Best Walking Shoes For Travel 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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What Happens When You Pick A Wrong Pair Of Shoes?The Structure Of A Walking Shoe1. The Upper2. The Insole3. The Outsole4. The Midsole5. The Heel And Toe BumpersThe Shape Of Your Foot1. Neutral-Arched Feet2. Low-Arched3. High-Arched FeetFactors To Look For When Buying The Best Walking Shoe For Travel1. The Size And Weight2. The Cushioning At Heels3. The Support At Insoles4. The Midsole5. The Toe box6. The Level Of Comfort7. Functionality And Practicality8. The Quality And Durability9. The Versatility10. The Price Of The ShoesDifference Between Men’s And Women’s Walking ShoesSupports For Walking Shoes If You Have Problem Feet1. Heel Cup For Extra Support For The Heels2. Arch Supports For Foot Alignment3. Metatarsal Pads For The Big ToeTaking Care Of Your Walking ShoesTop 15 Best Walking Shoes For Travel 20221. Tiosebon Mesh SneakersProsCons2. Rockport EurekaProsCons3. New Balance MW411v2ProsCons4. Skechers Slip-OnProsCons5. Skechers MenProsCons6. Ryka Women’s DevotionProsCons7. Skechers Go Max-AthleticProsCons8. Dreamcity Lightweight Walking ShoesProsCons9. New Balance MW877ProsCons10. New Balance WW411v2ProsCons11. Yhoon Women’s Slip OnProsCons12. Ryka Devotion Plus 3ProsCons13. Skechers Go Walk 5-True SneakerProsCons14. Doussprt Slip On Sock SneakersProsCons15. WellUp Casual SneakersProsConsFAQ1. What Is The Difference Between Walking And Running Shoes?2. What Materials Should One Go For, Leather Or Non-leather, For Walking Shoes?3. What General Guidelines To Follow When Taking The Size For A New Pair Of Walking Shoes?4. What Extra Care Should Be Taken When One Has Foot Problems?5. What Are Diabetic Shoes?6. What Is The Q-angle, And Why Is It Important?7. What Kind Of Shoe Is Good For Someone With Achilles Tendinitis?8. How To Pack The Walking Shoes And Keep Them Protected?9. When To Replace Walking Shoes?10. What Are The Major Signs Of Wear And Tear In Walking Shoes?11. How Should One Wash Their Walking Shoes?When Buying Shoes Make An Informed Choice
1. Tiosebon 2. Rockport 3. New Balance
Tiosebon Best Walking Shoe For Travel Rockport Eureka New Balance MW411v2

When you travel, it is likely that you would love to explore as much as possible on foot and would need to walk a lot. What you need here is a pair of the best walking shoe for travel that will keep your feet relaxed and comfortable. The right clothing comes a long way in having the best travel experience.

Have you ever wondered how you walk and how does the shoe makes an impact on your walk? How your feet move and how the footrests at each step relies a lot on the kind of footwear you wear.

When you step correctly, the heels come in contact first. This is followed by the rolling of the arch inwards, and then the big toe makes contact.

How well the arches roll inward and how effectively the feet can absorb shock, those aspects control the amount of stress in the feet and other joints.


Thus, it is essential to wear the right kind of shoes that allow the natural movement of your foot and its alignment as you walk.

If you are not very sure about what kind of shoes to buy for your travel, then you are just on the right page. Take advantage of this comprehensive guide put together to help you gain useful information on the best sneakers for travel.

Whether you are a man or woman, the right choice in travel shoes can make all the difference to your trip.

Therefore, make well-informed choices as picking the right pair of walking shoes for travel is an important investment. A wrong choice would mean lots of discomforts when you walk and even blisters, and misery for you every single day of your trip.

When you walk or travel, it is your feet that take the maximum brunt, and with the right pair of walking shoes, you can certainly keep your feet in good shape and health.

Ill-fitting and low-quality footwear can leave a negative impact on your feet. It is essential to know about the problems that can arise due to choosing the wrong footwear for your travel.

What Happens When You Pick A Wrong Pair Of Shoes?

You would be wondering how good or bad shoes can make a difference. Well, initially, you might not be able to understand, but laying your bet on only fashionable walking shoes and ignoring the comfort can lead to some painful walking experience.

It may feel tempting to buy those fashionable walking shoes that claim to be the best and are reasonably priced too. As the shoemaking brands grow and expand their offerings, so do those temptations.

However, before you go ahead and start looking for the best walking shoes for travel, it is essential to know the impact of making the wrong choices.

  • Shoes with inappropriate grip and fit can lead to impaired walking and falls
  • Uncomfortable shoes can lead to foot constrictions that can create temporary numbness and the sensation of pins and needles.
  • Shoes with narrow fronts can cause corns, bunions, and even some toe deformities.
  • Wearing the wrong size can aggravate the foot joints and even lead to arthritis.
  • Poor quality and ill-designed shoes can lead to discomfort and can leave the feet in aches and pains.

Making the wrong choices can lead to higher stress on not just your feet, but even ankles and lower legs. And any ongoing discomfort due to poor footwear choice can contribute pain and thus limit your activity.

Wearing the wrong shoe can worsen any existing problems and cause stress and pain in your knees, ankles, or feet. Thus, it is essential to buy the right pair of walking shoes for your travel needs so as to keep your feet comfortable and away from those risks.

So, what should you look for when buying a new pair of walking shoes?

  • Look for stability – The shoes should offer you a balanced and secure feel when you wear them.
  • Look for flexibility – The walking shoes should provide complete range and degree of smooth motion.
  • Look for comfort – The shoes should adjust to the contours of the feet along the heel, the midfoot, and the toes and thus ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Look for support – The walking shoes you are interested in should offer a strong grip and alignment when your feet touch the ground.
  • Look for quality – The shoes you are interested in should be of good quality and a well-known brand and company with good backing.

Now that you have some idea about what best walking shoes for travel should look or feel like, why not try to understand the composition of a waking shoe and what components they are made of.

The Structure Of A Walking Shoe

You will come across different walking shoes for both men and women. And some of them carry higher specifications and advanced features. Not all walking shoes are made the same, but there are some elements that are common in them. Here we will be discussing it.

1. The Upper

The suede part of the shoe refers to the uppermost part, and it is made of different fabrics and materials like leather. It gives a right look to the shoes. Buyers prefer the breathable mesh upper as they are more comfortable in warm weather and are more durable.

Natural leather uppers to are high-quality options for travel. Today, many walking shoes even support elasticized upper for higher comfort.

2. The Insole

The insole is the padded base, which is also known as the footbed. Generally, the insole is made of high-density foam to provide support and cushioning for the foot. In some walking shoes, there is more cushioning than others. Many travelers prefer removable insoles in their shoes.

3. The Outsole

The outsole of the shoe is made of certain rubber composites that offer improved traction and higher durability. Customers prefer thicker and durable outsole instead of a thinner one that can wear out faster. However, the thin Outsoles carry a lighter weight and are more flexible.

Vibram is one of the most popular high-performance outsole, which is a composite of rubber, carbon, and silicone. Many buyers prefer water-resistant outsole as it is a major advantage for outdoor activities.

4. The Midsole

The Midsole is the area between the outsole and the inner sole, and it plays an essential role in providing adequate shock absorption and cushioning. The Midsole is made of Vamshi is lightweight and comfortable or Phylon, which is a much denser material and can last longer.

5. The Heel And Toe Bumpers

The heel and toe bumpers are meant for providing protection to the heels and toes. These bumpers keep the heel and toe safe from rough terrains as well as protect the walking shoes from any damage. A thick and durable heel provides more support than flat shoes.

This was all about the basic anatomy of walking shoes. If you have to buy a walking shoe, then you must consider the shape and size of your foot. It is very important to choose the right sized shoes, incorrect shoe size may lead to problems like swollen feet, ingrown nails etc.

Of course, there are all sorts of foot shapes and sizes, and when buying a pair of best walking shoes for travel, it is essential to know and understand what kind of shape your foot has.

The Shape Of Your Foot

You can understand the shape of your foot by studying the arch type, which is the arrangement of bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Based on the arrangement and arrangement, you get side-to-side and lengthwise arches.

The purpose of the arches in your feet is to distribute the weight of the body evenly across the feet. Moreover, the arches play an essential role in assisting your feet to adapt to different surfaces as you walk and give that springy feel.

Needless to say, you need to pick the right walking shoes for travel base on the arch-type of your foot. Have a look at the different arch types commonly present and seen.

1. Neutral-Arched Feet

Those feet which are not overly arched and are not completely flat are known to carry neutral arches. Hence, if your feet have neutral arches, the semi-curved midsoles would be good for you. They offer semi-curved midsoles that offer moderate rear-foot stability.

2. Low-Arched

Low-arched feet tend to add to the muscle stress and aggravate the problems in joints in case of some people. Thus, those buyers with significantly flat feet should look for walking shoes that stabilize the feet with a straight and motion control movement.

3. High-Arched Feet

If you have feet with high arches, your feet may not be able to absorb shock properly. And you are likely to feel the excessive strain on joints and muscles, especially when performing high impact activities.

It is essential to look for shoes with extra cushioning for higher support and shock absorption.

Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules here, and the best shoe for a particular arched foot relies on the proper fit and optimum comfort.

Now that you have understood the anatomy of a walking shoe and the shape of your foot, let us take a look at the different factors and features that make for the best walking shoes.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Walking Shoe For Travel

Here are some of the essential factors to keep in mind when looking at walking shoes.

1. The Size And Weight

if you are going to buy walking shoes for yourself, then one of the first things that you must take into consideration is the size and weight of the shoes.

The walking shoes need to have the right width and length, as any excess or narrow width and length will cause discomfort and may even lead to painful blisters.

The size and weight are essential aspects to consider when selecting shoes for travel. Bulkier and heavier shoes can take lots of space and add to the weight of the luggage.

You could either wear those shoes or choose lightweight and compact walking shoes that can easily fit in. If you are buying walking shoes, then they must be lightweight so that you can comfortably walk in them.

Weight is important as there is always a maximum weight allowance at the airport for the luggage. And if you pick lighter shoes, you can easily carry them with you while on a trip. The best walking shoes for travel are lightweight and easy to walk around in them.

2. The Cushioning At Heels

It is very important that your feet are in complete comfort while you are wearing shoes. Hence you must choose a walking shoe which has comfortable insole and also comfortable heels. The walking shoes must provide more cushion at heels, and the heel is a bit more beveled.

The thickness of the heel has to be right as an inappropriate thickness can walker to develop tendinitis and even trip. It is recommended to look for shoes with at least half an inch heel, which has a continuous raise.

The area at the back of the heel should offer the right fit and should not be tight or loose. There should be a comfortable and not a tight fit in the heel area that lies just below the Achilles tendon. Good support at the heel can keep the feet safe from any pronation or supination.

3. The Support At Insoles

As every foot is different, it is essential for walking shoes to carry insoles for higher comfort. The insole is the area on the bottom of the shoe where the foot comes in touch with the shoe.

Thus, the Insoles should be strong and comfortable to lower the shear forces between the shoe and the foot and offer shock absorption.

Well-padded insoles are able to handle shock absorption on impact, while hard insoles can lead to lots of discomfort and pain. Typically, an insole with an inner arch that is shaped according to the sole of the foot is recommended.

4. The Midsole

The Midsole is the area between the cloth upper of the shoe and the tread and the. This layer act as a cushion, so if you are buying a walking shoe, check the materials of the midsole. Inspect the material and quality of the insole for support, cushioning, and flexibility.

Ensure that the Midsole has extra cushioning for more comfort when traveling. Look for high-performance, lightweight EVA midsole with arch support in the walking shoes you are interested in.

5. The Toe box

Another important area to focus on is the area that surrounds the toes. Also known as the toe box, this area should provide adequate room as well as support for the toes.

The toes should find complete freedom to bend, stretch, or wiggle within the toe box. Too much space or too much restriction can lead to discomfort and frequent shifting of the foot.

Just keep in mind that the toes do not feel cramped, and the toe box should be broad enough to house all the toes comfortably.

Consider the depth as well as the width of the toe box of the walking shoes that you are interested in. So, if you have a wide forefoot, look for a deeper toe box.

6. The Level Of Comfort

Once you have checked the essential aspects, it is time to put on the shoes to gauge the comfort level. After all, your feet would be in those shoes for hours and hours when you travel for your next destination or are up for the next adventure.

So, wear those shoes and walk around to get some idea about how comfortable you feel. Know your feet and the kind of support they need when walking.

If you feel even slightest discomfort, do not buy them, even if they claim to be the best one. Keep away from walking shoes that pinch or do not fit right as they are likely to cause sores, blisters, and lots of discomforts when you walk.

Do not make any compromises on the essential features listed and look for something practical. Always place comfort and practicality over all other aspects when buying travel shoes.

7. Functionality And Practicality

Here we would like to mention that the shoes that your shoes must be comfortable to wear and must be as per your requirement.

For example, walking shoes are different from hiking shoes. Hence, when you are out there to make a purchase, it is important that you must choose shoes keeping in mind the purpose of use.

The climate of the place and the kind of activities you intend to do should be kept in your mind when looking for walking shoes.

For example, if you are going to a place with a warm climate, look for lightweight and breathable shoes, and if it is going to rain a lot, then go for waterproof walking shoes.

And you will need shoes with liners and good traction to keep you warm, comfortable, and walk with a firm grip on areas covered with snow and ice.

8. The Quality And Durability

Besides the right size and comfort, one must also ensure the durability of the walking shoes. Consider the quality of the material used, the sewing, and reinforcement around the toes.

Assess any additional features like weatherproofing, cushioning, and flexibility. It is best to buy shoes from a reputed manufacturer as there is always ab backup of guarantee and good customer care.

Look for warranties or money-back guarantees that reflect the quality and durability of the walking shoes.

9. The Versatility

When it comes to walking shoes, everybody would love to enjoy more versatility and would like a pair of shoes that can be used for different occasions when traveling.

You may need only one pair if you know you can wear those walking shoes when on a hike, or for shopping or when visiting an amusement park.

The versatility is also useful when you know your shoes will go with any outfit and can make you feel and look both comfortable and stylish. It is a good idea to stick to neutral colors, like white, grey, black, and brown, to add to the versatility of the walking shoes.

10. The Price Of The Shoes

There are different brands selling walking shoes and each of them are priced differently, you must look for good quality shoes with good features. Watch out for sales and discount offers on popular and good quality walking shoes. Check out the seasonal sales at local shops as well as online marketplaces.

Budget is another aspect as different walking shoes are priced differently. Even if you have a smaller budget, one should not compromise over the quality and comfort and look for ways to get the best walking shoes for travel within the budget.

Invest your time and research on ensuring that you buy a good quality travel shoe.

Last but not least, you can buy a couple of pairs for your versatile needs and travel style. The idea is to have a good-looking pair in a variety of settings, and another essential point to keep in mind is not to ignore the kind of socks.

People tend to spend a lot more on shoes and pay little attention to the quality of socks. Keep in mind that good quality socks can keep your feet comfortable and prevent any odor.

As there are walking shoes for both men and women, as a buyer, you should be aware of the common differentiators between men’s and women’s shoes for travel.

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Walking Shoes

When you go out to purchase walking shoes, then you will find separate shoes for men and women, this is because the structure of a woman’s feet is very different than that of a man’s feet. Based on it, the structure of the shoes also varies. The shoemakers focus on the fit and style of the shoe when designing the men’s and women’s versions.

Here are some common differences observed between walking shoes for men and women.

  • Men’s shoes are usually larger in size and weigh more when compared to women’s walking shoes.
  • In men’s shoes, you will find higher ankle support, and the women’s walking shoes are not higher on the ankle.
  • Women’s shoes are wider in the forefoot and narrower in the heel, while men’s shoes are men to accommodate larger weight and size.
  • As women have less muscle than men, the midsole of a walking shoe for a woman is lighter and softer. Men’s version is designed to withstand a stronger impact and carry sturdier midsole.
  • The flex grooves in women’s shoes are much deeper as compared to men’s shoes, and this is because of the higher lower-body mass of women. The grooves add more flexibility to the midsole.
  • As compared to men, there are certainly more colors for women’s shoes and boots. Men prefer to wear neutral shades like white, black, or grey.

Clearly, men and women have different needs when walking or traveling, and this is why they have different looks, styles, and designs of their shoes.

There are men and women who have feet or ankle problems and may need extra care and support when buying the best walking shoes for travel.

Supports For Walking Shoes If You Have Problem Feet

In case you suffer from any foot issue or ankle complications, it is advisable to make the right buy after careful considerations. You may need to get those shoes customized or make some alterations or use different supports. Here are some options:

1. Heel Cup For Extra Support For The Heels

Some people have a problem in their heels and hence, they may face issue while walking. Although walking shoes are highly comfortable, yet, you need to wear the heel cups for extra support.

The heel cups are often made of foam, rubber, or plastic and provide secure and comfortable support around the heel and thus helps to ease out any pressure in the sensitive areas.

2. Arch Supports For Foot Alignment

Some customers face issues related to the function of the foot and often feel pain. They are advised to use arch supports that are worn inside the shoe and are made of different materials.

Customized arch supports offer the best solution, and those precisely designed inserts are meant to provide optimum support for the foot alignment and function.

3. Metatarsal Pads For The Big Toe

At times, a kind of pressure develops under the big toe, and it can lead to pain and discomfort. Wearing a metatarsal pad allows to distribute the pressure and get relief from the pain. These pads are made of diverse materials and are fixed to the insole behind the tender area.

Discuss your foot issues with a podiatrist or physiotherapist and get medical advice on the kind of footwear to choose and what kind of additional supports you might need for your walking shoes.

Taking Care Of Your Walking Shoes

If you want to extend the life of your walking shoes, it is essential to take good care of them, or they will wear out even faster. American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine states that once the shoes have endured about one million steps, they tend to lose their cushioning and support. However, if you are careless, your shoes will not even last those million steps.

Follow these tips to ensure a longer life for your shoes.

  • Use your shoes only for travel and walks – Get out of the habit of wearing your walking shoes every day and slip them on only when you walk or travel. This is to minimize their usage and prevent any long exposure to your feet and wear and tear.
  • Air them out between uses – It is indeed a great idea to air your shoes after every usage so that they can dry completely. Keep them out in fresh air and under the sun for a couple of hours, as that will help them breathe and prevent any moisture and bacteria.
  • Replacing the insoles as and when needed – Replace the insole if you feel it lacks the cushioning and support. Get custom insoles made to replace the current ones and get adequate support and protection for your feet.

Here are a few of the commonly asked questions regarding walking shoes. Go through them to raise your level of awareness.

While you may have bought the right pair of walking shoes for your needs, you may still find something lacking.

Perhaps you are anxious about circulation issues in your leg during the long flight or are worried about those blisters on your feet. Well, there are ways to add functionality and enhance support in those walking shoes that you just bought.

Here are some great options.

  • Wear compression socks – If you suffer from those circulation issues, wear compression socks that are specially designed to compress the ankle and can improve the circulation, especially during longer flights. Now there is no need to get anxious about the formation of blood clots, aching, and swelling in the legs. So, wear those socks with your walk-in shoes for higher comfort.
  • Get extra cushioning – If you already have some blisters or suffer from pain and pressure in the heel or foot area, get some extra cushioning in the heel and the forefoot. These inserts are made of a special gel, and you can stick them on the base of your shoe with a sticky adhesive.
  • Get non-slip pads- The regular walking shoes for travel carry decent traction and grip. However, if the walking shoes have really smooth bottoms, you face the risks of tripping and falling. Thankfully one can easily solve the issue, and all one needs to do is add some anti-slip pads to the bottom surface and make the shoe slip-resistant.

Now that you know about the features that make good walking shoes and factors that need to be considered before buying, here is a list of the top walking shoes for travel that is strongly recommended.

Only those shoes with expert ratings and rave reviews from customers have made it to the following list. You can browse the list to make the right start.

Top 15 Best Walking Shoes For Travel 2022

1. Tiosebon Mesh Sneakers

Tiosebon Best Walking Shoe For TravelYou will love these sturdy & comfortable walking shoes for women that allow your feet to breathe and remain fresh. Women simply love these shoes made of a knit mesh fabric that makes these shoes breathable and that is simply great for hot weather.

The slip-resistant high elastic MD outsole means a better grip on any terrain. Boasting of an environmental protection material, it is indeed a lot easier to travel with these shoes.

Perfectly engineered, the shoes can adjust to any foot shape, and the breathable and lightweight shoes mean higher comfort.

The shoes are lightweight and fit like a glove and are probably nice during a run. Go ahead and order those elegant shoes that can be easily paired with any outfit.


  • Perfectly engineered
  • Healthy concept design
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Environmental protection material
  • Sturdy and lightweight


  • Not water resistant
  • Shoe fabric bit stretchy

2. Rockport Eureka

Rockport EurekaIf you are looking for a shoe that offers a blend of comfort of walking shoes and look of daily wear shoes, then you must invest in these shoes by Rockport.

Boasting of Crispino construction, tongue padding, generous collar, and a removable footbed, this a shoe that you are sure going to enjoy all day. Get higher forefoot flexibility, thanks to the Strobel construction.

Made of full-grained leather upper and a breathable mesh lining, the walking shoe features a lace-up vamp and a padded tongue and collar.

Latex footbed provides the cushioning you need while the mesh lining offers the much-needed breathability. This is a shoe you would love to walk in and on a variety of surfaces.


  • Versatile design for optimum comfort
  • Higher forefoot flexibility
  • Superior cushioning and breathability
  • Durable and stable


  • Upper leather is rigid
  • Slightly lower quality

3. New Balance MW411v2

New Balance MW411v2For those who love to walk, they are going to love this pair of walking shoes for men from New Balance. The company has long since been designing shoes and products for athletes, and this is why when they design walking shoes, you can expect optimum quality.

This shoe comes in a nice grey contrast. These are the lace-up leather shoes indeed looks very stylish and will go with any outfit. Other important features include a low-top shaft, perforated upper, and a rubber sole.

Most customers who have bought the new balance shoes have never faced a problem and have been wearing these shoes for decades now.


  • Comfortable, light-weight design
  • Strong and durable
  • Offer a stylish look


  • Very little arch support

4. Skechers Slip-On

Skechers Slip-OnIf you are one of those women who are looking for a comfortable as well as a stylish walking shoe which you can slip in and move out, then this pair from Skechers indeed makes for the right choice.

Made of 100% mess fabric and a rubber sole, the shoe is the product from a global leader in the footwear industry, who is popular among the masses because of its comfortable footwear.

The walking shoe for women features knit upper, pull-tab cutout at the heel and zigzag stitching that only enhances the comfort and functionality of the shoe.

What makes them even more special is the anti-microbially treated sock liner and an Ortholite cushioned footbed. Added features include multi-directional traction sole, comfort foam midsole, and flexible outsole.


  • Branded company
  • Flexible outsole and comfortable midsole
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Soft and cushioned


  • Some people may face size issues

5. Skechers Men

Skechers MenSkechers is one of the renowned brand manufacturing excellent quality shoes; this high-performance walking shoes for men are highly recommended for all those looking for a comfortable walk on those long distances.

These are made of 100% mesh and a durable rubber sole; you can look forward to a lightweight and comfortable shoe.

The shoes have been designed for improved arch support, and what aids in anti-bacterial odor control is the bamboo-lined footbed.

Other features include a highly responsive cushioning band a featherweight sock liner. The best part is that these shoes are easy to wash and clean with a warm soapy mixture.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Improved arch support
  • Anti-bacterial odor control
  • Highly responsive cushioning


  • No machine washing
  • Toes might get squeezed a bit

6. Ryka Women’s Devotion

Ryka Women's DevotionRyka devotion walking shoes are very popular among women and for good reasons too. After all, they look very stylish and are comfortable for long walks.

Made of 100% mesh with supportive synthetic overlays and weighing just 8.3 oz, what you are looking at here is a lightweight and durable best travel shoes women.

What makes these shoes great is that it comes laced with a full-length Rezorb platform, a precise-return footbed, and molded EVA outsole.

The pod network between midsole and outsole add to the full-length strength. Thanks to the eight-piece radiused skeletal rubber, one can only marvel at the superb engineering.


  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable
  • Superb engineering
  • Supreme comfort and support
  • Fits perfectly
  • Wonderful cushioning


  • A little tight in the toe

7. Skechers Go Max-Athletic

Skechers Go Max-AthleticSkechers is a well-known brand that is famous for creating comfortable walking shoes, and the Go Max-Athletic Sneaker is a sleek version of them.

Buyers are simply raving about these 100% textile shoes with a synthetic sole that offers maximum comfort. Designed with specific materials and engineered with performance technology, the shoes boast of a high-rebound cushioning.

The shoes are lightweight and come with max midsole and outsole to provide greater support and comfort. Go ahead and shop for the affordable and high-quality product that features injection-molded compound and super lightweight mesh fabric upper.

What you can count on is maximum support and cushioning that helps to absorb impact and offers an ideal fit


  • Super lightweight and very comfortable
  • Playful and lighted styles
  • Great-looking and reasonably priced


  • More color options would be great

8. Dreamcity Lightweight Walking Shoes

Dreamcity Lightweight Walking ShoesIf you are the kind of person who loves to walk miles and miles every day and are looking for total comfort, then these shoes are perfect for you. Made of 90% fabric and with a rubber sole, the breathable air mesh not only keeps the shoe lighter but allows the foot to breathe.

As the exceptionally lightweight midsole offers a great bounce-back and durability, you can look ahead to a comfortable and durable walking experience.

Get a firm grip even on wet and slippery surfaces, thanks to the water grip outsole. A cooler and drier Sockliner means a drier and healthier environment. Look forward to features like quick-drying and superior breathability.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Drier and healthier environment
  • Thick but light sole


  • May need to try different size for the right fit

9. New Balance MW877

New Balance MW877If you are looking for a great quality shoe which offer a comfortable walking experience, then these shoes are the best for you.

Made from suede and mesh material, these shoes exude style and comfort. Available in grey, this shoe features seamless logos at sides and a rubber sole for added comfort.

Constructed with modern technology, this shoe comes with Abzorb midsole cushioning as well as padded tongue and collar.

The Walking Strike Path technology keeps your feet both comfortable and stable. This is your true companion when there’s a long road ahead, and now you can definitely feel a lot more confident as you cover those miles.


  • Modern technology
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Strong and durable
  • Good price


  • Sole looks flimsy
  • Only one color option

10. New Balance WW411v2

New Balance WW411v2New Balance walking shoe for women top the list if looking for stylish and comfortable shoes. All buyers agree that these traditional lace-up sneakers are not just comfortable but rank high when it comes to looks and durability.

These shoes are made of 100% leather and rubber sole and one of the best women’s walking shoes for travel.

Women love the great support these shoes offer, especially when on long walks, and they can be worn with any outfit.

The elderly people often find it difficult to locate comfortable shoes with a perfect fit. However, the walking shoes from New Balance indeed offer them the right choice.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Lightweight and springy
  • Durable and affordable
  • Perfect for walking
  • A great buy


  • Limited color options

11. Yhoon Women’s Slip On

Yhoon Women's Slip OnWhen it comes to style and comfort, women truly want the best, and these slip-on walking shoes from YHOON indeed have them covered on both fronts.

You are going to love these shoes as they offer a comfortable walking experience; besides, they are lightweight, and breathable. What adds to the convenience is the easy slip-on design that allows them to be put on and pulled off with ease.

The shoes boast of the soft air-cushion sole that is durable and flexible. A fur lining means added warmth and comfort during the winters. These are great for casual as well as long walks or for any of those outdoor activities.


  • Easy slip-on design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Superior breathability
  • Air Cushion Sole Design


  • It doesn’t have much cushioning on the footbed

12. Ryka Devotion Plus 3

Ryka Devotion Plus 3Devotion Plus 3 walking shoe is from the company, Ryka, known for its travel footwear and casual shoes.

This woman shoe range offers comfortable to walk even on a longer distance. Made of synthetic-and-mesh material, the shoe carries a synthetic sole and an anatomical precise-return footbed.

What add to the comfort and support is the Re-zorb responsive cushioning, and thus you can look for exceptional impact protection.

What gives the shoe the lightweight durability it is admired for is the skeletal rubber outsole. So, you can walk or run in these shoes for miles and still feel comfortable.


  • Casual and comfortable
  • Re-zorb responsive cushioning
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Very well padded and cushioned


  • Limited color options

13. Skechers Go Walk 5-True Sneaker

Skechers Go Walk 5-True SneakerSkechers Go Walk 5-True Sneaker is indeed the best walking shoes that all women are going to love. These are indeed one of the most comfortable shoes around that are both stylish and lightweight.

These shoes are made of rubber sole and an outsole with comfort pillar technology. The soft heathered mesh upper and cooled Goga mat insole add to the comfort of the lightweight shoe.

Customers enjoy wearing these walking shoes that feel as if they have nothing on their feet and yet feel completely protected. These shoes are very practical for everyday wear as well as for long treks, thanks to the soft soles & fashionable looks.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • machine washable
  • Durable and affordable


  • Limited color options

14. Doussprt Slip On Sock Sneakers

Doussprt Slip On Sock SneakersEvery woman is going to appreciate the DOUSSPRT slip-on sock sneakers that not only look great but feel comfortable too. The shoe feature mesh fabric plus air cushion sole are sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable even after long walks.

It is very convenient to put on and take off these shoes with slip-on design. What adds to the comfort and support is the durable soft sole and MD outsole with air cushion.

The classic air cushion design with a perforated arch for ventilation allows one to stand for hours and without comfort. So, whether you are out trekking, shopping, fishing, gardening, or for any of those outdoor activities, you can wear these shoes with confidence.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Convenient to put on and take off
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Good deal and great colors


  • Arch support is not that great

15. WellUp Casual Sneakers

WellUp Casual SneakersIf you are looking for comfortable and stylish walking shoes for indoor and outdoor, then have a look at these best walking shoes for travel.

The sneakers have a breathable knit upper and an advanced MD sole. Thanks to the unique knitted webbing on sides, your feet enjoy adequate air circulation and do not feel stuffy or smelly.

The slightly undercut heel provides better cushioning and stability for long walking. The ultra-lightweight shoes ensure relaxing arch support and thus safeguard your feet from taking a beating.

Those anti-skid grooves on the bottom promise a strong grip on the ground with increased traction.


  • Great designing and looks
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Better cushioning and stability
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Strong grip and slip-resistant


  • Shoes are a bit narrow for those with broad feet


1. What Is The Difference Between Walking And Running Shoes?

Generally speaking, the running shoes are sturdier for maximum shock absorption as you run. The running shoes boast of good torsional strength to keep the runner safe and protected against any injuries and fractures or pains.

The walking shoes to are designed for extra shock absorption to keep the feet and the heel safe from any injuries.

However, these shoes are lightweight when compared to running shoes but do offer the protection and grip the foot needs while walking. Running shoes are much heavier in cushioning and look bulky.

2. What Materials Should One Go For, Leather Or Non-leather, For Walking Shoes?

Walking shoes are made of either leather or a fabric or a blend of the two. These shoes are made of mesh upper and textile fabrics are lighter in weight and more breathable when compared to walking shoes made of leather.

However, leather walking shoes are certainly more durable but can be tough and heavier.

3. What General Guidelines To Follow When Taking The Size For A New Pair Of Walking Shoes?

It is very important to buy the right shoe size to ensure that they face no discomfort while walking in them.

If you are buying shoes online and are unsure about the shoe size, then you can take the dimensions of each foot as there might be slight differences, and those measurements need to be taken when standing.

The shoe size should be as per these measurements taken when the feet expand as they bear your weight. It is best to take the measurements at the end of the day.

Once the right shoe size has been picked, try them on with your socks and walk around to ensure that the fit is right and comfortable.

4. What Extra Care Should Be Taken When One Has Foot Problems?

Some people would need extra comfort and support and perhaps some orthotic devices like insoles and inserts in the travel shoes. It is best to consult a podiatrist and take special care when choosing travel shoes.

Many people suffer from various foot problems, sports injuries, or may have legs of different lengths, and in such cases, the individual needs shoes that can give them adequate arch support.

There are some brands like Birkenstock, Orthofeet, Chaco, Clarks, Drew, and Therafit that make quality footwear and walking shoes for those with foot issues.

5. What Are Diabetic Shoes?

These are specialized shoes made for diabetic people. These shoes differ from regular shoes as they are specifically designed to safeguard the feet from skin breakdown and deal with other issues like poor circulation and deformities.

The extra-depth shoes are designed to deliver lateral foot stability and are much wider. The stitching is on the outside in these hoses that also carry a padded shoe collar around the ankle.

Manufactured with top quality materials, these shoes are great for relieving pressure from key areas of the feet.

6. What Is The Q-angle, And Why Is It Important?

Angle is not well known among the buyers, and it is the angle of incidence that the quad muscle makes to the kneecap. Women have wider Q-angles than men because of their wider hips, and this is why they need walking shoes with extra support for pronation.

Pronation is the motion between the heel bone and the inner and outer foot. Designers and makers of walking shoes take the Q-angle into consideration when making a women’s shoe to adjust precisely for pronation.

Over-pronation tends to spread shock unevenly while under-pronation fails to transfer the forces evenly and transfers maximum forces on the outside of the foot.

7. What Kind Of Shoe Is Good For Someone With Achilles Tendinitis?

Achilles Tendinitis is a condition that develops due to inflamed Achilles Tendons around the ankles, and the inflammation is a result of intense strain due to excessive walking, running, and cycling. People with these conditions need shoes with Achilles tendon protector for adequate protection.

For the individual facing problem of Achilles Tendinitis, it is important to have shoes that offer comfort and flexibility. Shoes that offer Arch Support are a must for proper alignment of the feet. Heel cushioning and flexibility are other factors to look for in the walking shoes.

The extra heel cushioning can protect the Achilles Tendons and heel while the higher flexibility ensures proper foot movements. A padded ankle collar is another feature that safeguards the Achilles tendon against any further damage.

Wearing the right shoes can prevent the pain and inflammation associated with Achilles tendonitis. Those who have the condition need the right arch, correct heel height, and proper cushioning and flexibility in their walking shoes.

8. How To Pack The Walking Shoes And Keep Them Protected?

If you just throw around your shoes or pack them carelessly in your luggage, it is likely that they might get damaged or get out of shape when you arrive at your destination.

It is possible that your shoes might get squashed or even broken during travels if you do not pack them carefully.

It is a good idea to stuff them with to keep them in shape and pack them with soft items for a snug fit. Wrap them in a plastic or paper wrap before placing them with the rest of your luggage items.

9. When To Replace Walking Shoes?

If you keep on wearing the same walking shoes for years, you are doing more harm than good for your body and feet. Thus, it is essential to replace the walking shoes to keep away from those risks and injuries.

Look for signs of wear and tear, and if you do not enjoy the same level of comfort, it means that the time has come to look for a new pair of walking shoes for travel.

Even if you might feel comfortable in them, the truth is that the older and worn out shoes are no longer able to provide your feet the safety and support they need and providing enough shock absorption.

As a general rule of thumb, replace your shoes once you think you have used them for 300 to 400 miles of walking. Track the maximum mileage of the shoe and replace them as and when needed.

If you walk daily, replace your shoes every six months, even if you think they still look good. The truth is that they have lost the cushioning power and are no longer kind to your feet.

10. What Are The Major Signs Of Wear And Tear In Walking Shoes?

Walking shoes will be rigorously used. If you have purchased good quality shoes, then you don’t really have to replace them any soon. But, over a period of time, the shoes may start showing the sign of wear and tear. Hold your shoes and look for signs of any visible wear.

Take a close look at the midsole and inspect its material for any creases and crinkles. If you see any signs of those, it is possible that the lighter, softer material of the midsole is getting worn out.

Inspect the upper part and look closely at the upper part of the shoe for any holes, tears, or any other damage. If the part of the shoe appears to be gaping or slightly misshapen, it is likely that the shoe is not able to hold your foot properly.

Another sign of wear and tear of the upper part is if you feel the need to tie the shoes much more firmly than before. Check the outer soles, and any worn soles indicate that the shoes need to be replaced. If the sole tread pattern and heel is worn down, replace your shoes immediately.

11. How Should One Wash Their Walking Shoes?

It might sound tempting to place these dirty shoes in the washing machine, but the right way is to wash them by hand. Always use a mild soap solution and use a soft brush to dislodge the tougher dirt and stains.

Wipes them gently with a dry cloth and allow them to dry. You can stuff newspapers within the hoses to soak up all that excess moisture.

When Buying Shoes Make An Informed Choice

Buying the best walking shoes for travel is not easy, and it can get even trickier when shopping online.

One has to be sure about the quality, comfort, and fit. With the information in this comprehensive guide, you now know what aspects to look for and how to make the right choices when buying shoes for your travel needs.

Go ahead and shop confidently for that perfect pair of travel shoes for your needs. With the right pair, you will look stylish, feel comfortable, and stay confident during your travel. Most importantly, when your feet are comfortable, your mind is at peace.

With happy and relaxed feet, you will remain fresh even after long hours of travel and walking. With the best walking shoes for travel, you can look forward to a worry-free travel.

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