably worn across all such terrains, with minimal discomfort.

Moreover, these tours are often full-day events so the shoes also need to be suited for wearing for long durations. While considering your travel shoes, you need to account for all these factors and ensure that your shoes are very comfortable no matter what the scenario.

Given a choice between taking a fashionable pair along on your trip and taking one that is simple looking but more comfortable, the comfortable shoe should be your preferred choice. A comfortable shoe will help you enjoy your holiday without worrying about any foot blisters or sore feet problems.

Sneakers are a preferred option when it comes to having a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear all day long, without feeling any stress, due to the cushioned build and air ventilation features.

b. The Versatility

Since all travelers and backpackers are restricted by the amount of baggage they can carry, it is not possible for them to carry shoes for every adventurous activity or formal event they plan to attend during their trip.

Travelers need to plan carefully and ensure they carry the minimum amount of shoes that they can pair with their wardrobe, which will be suitable for all the events and activities they are planning to attend.

The travel shoes should also be selected to be multi-functional so that you can use them for multiple activities, instead of being specific for just one activity for ex hiking, or boating.

The ideal pair of shoes that you should carry on your trip isa pair of sleek formal shoes for all the events you plan to attend along with a pair of sneakers that have a very simplistic and casual design. You can easily mix and match both these pairs to go on a shopping trip, explore the city and even for some black-tie events.

Also, go in for sober and not too bright color finishes as they may not go well with the wardrobe you are planning to take along with you on your trip.

c. The Geographical Location

While the different scenarios and the shoes ideal for them have been mentioned by us, a more in-depth understanding is required of the locations that you are travelling to so that you can carry the best travel shoes suited to those locations.

Make it a point to research the location you are travelling to and match the shoes with it. Sneakers would look more apt and stylish in a metro city, while open sandals would be the preferred choice while visiting a beach or desert location.

Waterproof shoes will be a better choice for cities that experience continuous rains, while fur lined ankle boots would be better suited for areas that experience heavy snowfall.

The underlying important fact is that you will enjoy your holiday in a much better way if you have footwear that matches the cities geographical and weather conditions, or you may end up spending a majority of your time indoors.

d. Cooling / Air Vents

You are going to be wearing your shoes for the major part of the day during your holiday, which could lead to sweaty and moist feet. While this could lead to foot odor problems in some scenarios, it could also cause fungal infections which could be painful and force you to cut short your holiday in severe cases.

Make sure that the shoes you buy are made of knitted fabric or have enough air vents for the proper circulation of air around your feet, to keep them dry and fresh throughout the day. Another way to ensure clean feet is wearing socks. The socks also act as layers of shock absorber and prevent sore ankles and heels due to constant friction.

e. Waterproof

While waterproof shoes are recommended for travelling to the cities prone to continuous rainfall, having a pair of waterproof shoes while visiting other cities is also a good option if you plan to take part in any water based activities or even visit the neighborhood beach.

One can never be too sure of not encountering an entire dry city and there may be some streams you may need to cross on any of your hiking trips in that city. Waterproof shoes are not only durable but also protect the feet from being exposed to water for long periods, which could lead to skin infections.

Some sneakers are water resistant and easily dry when exposed to water. In the absence of waterproof shoes, they can be a viable option during your travel.

f. Stylish

While a comfortable pair of shoes is preferable over more stylish and fashionable ones, there is no reason that the pair of shoes you select cannot be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

A good pair of trendy and stylish shoes will help you be in vogue with the place you are visiting and also help you look good in your social media posts.

When it comes to selecting the best travel shoes one should carefully read all the reviews and also speak to people who have recently been on travel trips to seek their advice and inputs on their personal experience with different types of shoes and ground conditions.

Travelers, who have just returned from a trip, are ideally best suited to attend to all your queries and guide you on the things you need to watch out for while selecting a good travel shoe. Apart from reviews and guidance from other travelers, one also needs to rely on one’s judgement to select a shoe that they will be comfortable wearing during their travel.

Some of the best travel shoes are easily available online on Amazon, making them easy to buy and be delivered at their home conveniently. Some of the travel shoes that one can look up and consider for their travel are;

Top 15 Best Travel Shoes 2022

1. Tiosebon

Tiosebon Best Travel Shoe

Designed to keep your feet comfortable, even after wearing them for a long time, these sneakers by TIOSEBON are also fashionable enough to be worn along with your casual wear or to office.

For those planning an overseas trip, these shoes are a must-pack due to their lightweight and strength. Exploring a city is also about walking through its streets as you check out the different places and attractions in the city. This can be very tiring if you don’t have the best travel shoes.

Designed especially for walking, these shoes are very comfortable to wear for hours together, since they are lightweight. So you can easily walk for hours throughout the city, as you explore its museums and other attractions.

Created with textile fabric, these well designed breathable shoes have small holes to promote air circulation within them, which keeps your feet comfortable and sweat free, even after using them for hours. The shoes are also designed with an extra 0.5” width, for the comfort of users who may have slightly wider feet.

A highly elastic MD outsole ensures that these shoes can handle all sorts of terrains comfortable while being durable enough to last you for a long time. The sole is also slip resistant, making the shoes perfect for use while walking, shopping or a night out with friends.

And did, we tell you that these shoes are available in a range of colors, so you can easily pick one that matches and complements your wardrobe perfectly. Made from safe, environmentally friendly materials these shoes will definitely up your style quotient whenever you wear them.


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Flexible Sole
  • Light Weight


  • Not suitable for wet conditions

2. Skechers Men’s Slip On

Skechers Men's Slip On

Skechers one of the well-known award winning footwear brands brings to you these Slip-on loafers that are designed for your comfort and safety while wearing them. Skechers conducts many stringent quality tests on its shoes to ensure that they match its high quality standards.

The shoes are also designed to be fashionable enough for daily wear. Created with Knit Mesh Fabric, these loafers have small holes that boost air circulation within the loafers for your comfort. The imported synthetic sole is flexible, strong and durable even when used on rough surfaces, making these loafers perfect for your walks.

A great value-add on feature of these loafers is its gel infused memory foam insole, that easily shapes itself as per the contours of your feet. This is especially beneficial to those people who suffer from foot problems. The soft fabric lining inside the shoes makes it comfortable and painless to wear all day long.

The padded collar offers a comfortable grip and adds to the stylish look of these loafers. The slip-on design makes it easy to wear for senior citizens and those who can’t bend to tie the laces of their shoes.


  • Slip-on design
  • Highly flexible sole
  • Memory foam insole.


  • Not waterproof

3. Skechers Men’s Go Walk

Skechers Men's Go Walk

The Skechers Performance Series walking shoes has been designed for comfort and stability while wearing them for long periods. The innovative mesh design gives the shoes a breathable feature that helps promote better air circulation within it, while wearing them, making them very comfortable especially while travelling.

The shoes are lightweight and have a tapering mid-foot design, due to which the shoes offer a better arch support while wearing them. A bamboo-lined footbed helps prevent odor and is a great anti-bacterial solution, to prevent food odor. This is especially useful when you need to wear your shoes for long durations.

For those looking to wear them for walking just to keep fit or while shopping, the well-designed rubber sole offers a very strong grip on all types of road surfaces. The innovative and highly responsive 5th Generation midsole cushioning feature offers utmost comfort for your feet even while wearing the shoe for long walks.

A featherweight sock liner complements the build of the entire shoe, which is available in many fashionable colors. This shoe has received thousands of positive ratings on Amazon, due to the value-for-money features it offers, along with a strong light build.


  • Lightweight design
  • Anti-bacterial Bamboo lining
  • Rubber Sole for superior grip.


  • Sometimes the shoes make a squeaking sound

4. Skechers Delson-Camden

Skechers Delson-Camden

Style meets substance with these well designed and fashionable sneakers from Skechers. Available in different color variations, these sneakers can easily be paired with your wardrobe for a classic stylish look, either while walking or as a part of your casual wear to the office.

The shoes have been created using both textile and synthetic materials, which have been imported. The synthetic sole is of high quality and offers a great fit to those looking for something comfortable and fitting, to wear all day long, making them one of the best travel sneakers available online.

This Skechers shoe features air cooled memory foam, that is a great innovation for keeping your feet pain-free and comfortable while wearing them. The memory foam easily adjusts to the contours of your feet and provides cushioning to them.

The in-step faux leather design adds a nice fashionable look to these shoes and is perfectly complemented by the pull on loop accents that these sneakers sport. The Bungee lace, which is adjustable, helps fasten your shoes while adding to their style quotient.

You can easily carry these lightweight shoes on your travels, without worrying about the extra baggage weight. The breathable material that these shoes are made from ensures your feet won’t feel uncomfortable and sore, even while you walk for miles, to explore the different sights of the city.


  • Air-cooled shoes with a lightweight design
  • Memory foam
  • Stylish lace design


  • The shoelaces need to be more adjustable

5. Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas Cloudfoam

One of the best brands in the sports shoe category, Adidas offers a shoe that has been specially designed for running and walking. The fit of this shoe has been specially designed for women so that they can use it comfortably without straining themselves while either running or walking.

Made with 100% textile, these shoes have a rubber sole, to offer runners a better grip on all surfaces, so that they don’t slip while running. The shaft of this shoe measures 0-6 inches from the arch, while the platform measures 0-3 inches, making them a very comfortable and sturdy wear.

With a 6-12 inches booth opening, you can easily slip-on and wear these shoes within no time. This sports shoe by Adidas also sports a cloud foam memory sock liner, which helps the mould of the shoe adjust to the shape of the foot, giving you a very snug and great fitting, all day long.

The foot hugging design of this shoe makes it ideal for runners and walkers, who love travelling over long distances. Its sleek design makes it a perfect fit for casual occasions and while stepping out for a bout of shopping.


  • Specially designed for women
  • Cloud foam memory liner
  • Rubber sole for better grip on all road surfaces


  • No laces for extra tightening of the shoes.

6. Skechers Go Walk

Skechers Go Walk

Thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, make this shoe a must-buy for those women who are looking for a fashionable and stylish shoe during their walks or while exploring new cities on their own. Being lightweight, they are comfortable to wear all day long, letting you enjoy your time shopping or just browsing through the streets.

The shoes are made with a breathable fabric so that your feet are well ventilated and you don’t face any foot odor problems. The flexible design of this shoe adapts easily to your feet and offers you a perfect fit, every time. This shoe also sports Skechers latest 5th Gen cushioning.

Skechers has used its Goga Max high rebound sole in this shoe, for a great walking experience no matter where you use the shoes. It also sports a soft fabric lining and padded collar for your comfort, on all types of different terrains.

A slip-on design, you can easily wear and remove them within minutes. These women’s shoes are available in some very beautiful colors, that will actually complement your wardrobe and help you step out in style whenever you wear them.


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Stylish Design
  • Slip-on style


  • Not waterproof

7.  Sketcher’s Slip-on

Sketcher's Slip-on

Make these loafers that are highly rated on Amazon an essential part of your travel kit, when you are planning a holiday or business trip. These light-weight loafers are designed to be sturdy and comfortable while walking, over long distances and all sorts of terrain.

The 100% suede and soft mesh fabric used to make these shoes, gives them a very stylish look and helps you pair them easily with your casual and formal wear whenever you need to up your style quotient. Wear them comfortably for both business meetings or for one of your city hikingtrips abroad.

The Slip-on Loafers come with Skechers proprietary air cooled gel-infused, high rebound memory foam that provides all day comfort, by easily contouring to suit mostly all foot shapes.

The perforated footbed is designed to increase the circulation of air within the shoe, and increase its breathability, for an odor free wear throughout the day. Walking is a pleasure with these loafers that have a rubber sole for a better grip on all road surfaces.


  • Slip-on design
  • Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • Sleek Design


  • Not weatherproof

8. Dr. Scholls Madison

Dr. Scholls Madison

Sport the latest style, this season while travelling with these contrasting design sneakers by Dr. Scholl’s. Crafted with 100% Textile, these sneakers have a very eye catching sporty design that will easily pair with your entire wardrobe.

Dr. Scholl’s is well known for the quality footwear it produces and this particular sneaker maintains those standards. The rubber sole adds to the look of these sneakers, while also offering you a better grip on the road while walking or even running.

It has a super soft lining around the collar so that you can wear it comfortably for long durations. The mesh type design of this shoe increases its breathability and helps your feet stay fresh and odor free, even after prolonged usage.

This sneaker by Dr. Scholl’s has received thousands of positive reviews for its styling and comfort, especially the memory foam insole that easily adapts to the shape of your foot, for comfortable wear. The foam also remains cool, due to the innovating breathing technology used in these shoes.


• Memory foam insole
• Rubber Sole
• Mesh design for better breathability


  • No wide feet design

9. Skechers Ultra Go

Skechers Ultra Go

The slip-on design of these attractive sneakers makes them a must-buy for those looking at shoes that are fast to wear, without any laces while still offering a superior grip and comfort while wearing them. Skechers has created a loyal brand following for its range of shoes due to the innovative designs it produces.

Not only are the shoes by Skechers fashionable to wear, but are also very durable and sturdy due to their synthetic sole and textile build. These sneakers are lightweight making them ideal for daily use and also on your trips when you need something that would suit both formal and casual occasions.

Skechers has incorporated its latest Ultra Go cushioning technology in these shoes, due to which they are very comfortable to wear for even extended periods. The insole used on these shoes, is the Skechers air cooled Goga mat, which is a very premium feature on its topmost models.

The high-rebound ultra-pillars of these shoes energize your every step making long walks very comfortable. This feature has been appreciated by thousands of customers on Amazon, who have given it five-star reviews.

These sneakers sport a very durable upper mesh, with twin gore panels that offer you a very secure and comfortable fit while wearing these shoes for even long walks. These shoes are available in different colors that will perfectly match your wardrobe.


  • Skechers Ultra Go Cushioning Technology
  • Mesh Design
  • Breathable insole


  • Not waterproof

10. Fitkicks


A superbly designed shoe that will also be your ideal companion on your trips, thanks to its multi-utility design. Wear them while you take a walk, go out for a coffee with friends, and even to the beach. Being water-proof these shoes are the perfect wear no matter what the weather conditions.

The rubber sole of these is a great value add-on, since it ensures a better grip on all types of road surfaces, while still being comfortable enough to walk in, during your hikingtrips.

These easy to slip-on shoes are ultra-flexible, giving you a full movement with them, which makes them ideal even for your yoga class. The ergonomic fit, ensures you are always comfortable while you are wearing them.

Some of the special features of this well-rated show, with many positive reviews, are a protective toe guard, flex form sole technology, a signature grip strap and easy to access pull tabs. The best part about these shoes is that they are easily foldable so you can carry them along wherever you want quite easily.


  • Foldable design
  • All-weather wear
  • Slip-on design


  • Insole not sweatproof

11. New Balance 515V1

New Balance 515V1

Designed for athletes, to help then give their best, these sneakers by New Balance will also help you make a fashion statement whenever you wear them. The all leather and textile look is eye-catching and designed to make the sneakers comfortable to wear for even extended periods.

The shoes which are imported, features a synthetic sole, which is both flexible and sturdy for daily use. These are one of the best travel shoes you can buy if you are looking for a mid-budget shoe that is also comfortable for walking across long distances.

The New Balance Shoes feature a REVlite Midsole along with an EVA midsole and heel and removable insert so that you can clean the shoe easily.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather & Textile look
  • Well fitted design


  • Narrow design

12. Skechers Delson-Axton

Skechers Delson-Axton

These all leather sneakers by Skechers are quite popular if one checks the hundreds of positive ratings these shoes have received on Amazon. Imported by Skechers, these shoes sport a highly durable rubber sole, while offering a very strong grip on different road surfaces.

The Air-cooled gel-infused memory foam is a very innovative technology that adapts the foot cushion as per the contours of the foot, giving you very stable and comfortable wear for long durations or even walking for miles, for exercise or shopping.

These sneakers have been designed for a relaxing and comfortable fit, along with a moisture wicking inner sole and molded base material. The mesh design adds to the breathability of these shoes and provides the feet with adequate air circulation to prevent any foot odor.


  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Sleek Leather design
  • Comfortable all day wear


  • Not waterproof

13. Astral


Water sports lovers will definitely find this shoe a great addition to their travel pack, due to its waterproof design, that makes it perfect to wear whether on sea or land. The hydrophobic canvas used to make this shoe is durable and has a flexible air mesh at the vamp and tongue of the shoe for a comfortable fit and air circulation.

The innovative flex-grip outsole is self-draining and offers excellent balance and stability in both dry and wet conditions. The water resistant laces are of good quality and help you fasten and secure your shoe with relative ease. The shoes use a high abrasive compound for its soles that is highly waterproof.

You can use these shoes as your everyday casual wear or even leisurewear on your holidays, especially if you are planning to go boating or take part in any water-based activities. These shoes come in a true to size fit and may require you to select a downsize in case of half sizes.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Stylish looks
  • Mesh design
  • Vegan shoes using recycled polyester


  • Takes time to dry

14. Merrell Suede

Merrell Suede

Make your outdoor hiking trips fashionable with these 100% Suede shoes designed by Merrell. These imported shoes have a rubber sole to give you a comfortable grip no matter what the surroundings, making them the perfect companion for your outdoor trips.

The contrasting design of these all terrain shoes, make them easy to pair with both your casual as well as formal wear, giving you the freedom to use them whenever you want.

It has a proprietary M Select GRIP outsole design that offers double the traction on all surfaces and helps you scale them easily. The inner surface of the shoe is designed for hours of comfortable wear with a Kinetic Fit Base removable contoured insole.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Great for hiking and outdoor travel
  • Comfort and stability enhanced with EVA midsole


  • Rigid design

15. Merrell Ontario 85

Merrell Ontario 85

Designed for hiking and all types of outdoor travel, these shoes by Merrell are equally eye-catching and attractive for you to sport them at all your casual and formal social events.

The suede design from Corduraadds a very sleek look to these shoes while being comfortable enough for all-day wear. The tough abrasion and tear-resistant upper design are built to withstand both dry and wet weather with ease, while the outer inner sole gives a comfortable grip in sorts of terrain.

A classic looking outdoor shoe, it has been imported by Merrell, especially for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The breathable mesh lining on the upper part of the shoes offers you comfortable wear throughout the day, while the air cushion in the heel absorbs all ground shocks and gives you better stability while walking. The bellows tongue prevents debris from making a home in the shoe.


  • Good for wet & dry conditions across all terrains
  • Built for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Better shock absorption and stability due to Air Cushion heels.


  • Not waterproof

FAQs on Travel Shoes

Q. What Is The Ideal Combination Of Shoes That One Needs To Carry While Travelling?

Travelers should ideally carry 2-3 pairs of shoes during their travel. The ideal combination is a pair of sneakers, a pair of flip-flops and a formal oxford pair. If one is planning on any outdoor adventure activities then a pair of hiking shoes can also be considered.

Q. Why Does One Need To Carry Waterproof Shoes?

The weather conditions of some European countries cannot be predicted, so it is better to carry waterproof shoes that can be used in all types of weather conditions.

Q. How Does One Prevent Foot Odor While Travelling, Especially If One Needs To Wear Shoes For Many Hours At One Go?

Foot odor usually occurs due to moist feet, which are suitable for bacteria to grow in causing foot odor. A pair of knitted shoes will properly ventilate your feet, helping prevent foot odor. You can also opt for using talc on your feet, wearing a socks and then putting on your shoes.

Q. Is It Important To Carry Formal Shoes While Travelling?

Many high-end restaurants and event venues require their guests to be formally attired with formal shoes. If one plans to attend such events during their travel, then a pair of formal shoes is highly recommended as a part of their baggage.

Best Travel Shoes – Your pick?

No matter the reason you are travelling be it business or leisure, packing and taking along the right shoes are very important for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your travel. The best travel shoes are ideally those which are versatile and can be used in all weather conditions perfectly.

One can select from a wide range of travel shoes online, and easily compare the ones that are best suited for their requirements and the location that they are planning on visiting. While selecting your travel shoes make sure you give comfort a preference over style, as you will be wearing the shoes throughout your holiday and would need something that does not make you feel tired due to its design.

A careful selection of 2 or 3 shoes that will be well suited for all the different activities you plan on your holiday will help you have a very comfortable and enjoyable holiday.

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